Five strips a week?

What do you think?

7 days a week, please?
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7 days a week, if it's not too much strain.
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Whatever Kat deems best.
5 days a week is okay.
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5 days a week is the thing to do.
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Five strips a week?

Postby Dalhar on Thu Jun 13, 2002 1:57 pm

From the main page, Kat is considering reducing to five strips a week, and ask us what we think.

Me, I'd go for whatever Kat wants to. She seems to given it a good amount of consideration, and we sure can stand an experiment or three.
I'd sure miss the seven days a week, but who knows what we'll get? Considering she's doing this for free, my biggest dread would be if she got tired of it all and just decided to do something drastic. At the same time, nothing gets better without fitting in.
My vote goes for the wims, when wims are well thought out.
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Postby Justinpie on Thu Jun 13, 2002 2:51 pm

I doubt Kat would decide not to do Coolville anytime soon, because she loves it so much, but it's easy to get frustrated with a comic when you know you aren't giving it a chance to live up to its full artistic potential.

As I understand it, Kat simply wants to dedicate more time to the individual updates. So it's important to keep in mind that Kat wouldn't be spending any less time on Coolville as a whole - simply cutting her time into bigger bites.

Plus, Coolville's a dictatorship, so ultimately, the author makes the call no matter what.
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5 Days A Week

Postby Al_fayyed on Thu Jun 13, 2002 6:16 pm

I'm cool with five days a week.

- Akhmed
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Postby KathleenJ on Fri Jun 14, 2002 10:06 am

Thanks, guys!
Heh, and I only rarely have to break the old "killing axe" out of storage.
Did I say "killling axe"? Cause I meant "happy axe"!
And this poll is an excellent idea, although these forum polls leave something to be desired. I think I'll make a similarly themed poll on the front page.
And I guess I can't vote in this poll, eh? Being a little biased...
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