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Post by Shishio »

Could you be more specific about the type of story you're looking for? Like what genres you're interested in?
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Jeremy Irons
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Post by Jeremy Irons »

Hey all,

First off, it’s refreshing to come to a place where there’s an actual forum and pinned topic designed for this sort of thing. Trying to surf via Google led me and my cousin to several forums where they didn’t appreciate people looking for help on doing webcomics. That being said, I’m sure you can guess now what this post is going to be about, and I apologize since it probably is annoying to have to have a thread like this in the first place, but oh well. For about a year now my cousin and I have been working on a webcomic of our own, but there’s an annoying snag that has been tripping us up as we think of ideas and write them out – the lack of artistic ability and the lack of people willing to give us a chance or stay on long enough to finish an issue.

To lay it out, we’re looking for someone to help us finish the issue of our first comic, and beyond that, potentially move on to other issues. At the very least, having a full issue to present to people and to start updates with would help our credibility tremendously. We have storyarcs plotted for far into the future, if it ever gets that far, but we’re looking short-term for now, and we want to help artists as much as we’re trying to help ourselves by exposure for both art and story. In any good comic story, there must be a balance of both art and writing, and I’ve been a fan of mainstream and web comics for years now.

Here’s the basics:

Title: Idio-City/Breached (mainly Idio-City). The comic started out as a humorous strip, but it went beyond the original idea and developed into a full-blown good ‘ol fashioned superhero comic with all the good story elements thrown in aside from humor. We’ve kept the title honoring where the idea first began.

Theme and Characters: At first this is going to be an upbeat comic. Three of the main characters, and many beyond that, are going to stumble into some powers, and it’s going to be fun for awhile – after all, with special abilities, it’s not going to be grim and gritty right away. We are going to plant seeds for drama to rear its head, and there are always those working in the shadows as future storyarcs approach. The three main characters are Jeremy Irons, Nathan Yarkan, and Ivy League, sharing an apartment near the university in our fictitious Southern California city.

Now, here’s the clincher. We’re fresh at this webcomic game, so we can’t say ‘we’ve worked on this with so-and-so’ or anything like that, but I am going to show you an example of the script, and then the final product. We briefly had an artist who drew the prologue of the first issue, and there’s roughly 20 pages remaining in the first issue. In this prologue, we’re introduced to one of the other main characters, a business man named Savio Marionelli.

Here’s how we write our scripts (can be modified to suit someones specific needs if necessary!): ... shot-1.jpg

And here’s how it turned out with our one-time artist.

(For those interested, the man who drew it, Samuli, has a website at – check it out for more of his work!)

As you can tell, sometimes it changes from script to final production, but that’s how it goes – constantly changing until it’s put to public view.

We’re new at this, and we’re looking for someone to help get us started. Even the pro’s can hopefully say that everyone has to start somewhere. We can’t pay the artist – at first – but if the comic does get going and we can build a fanbase and take donations, you can bet that there will be payment. (Otherwise, it’s hard for two college kids living on budget to fund a webcomic and eat as well.) It’s mostly for fun.

If you have questions, e-mail me at or send an instant message to JFParallax. You can reach my cousin at or an IM via idiocity23. Thanks to anyone who’s interested!

--Jeff P

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Post by Moonshadow »


After over a year of my life being all shot to hell, I'm blowing the dust off the comic I was drawing for a while. I'm excited about doing it again and drawing like crazy, but my writer has moved on to other projects and can't come back to this one. So, being short a writer, I'm poking around trying to find someone I can work with.

The existing comic pages are here:

Currently existing but not yet being uploaded are pencils for the rest of chapter 3, a script and some early drafts for chapter 4, and half a script for chapter 5 (which I fully expect to be reworked by a new writer). There are also piles of story notes.

The original story concept, characters, and so on are all my original ideas, the writer was just working from them, so I should be okay switching writers as long as I get someone I can work with pretty easily. Anyone interested, please email me at glkmoonshadow (at) iname (dot) com. Thanks!

