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Postby Pegaso on Tue Mar 12, 2002 5:18 am

Forum info from Kelly:

This week, I will be doing a little bit of maintance on the Forum
server (we've named this peice of hardware 'Fiona' for trivia buffs).
This is to accomidate KeenSpot's forums, which we'll convert over to
PHPbb also.

Durring this time, the server may be slow, or may be inaccessible at
times. I may have to reboot it a few times, but we're making sure it
works and works well.

I know this is a bit of short notice, and I apologize for that, but Gav
is getting tired of UBB on KeenSpot's servers and just switched from
Guiness to Tennessy Wild Turkey Wiskey. Short of recreating a college
shooting massecre (apologies for my spelling in advance), I'm doing
this now so we can calm Gav down and get him away from harder liquor.

Yes, you can laugh now. :smile:

Also, I'll be sorting through all the new signups in the next week or
so. We've beefed up the signup script, too, so if you tried to put in
"" instead of "comicname" for a username, it
should properly and politely yell at you for doing such a mistake the
next time you sign up. :smile: I'll filter the list though and strip 'em
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