the lure of a siren

the lure of a siren

Postby Cryoblade on Wed May 01, 2002 1:25 am

ive always wanted to try this..
something wasnt right. no matter how hard he tried coten couldnt make out the voice that pulled at his ear. they had led him into dangerous terrain, bridgeway wasnt far from here and any human who decided he was better dead would have the upper hand.
this is stupdid!' he would tell himself, knowing full well the danger. the voice kept calling him though, he couldnt ignore it so he went on ahead, crossing a broad empty street hopeing the source of the singing would be discovered soon.
'if this keeps up much loner... im going to be rabbit stew' he murmered neviously under his breath, thankfull no one was around to see him sweat.
"well well, the great cotton. out all alone. and i dont see a cup of coffie in your paw. im gonna have some fun with you.."
anyone can try to continue this story or you can ridicule me and tell me to leave the bord for wasting your time ^.^;
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