Edit: Position is filled, thanks! :D
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Pokemon Webcomic

Post by Shitsugen »

Hello Artists,

I have decided to take on an extra project besides the one I am working on(I have written a lot of material for that one so I had extra time).
(You can find my current Project

I have been writing a Pokemon comic and I am looking to start a webcomic.

Now this comic won't have any storylines from the Videogames, the anime or the manga it will be situated in a self made region and self made locations.

The Pokemon will be the same as found in the games(Hoenn,Johto and Kanto) and if the comic goes on for a long time even the Diamond and Pearl monsters(and their respective regions).

I am looking for an Artist who wants to work on this and has the time to do so (I want to release the comic at least twice a week). The comic would be drawn in a manga style and I would guess a basic knowledge of Pokemon is needed(if you don't know the Pokemon to draw I can always supply you with Pictures).

If you want to audition for the job of Artist just add me on MSN or E-mail me and we will go into deaper details.

You can contact me at

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Artist Wanted for Dark Project

Post by Roswellnewton »

I'm looking for an artist who's got the ability to do comic book style, panel-to-panel work on a project I'm slowly organizing. As of right now, I'm only in the pre-production phase (coming up with characters, fleshing out the story, etc).

The project itself is a dark and violent story set maybe one hundred to one hundred fifty years in the future. It's a post-apocalyptic setting and it involves some undead creatures (think Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend" mixed with "A Canticle for Leibowitz" and "Star Wars"). I've got a vision for the artwork here... I'm looking for JUST the right person, so don't be offended if I don't use your work. And, keep this in mind: I unfortunately have a day job and this project is a long time in the making. So don't expect it to just take off immediately. However, if you can hang tight and stick with it, I think it'll be worth the wait.

You can e-mail me at

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Post by Anywherebuthere »

Hello folks,

Look, I've never tried this before, but I figure I may as well make a fool out of myself in the hopes of getting something going.

My name is Jason Siebels, I'm the author and artist of the modern tales series Anywhere But Here. I've got a series that's been bouncing around in my head for a bit now and I think it's time for it to see the light of day.

the only problem is, given the fact that I'm doing a daily series right now, and my art style isn't appropriate for the series in mind, I'm not the right person to draw the sucker. What I want is a very noirish feel.

I'm looking for a more "realistic" artist, someone who would be able to handle archetectural setting and human forms. My prefered plan would be to publish a 30 page issue bimontly.

If you're interested, contact me at


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Post by LibertyCabbage »

I'm looking for more artists for Deep. I've been getting people from deviantArt lately but artists with experience in comics seem a lot more preferable so far =p If you like the idea of drawing weird surreal stuff that's good, although I'm not really that picky at this point to reject someone with a more "normal" style. And even if you're just bored/curious and only wanna do 1 page then that's better than nothing =D Everyone who contributes gets a permanent link on the website so it could be somewhat of an opportunity for promotion. Anyways, if it sounds neat then PM me or e-mail me at and we'll get something worked out...
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Post by Shishio »

Does anyone like Treading Ground? Tenma is too busy to work on the comic, and I have some ideas for guest comics, but can't draw. If anyone wants to help, PM me.
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Post by Douglas »

Yo... I realise that probably most of the artists that will be reading this already have projects, but I figured it's worth a shot anyway.

I've got this idea for a webcomic, but unfortunately, I don't have the drawing skillz to heat the grillz, if you know what I mean. I DO like to write, though. Unfortunately, I can't pay you either... it would just be a fun project to do in your spare time. Here's a very basic rundown of my idea:

In the early 90s, a top secret research lab genetically engineered four stem cells to give them special abilities. Using a special scientific method, they stimulated these stem cells to grow into four human beings. They then found several willing volunteers to act as their creations' parents and raise them until their abilities manifested themselves.

