Postby Zina on Fri Apr 12, 2002 10:38 am

Well, according to my geography teacher, since I'm Indian, I get to go to any college I want...for free!!! ....stoopid
geography teacher... drivers license? doesn't have her drivers license...she doesn't even have her drivers premit...^^()
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Postby Andrick on Fri Apr 12, 2002 11:32 am

No, no, no... attending the college is paid for by the Gov't. Living expenses isn't. Socializing and entertaining oneself can be expensive as well. I know, I was stationed in the bay area for my first two years in the Navy. Despite getting paid to work on a ship with free room and board I still had barely two grand to my name. That works out to a savings of less than $100/month. And I didn't even do that much to spend money; three to four nights a week out on the town, going to a club every two weeks, using public transit and walking whenever reasonable (and unreasonable like after missing the last BART train and walking across the bay bridge to het home (very illegal)).

Get with a counselor and find out if you'd void any grants or scholarships by earning a little cash before or during your enrollment. Now is the best time to find out. Don't become like the rest of us who screwed it away and had to find far riskier ways to get a better education.
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