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Re: I didn't know I could read . . .

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:41 pm
by Ideal Comics
VileTerror wrote:It appears the user behind the screen name of "Ideal Comics" is a skillful threadomancer!

. . . "necrothreader?"
. . . "threancromancer?"

hmm. I want something snappier and pithier than just "Thread Necromancer." Oh well!

In addition to that; Ideal Comics's user appears to give a damn about positivity within and the revivification of this community, and that's damned good in my book.

This is Mathew D Rhys, BTW. Current writer for Forces. I used to hang out here a long time ago. I got to missing it a while back, and decided to show up again.
(Not trying to monopolize anything, but I figured I ought to mini-introduce myself)

I have been lurking enough to see that Vile Terror really cares about webcomics and CG specifically.