Now, in the year 2007, the abilities are beginning to become visible. One 17-year old, Jason, gets in a fight at school, and lasers erupt from his hands, nearly killing another student. Within an hour, several agents descend on the school, attempting to kidnap Jason and take him to the research center. Jason eludes them for a while, but is eventually subdued. At the research station, he wakes up and meets his three companions; Kolten, who has the power to control gravity, Meghan, who can control seismic waves, and Katelyn, who can control electricity.

The four are told they they are a planetary defence force, who must protect the interests of the world and, above all, the research station.

That's the basic beginning to the story... I'm planning on continuing it from there. It'll be a serious storyline, with several humorous things thrown in...

I'd be happy with any art style (as long as it's half-decent), really, so if you're an artist looking for a fun project, you can contact me with some samples of your artwork at

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Post by One-eye »

i believe this is the right place to put this: I am looking for someone to do the colouring of line art for me. I'll take care of all the writing etc. All I am looking for is someone to colour the comic for me at least three times a week. If interested send me an email at, I already have a test strip ready for colouring. Cheers.
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Post by [AOD] »

Hiyo: 'tis I, the [AoD]!

I am a writer/artist, looking for a colourist who can colour three four-panel pages each week. I do Fanservice+Meteorology=Win. A sample of my work can be seen by clicking the large banner to my comic in my signature.

Reach me with my email:

My Comic Hexagon Death Squad

A Comic I do with my Buddy Raocow: Artificial Time XS

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Post by Escushion »

Hello folks.

I'm the writer/artist for Coiling Spine. Frankly, I'm tired of doing the artist part. I do art as a hobby and writing as a future career, and at this rate, I'm not even going to enjoy it as a hobby anymore. I need a new artist.

Some background: The comic is something of an action-adventure, set in a post-apacolyptic future. The world is populated by humans, others, half-breeds, and others disguised as humans. An artist will need to be able to convey lots of facial expressions and action sequences. The comic is 2 years old this month and has a small fanbase.

I will be drawing storyboards; the artist's job will be to turn those storyboards into the comic. I'm pretty easy-going, as long as you follow them basically I'm fine with small changes.

Currently the comic updates in horizontal-strips 5 days a week. This can be adjusted to whatever the artist is comfortable with (as long as that's more than 2 a week), but I prefer it stay this way. It can be discussed.

To apply:

PM or E-mail me at if interested, and in that PM or E-mail include a link to artwork you've done. After I've looked at that artwork, I'll let you know whether I think you'd be good for the job. I will send you images of 4 or 5 characters (most likely primary or difficult-to-draw ones) so I can see how your style meshes with them. If that works out, you've got the job.

There's no payment except if I turn your run of the strip into a Lulu book, for which you'd get half the payment. Don't hold your breath though; the last book sold only 2 copies :P. You'll get name and link on the main page, my gratitude for continuing the strip, and hopefully praise at how much better your artwork is than mine.

If no one works out, it's the end of Coiling Spine as a webcomic. I'm continuing it elsewhere, but I just can't keep doing this. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Hippo »

Hello, I'm an artist looking for a writer.
First off let me warn you that I do not have very much art samples online at the moment. I will be doing a short story comic for myself and all of the comics/art/characters and such will be posted here:
So if you don't mind, I am kinda in the middle of construction. All there is are the two character pictures of my main character Claire. You can check back as often as possible considering that I am going through and changing things on and off today tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week. :P
Sorry for all that blah blah. I guess I could tell you all what you need to know now finally.

