News from a head....

News from a head....

Postby Pegaso on Sun Jun 16, 2002 4:57 am

Hello everyone,

All's quiet on the western front. New info for you:

1. I'm working on a new title, a comic book format styled comic called "Double Fault". My long time fans might well remember this work, considering it was my first journey into comic book style. The original works still exist, somewhere on this planet. I just wish I knew where. ^_^
I'm looking forward to doing this project, and I'll give everyone more info as to when it starts going online.

2. Been researching some stand-up comics via KaZaa. Check these guys out:
Emo Philips-TV's "Shannon" with a high lilting voice and odd view of life.
Sean Cullen-He likes to sing, and what he sings is hilarious.
Pablo Fransisco-He's got more voices than anyone. Check out 'Movie Reviews'.

3. Starting next week, I might look some of my fans up (or they can look me up) cuz I'll be taking topic requests. This week's topic from Pumaman is "Drugs". The topic can be general, that's fine. I just need a starting point.

That's it from me. Happy Father's Day to those that apply...

-and that ain't me yet!
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A very special message from Pumaman.....

Postby ZOMBIE USER 6591 on Sun Jun 16, 2002 6:27 am

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention from reading Mr. Bashore's last post that it might be possible to get the wrong impression about everyone's favorite akward-flying puma. In the post, Mr. Bashore mentioned gathering topics from various readers for upcoming strips, and correctly identified my contribution as "drugs". Well, seeing as how this site is littered with little children (how else to account for the posts of SandmanMU?) I thought it was my duty to explain my choice of topic and to warn of the dangers of drugs.
First of all, let me just say that I don't do drugs, and don't even like drugs. Well, there IS that one drug I take, but it serves a legitimate purpose, and plus, if it's good enough for Mr. Dole, then it's good enough for me. There was also that one jolt cola and pixie stick binge, but no one can prove that was me. I mean, pictures were unearthed, but that man in the Zorro mask could have been ANYONE. Plus, I don't look that good in chaps.
I simply came up with the topic of drugs as Mr. Bashore put me on the spot, and much like Ray in Ghostsbusters, it just "popped in there". I think it had something to do with having just read an article on Ozzy Ozbourne (or, "The Prince of fucking Darkness" as the kiddies like to call him) minutes before Mr. Bashore put this query to me.
While I'm on the subject of Mr. Ozbourne, I believe that he presents a great lesson on the dangers of drug use. After years of hard drugs Mr. Ozbourne is now simply a shell of a man...albiet, one with a television show, more money than God, and an unbelieveable following. Yes he is a shell...a shell who is more recongizable than the President and who wipes his ass with $100 bills, b/c the $500's are too irritating. Yes kids, don't do drugs. Because if you do, you might end up rich, famous, and with a show on MTV. Think about it (the NBC "The more you know" music starts)

Thank you for your time
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