Postby Dalhar on Wed Nov 20, 2002 5:36 am

kathleenJ wrote:
al_fayyed wrote:See, you don't want to swallow a stack of twenties all at once. One at a time, in little rolled up straws, would probably work better.

Heh, maybe not thinking things through is this character's fatal flaw,

Now now. She'd take a lot of time doing that. What about the "hiding of evidence"?
I think it was a wise choice.
kathleenJ wrote:..and no matter what, we're in for some strange happenings.

Er, at least I'm not above going for the wierdest outcome possible..
Even if I'm not such a fan of changing environments all the time.
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Postby KathleenJ on Wed Nov 20, 2002 3:22 pm

One of the challenges has been balancing out the polls so there isn't one option that stands out as the weirdest that everyone will just gravitate to.
And then there are surprises, like how the option to throw pies LOST its set!
If only the site would get its act together. It only seems to be up about one time out of ten.
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 6185 on Wed Nov 20, 2002 4:53 pm

The way I see it, "Killroy & Tina" and "Coolville" are like the parents and "Your Choice" is the angst ridden teen.

Oh come on son, don't you want to follow in our footsteps? Let the people see you and how funny you are.

NO! I don't want to be a webcomic. that's YOUR dream not mine. I want to live my own life!!!

and so on....
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Mirror Mirror

Postby Justinpie on Wed Nov 20, 2002 10:50 pm

This is how we'll swing it until Keenspace gets its crap together. The poll comes from the same service, so no matter which site you vote from, they'll all go to the same place.
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Postby KathleenJ on Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:28 pm

Very apt analogy!
Ha, and now the misbehaving kid has got a goody-goody twin sister to live up to.
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