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Post by Big Mac »

As a writer, I am always available for anyone who needs someone to do any script work. I am quite flexible and capable of writing what is needed.
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Post by Gothboy »

I'm a writer looking for an artist living in the UK to draw a 15 to 20 page comic for a contest.

I entered the 'Rising Stars of Manga' contest this year but didn't make it because of my drawing. So for next year (the contest runs over the summer, deadline probably in September) I'm looking for an artist with better skills.

What I want from you: excellent art in a style that could conceivably be manga, maybe (you'd be amazed what passes for manga in this contest), the commitment to draw 20-odd pages over the summer, your immortal soul.

What I offer: I've not decided on a story yet, but it will probably be moody/tragic/romantic/gothy in nature. I'm happy to adjust to your preferences if you're the person I'm looking for. Check my entry for this year: White Saints' Day and the comments made by one of the judges to see how good I am. :roll: (Explore the site for other comics by me.)

Read more about the contest here. It has cash prizes and the promise of a life of fame and fortune as an indentured Tokyopop art-slave. (Hey, just kidding, it's good exposure, right?)

Contact me here: williehewes AT yahoo DOT com, or PM me. Thanks!
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Post by AWQ17 »

Artist Needed for my Series Please!

The Title is Bisho Hunters and the general Premise of this comic is that Three, (Very Much Insane) Fangirls work a very specialized bounty hunter business...They Catch Bishonen! Specifically Hot and/or popular male characters from Books, Videogames Anime etc. They often get into trouble and there is lots of fighting but the Bisho Hunter's Motto is "If He's Drawn Written or Animated We'll catch him!"

I've tried to get this started but I've lost dozens of artists in the past year. It allowed me to build a very Large reference of Scripts for anyone to read. ( Edit: Each Script is pretty much a storyline taking up several comics sorry if there was any confusion!

Here's the First Written Script

If you're interested please contact me on AIM or PM me if I'm not on. Anyone who can help a struggling series get off the ground would be very much appricated! Thanks very Much!

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Post by Litisun »

Well, I figure this is worth a shot. I am about to publish a collection of short stories. Primarily fantasy and some science fiction.

What I need are an artist or artists to do several black and white line drawings as illustrations for the book as well as one artist to do a full color cover for the trade paperback.

While I do have examples of the writing from the book I would prefer to release those examples to the artist on a case by case basis.

Compensation will be discussed individually with interested artists.

Please contact me here by PM or at with the subject line "Art for anthology"

Thank you.

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Artist needed for web comic, $20+ per page

Post by Drowemos »

I am looking for an artist for a new web comic project of mine. Here are the details:

Pay: $20 (price is negotiable) per comic page paid in advanced with a minimum of one comic page per week. In addition the artist will receive 50% of all website revenues (donation, ad purchases and such) and 100% of all merchandise sales.

Genera: The comic is a Western/Fantasy mix. The best I can describe it is taking the magic from anime “Card Captor”(magical girls and capturing demons for powers) and combining it with the classic spaghetti western setting. I have 80+ scripts written if you are curious I can send you the pages to look at.

Requirement: By taking this job you would be committing to producing a minimum of 4 comics per month and being available to produce up to 8 (2 per week) based on website donation level (500 in donation is the usual set point). In addition you would be committing to producing some sort of donation reward on a monthly basis.(wall paper, animation, donation comic, etc)

References: I write a occasion draw the web comic . The new comic is going to be related to the Exiern world but a little darker in tone. I have worked with Studio Boom for a couple of months now and you can contact them to see how I deal with artists.

Launch date: I am looking to have the comic go live by March 1st.

What to Expect: I have gotten $500 of donation in a month with Studio Boom as the main artist. However I think this is the exception not the rule. For the first couple of months I would expect no donations at all. After that I think that $300 per month is a reasonable goal.

If you are interested or just want to learn some more details about the project send me a PM or email me a Drowemos (at symbol) Yahoo (period) com

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Writer seeking artist - shonen-ai 'magical boyfriend' comic

Post by Ojin »

Hi! I'm currently seeking an artist with a good shoujo style to collaborate with on a story I've been developing.

In short, the story takes the ideas of the Magical Girlfriend genre (a loser guy and the gorgeous, powerful girl that falls in love with him) and co-opts it for the shonei-ai genre, centering around a boy who frees a djinn who begins to fall in love with him- and the hijinks and tribulations of love, family and magic gone awry as the two boys develop their relationship.

An eventual plan is also to shop this around to several comic publishers, or to self-publish through similar channels. I have script, I have planning, I even have contacts for the later stages, I just need a dedicated artist to work with. ;p

The first page of the script is viewable at

If interested, please contact me at - thanks!


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Post by Godai »

Seeking an artist for this comic:

The previous artist decided to become emmigrant waiter and abandoned me.

The project is planned for about 120 pages, roughly two years of work. Looking for someone who can come up with a style similar to the one presented so far (technique is of lesser importance) at a similar level of ability.