Type of comic you'd prefer to do. Do you want to work on a humor comic or a more serious one?
  • I would prefer a writer who has an idea for an epic or long running comic. I guess I lean more towards serious, but I'm open for funny or even something inbetween.
    As far as what I prefer in genres, I lean more towards science fiction or fantasy. I lean especially towards post apocalyptic steampunkish type stories. Those are pretty awesome. However I am extremely open minded to any genre. I am willing to draw new and different things.
One sample picture with a link to a gallery of the rest of your drawings.
  • All I have so far is whatever is on my comic:
    I will be adding more today, tomorrow and the rest of the week so please check back often.
    I had a reevaluation of my skills and style recently so I went through and wiped out all my old art in my devart. There's only one sketch in there now. :oops:
Contact information.
  • You can contact me via pms or email Cartoonychick at hotmail dot com.
Time it takes for you to draw one full comic page.
  • Unfortunately that all depends on life. Sometimes I have nothing going on sometimes I have everything going on. Without color, just pencil and then ink finish, it can take me up to several hours - Between three to six. I'm not including layout time. Color will take a few more hours onto that. I would guess from times before that it could take me between 5 to 12 hours , depending on circumstances, to finish a page.
Preferred method of drawing comics.Do you like to color things thoroughly, crosshatch them, ink wash, or other?
  • I think the only method I'm opposed to is full rendered in pencil. By god that would take days! I would prefer anything else, and even a mixture. I kinda like the wednesdays are full color days...or something like that.
That's about all I can think of.
I tried looking through all the requests for artists, but I'm so bad at picking and choosing. I would rather be contacted and have one on one with prospective writers.

Oooh before I forget. I am willing to pick up where another artist has left off in a comic.
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Post by Silentmagi »

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Post by Erendor »

Well, I am, of course, yet another (prospective) writer searching for an artist to turn my boring old words into pretty pictures, since I've got less grip on drawing then I do on the details of molecular chemistry/biology (i.e - none).
And uh, I do tend to ramble. See below.
I wish I had more publicly-revealable attention-grabbing possibly-hypenateed ideas at the moment, but since I'm so very jealous of my ideas (although I can't imagine who'd steal them), I'll just describe some things I'd /like/:

* Summary of your comic idea.
Oh, you know. Just your average group of friends in an average town, when suddenly ROBOTSALIENSDEATHLAZORGUNMONSTERBATTLES.
Rather, I'm hoping for a continuous story with dramatic and humorous elements. I'm a big (read: huge) fan of both science-fiction and fantasy, and love to incorporate quasi-scientific ideas into my works (like, to name one I've used - a negative energy weapon powered by a microscopic black hole, and used to both attack and perpetuate wormholes (not appearing within. maybe.)), as long as they have some scientific base (yes, it seriously did). I'm all about the aliens, monsters, magic (my own twisted variety), psychic phenomena (in a weakened wimpy way), crazy futuristic tech, and a 'present day' setting.

To reiterate:
-People (well, hopefully)
-Future stuff
-Funny (what an interesting pair)
-Quasi-realistic because I need an explanation for everything
-Probably complicated beyond all belief because I end up confusing things like that.

* A link to your writing sample
Well, I'll give a link to a rather old piece I did. Probably better (maybe worse) than what I can do at present, but I'm out of (or maybe in) practice right now. Exams just being over.
It's fantasy, non-scripty (non-comicy), and not quite what I want to do a comic about. Too medieval, for one. Please ignore the comments beneath it - they're with and about a friend of mine and ultimately irrelevant because I changed the wording afterwards.
More comic-relevant or any other sort of writing examples will be provided on request and probably written then too, so they'll be more telling of my ability.

* Contact information.
Please no PMs. I may be visiting this forum quite often recently (while gathering up the nerve to post this :P), but I have a thing about missing PMs. That said:
MSN: mytocase[at]hotmail[dot]com
E-mail: erendor[at]gmail[dot]com

Either is preferred, but e-mail means my wacky Australian time won't mess with contact hours.

* Expectation of the artist.
Adherence to my every whim! Make me a coffee!
Seriously...if the artist likes, they can help me out with the writing - things like names and appearances I'm often either too mundane or too farfetched with.
As far as schedules go...a couple times a week (two? three?) would be nice, but less or more frequent is no problem.
I'm not a particular stickler when it comes to interpreting my work. Example:
(A potential storyboard style)
Panel 1: A is kneeling on the floor.