Not paid (unless we sell it commercially, then we split fame and dough 50/50). I'm a slave driver.

Note me, if you find it interesting, I can send script for part one for research purposes.
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Post by Josta59 »

New writer seeks artist for sci-fi racing/adventure webcomic

Hi, I'm just getting into comic writing but have been reading them for a few years. I've got a fresh idea for a sci-fi webcomic that I'm excited about, and I'm looking for an artist who would also be co-creator with full creative input.

The tentative title for the work is Moonshot. It's set about one hundred years in the future, and it focuses on a young team of Earth-to-moon rocket racers who make an earth-shaking discovery. I'll share more ideas with anyone interested.

This can be manga-style or not, b/w or color. I'm very flexible.



Edit: This position has been filled. Thanks.
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Post by Danaru »

Writer looking for an Artist, Preferably anime styled.

The story centralizes around a Teenager who's computer is transformed into a female android by a crazy friend of his (think mad-scientist meets god sort of thing), And from there the comic takes the reader through the teenager's life with his friends and the crazy incidents they manage to find themselves in. (or are forced into)

It's a comedy style comic with no absolute set storyline (I'm flexible on any way that it goes) and I have multiple well thought out characters, However my art capability is next to 0. I have no way of paying though, sadly.

If you are interested, contact me at

(It's less cliche than it sounds, I swear ;_; )

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Post by Melodies »

semi-decent anime cartoonist looking for a writer who is willing to deal with procastinating artist(me). can draw a little bit o anime-esk, but not professional. Wishing for stories with a deep tragedy theme, please!!
Willing to draw for free, since this is just to see how my skills are.

wish i had a sample to show, but i dont...

if interested, contact me at
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Manga style artist needed

Post by Awl407 »

Manga style artist needed for action/adventure story. This is a paid gig for a four issue mini-series. Interested artists please contact Alex at

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Artist at large

Post by BCStudios »

Artist Available

I have been working on some freelance projects in the realm of illustration and I just finished a larger project. I am interested in working on a new story idea if there are any who might want an artist. I work in a variety of styles but tend to lean towards an animation style versus a grungy hardcore art neuvo kinda thing. But that varies on what the story is. Here is a link to my online portfolio:
Feel free to email me at

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Post by Vulpeslibertas »


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Post by Lerastes »

I'm currently looking for an artist for a comic I've been working on for quite a while. Warning: close-minded people beware, this is a furry comic about a gay couple. :)

The comic is called White Picket Fence. It focuses on a gay couple, Connell and Liam, who adopt Bernard, a young boy from Germany. It explores things such like social issues about homosexuality including couples, adoption, and living life in general, as well as parenting, social interaction, and some nerdy subjects like computers and video games. The comic itself is humor-based with underlying messages, usually delivered with a sappy ending or a joke.

The three main characters are Connell, a tall, skinny grey wolf who's grumpy and introverted, Liam, a muscular white lion who's cheerful and personable, and finally Bernard, a young brown bear cub from Germany. Here's a sample script, one of the first comics in the second story arc.

Connell and Liam are sitting in two small office chairs in a rather large office, in front of the desk of a disgruntled looking fox-type case worker. Connell is leaning back in the chair, one leg on the other's knee, his left arm hanging limply at his side, the other tapping his shoe. Liam is leaning forward, his hands clasped together and on his knees.

The case worker is rifling some loose papers together on his desk.
WORKER: "Now, please understand that couples of your...type...aren't our ideal candidates."

The worker is reaching into his coat pocket, taking out a pen. Liam looks a bit puzzled while Connell looks indifferent.
WORKER: "Therefore, it's standard procedure to ask a few extra questions during the interview."
LIAM: "Uh, okay, I guess that's fine."

The worker is adjusting his glasses and holding the papers closer to his face, the pen in his fingers. Liam looks even more concerned, and Connell is now glaring at the worker, who doesn't notice.
WORKER: "Do either of you indulge in mind altering substances on a regular basis?"
LIAM: "No..."

Connell is leaning to the side, whispering to Liam, who has leaned back in his chair and is looking rather angry, his hands on his thighs. The worker is scribbling something on the papers, still oblivious to their glaring.
WORKER: "Have either of you ever been convicted of assault, sexual or otherwise?"
CONNELL: "Can I? Please?"
LIAM: "If he asks about our sex lives, go ahead."

I'd expect my artist to be decently skilled; good understanding of anatomy (absolutely essential with these kind of characters), experience with varying body types, and ability to take their own license with some things. I will provide detailed character descriptions, and will work closely with them to perfect designs on main characters, but secondary characters, such as the case worker shown in the script above, can be left entirely up to them if they so desire.

For art style, my ideal type is a manga-style cartoonish setting. The best example of this is However, I am not picky. Most styles of art found in webcomics would be perfectly fine, except for 3d or super-realistic. My preference for color is also flexible. Full color would be best, grey-shade coloring is fine as well.

You can contact me either by PMing me on this forum or emailing me at If you prefer IM, contact me with either of those two methods asking for my screen-name, because I want to keep it private.

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Post by Jim North »

EDIT: Postition filled, thank you!

For those of you who were unaware, I am stepping back from drawing and intend to only write for Role of the Die. To that end, I need to find me a replacement!

Artist for Role of the Die

Preferred Style
Cartoony, predominantly Western. That isn't to say I wouldn't consider something Manga-esque, for example . . . but it's highly unlikely that I'll go in that direction. I'd like to keep the comic in at least the same general area it is right now.

Update Schedule
Negotiable. Ideally, I'd like to update at least two to three times a week.

Working Relationship
I'll write the scripts and e-mail them to the artist in batches of ten. I write them in Microsoft Works for my own use, but I can put 'em in another format if necessary. All strips - barring special cases like the 100 multiple strips - will be in the four panel format seen in the recent strips on the site. I can provide my ready-made template for the panels, or can hand over the various pieces - like the RotD logo - so the artist can make their own template. Lettering can be handled however the artist desires . . . but if the artist wants to handle the lettering themselves rather than hand it over to me, then I gotta be a bit of a fusspot and insist that absolutely no variation be made from the script I provide. If you don't think you can go without making your own little changes here and there, then I must ask that you not apply. After the comic is finished, the artist will send it to me along with anything they want to say to accompany it (rant space will be provided right next to mine if the artist so desires). Most correspondence between me and the artist will ideally be handled via e-mail, but for instances when real-time conversations must take place, I have an IRC channel set up (#rotd on While I will retain copyright of the characters, writing, situations, website, and all that noise concerning RotD, the artist will, of course, receive due credit on the site and on the comic itself and retain copyright on the art itself that they provide for the strip. If they later leave the comic entirely and no longer want that art to be displayed, for example, I will honor their wishes and remove those strips from the archives.

Future Plans
Though I don't plan to put out a book of RotD strips for various reasons I won't go into here, I do intend to try out some other merchandising options if the comic starts picking up enough of a readership to warrant it. At that point, the setup I would like to run is that I and the artist will split the cost of generating that merchandise, and then of course split the profits in the same manner.

How to Apply:
Send a link(s) to a sample(s) of your art to esn1g(at)yahoo(dot)com as well as a little basic information on yourself. Not your home address or anything, of course, but stuff like how many years you've been drawing, what you'd like to get out of working on RotD, and what your favorite color is. And a name to use to give you credit on the site would be nice as well.

Okay, I think that's about it. Hopefully I'll be able to get someone pretty quick and RotD can resume production posthaste! Cheers!

EDIT: Postition filled, thank you!
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Post by OAAN »

Hello people!

I am an, or at leat like to call myself an artist looking for a comic-strip writer. I'm looking for someone with a new exiting plot/idea. For more info visit: ... =2229#2229 or contact me on my mail:

Thanks for taking the time- :D

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Post by LibertyCabbage »


I've been kinda lazy and bad lately so if anyone's looking for a buddy to write something or to help them write something then I'm probably willing to get off my lazy ass and do it and start to get my shit together. Gotta get the gears goin', gotta get the juices flowin', all that sort of thing. Even if you just need a lettering or editing bitch or something, PM me and see what happens! I'm pretty versatile. As for my credentials? Uh... well, I have WordWeb and I don't do drugs, if that counts for anything.
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Writer seeking Artist--Fantasy

Post by KOLangdon »

# Summary of your comic idea.

Short answer: Following an innocent mageling through her plunge into evil and her eventual redemption. Fantasy.

Long answer: Autumn Tempest was picked up off the streets after the brutal slaying of her mother. She is taken in by Adrian Wildstone, one of the head mages in the kingdom. Realizing her uncontrollable powers, he decides against teaching her magic. Her greatest wish is to bring her mother back... you can see where this is going....

Eventually, Autumn Tempest throws her coin in with Adrian's brother, Raspirinth, who wants to overthrow his twin. Together they have enough power to raise an army of the dead to take over the world, both magical and non.

# A link to your writing sample

# Contact information.
I can be reached

# Expectation of the artist.
Character descriptions will be provided, but with plenty of input from the artist.

# Preferred drawing style.
Fantasy art.

Pay- I cannot currently compensate. However, profits will be divided equally.

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Post by Godai »


Innocent Blood looking for new artist. From scratch. Preferably similar style.

Possible variations include monochrome work (preferably sepia) and some variation of style, up to surrealistic of sorts.

The story is a long one, planned for about 130 pages.
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Post by Zeind »

I am writer seeking an artist like most here in this thread.

Well... I have several ideas. I would require the artist to tell me which genre is preferable.

If you want a sample of my writing email me as I have yet to host them somewhere.

I will make a laughable attempt at a concept sketch for characters, (if they are any serious or scary characters, I will most likely fail in acquiring the effect). I will write detail script for comics.

depending on the story some styles may be better than others, but as a default I like manga style.
EDIT - here is a short poem(?) thing I wrote... While it is not one of my story ideas I liked writing it nonetheless.

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