Panel 2: B enters.
B: "Rise, sir, from this semi-recumbent posture. I find it most indecorous."
A: "..."

Panel 3: A stands up, cracking knuckles.
A: "No."

Panel 4: B alone, clutching his crotch.

That's from an old humorous collaboration that never got away. As can be seen, I'll just supply dialogue and important features, and the artist can interpret it how they like. If more or less detail is needed (or wanted), I'll supply it. This of course is a potential storyboard and can be changed to suit style or other constraints.
* Preferred drawing style.
Once again, not so picky. I'll just say that as far as drawing styles go, I like how the following comics do it:
Don't know if there's some consistent style through those, though. Highly realistic styles (too much detail?) and highly cartoony, newspaper styles (too little? :S) tend to get to me, but otherwise, I'm good.

Wow, I just go on and on. And here I am doing it again.

Thanks in advance, potentials. =P

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Artist Needed for Post-Apocalyptic Super Hero Insanity

Post by Lilac_wood »

# Summary of your comic idea.

So, I came up with this idea, "Patchwork Earth," during summer when writing a short for a creative writing class. Pretty much, everyone fell asleep one day, and when they woke up the whole world had been scrambled. Bits of everything were everywhere. Plus some people woke up with super powers. Computers aren't working, electricity is generally down, and everything's gotten a whole lot crazier.

The main cast consists of Audrey, the lovely blond (former) college student with a photographic memory; Greg, the middle-aged doctor who woke up invulnerable; Kim, a sort of goth fifteen-year-old who now has a set of wings; Ty, seventeen, with ice powers; and Ty's five-year-old sister, Lily, who can shapeshift. They're pretty much just trying to find their way in Patchwork Earth.

For National Novel Writing Month, I'm currently working on the story from the beginning, when the characters wake up in the world-gone-crazy and how they meet each other and save Ty from bad people for Lily and suchlike. I just can't get the feeling out of my head that this story needs to be a comic, so I need to make this post so I can get back to writing the story.

# A link to your writing sample

This is the short from Summer:
This is a link to my NaNoWriMo Profile, where you can read an excerpt from this month's writings:

# Contact information.

If you're interested, email me at

# Expectation of the artist.

I'll be writing the story into script form and leaving it primarily to the artist to interpret from there. As a note, I've never written a comic script, but I have written a couple of scripts for stage, and I do read comics, so I can imagine what would work well, but I'm flexible. I'm also flexible as to the number of pages a week, whether it's one a week or one a day. To me, that so greatly depends on the artist's time.

# Preferred drawing style.

As long as it's semi-professional, I'm pretty flexible with this. I like many styles of animation and comic books, anime and manga.

In conclusion, email me at for more info or to show your interest. Please include a drawing sample attached to the email if you're interested. Or a link to a drawing sample would be good. I'll be waiting about a week before I make a real decision, though I'll respond to emails of interest when I get them. Look forward to your responses!

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Yet ANOTHER Writer without drawing skills

Post by JRpec »


My name is James and I'm a Writer. *whew* Now that I've got that off my chest ...

I have lots of ideas, but we don't have time to go into them all, so I'll just talk about the two that I THINK will attract an artist.

I'm currently writing a comic book-esque story called 'The Red Dress.' It's the tale of a female superhero with a mysterious secret. The world is full of other superheroes, so she is by no means the only hero in the world. She's kind of new to the game and still feeling her way through the bureaucracy of heroism. Her primary power is the ability to transform into just about any woman, simulating height, weight, skin, hair, eyes, clothes. Regardless of what she looks like, she maintains above-average strength, cat-like reflexes and her martial arts skills.

Here's a link to the first story I wrote with her: ... 1152323374 (sorry, can't get the url to link right)

I'd like the art to be fairly realistic, but mild anime overtones are okay.

My second idea is just an idea: Prehensile Hair Man! It's basically a serial comic about a guy with prehensile hair, but he's not a superhero. I've come up with several visual gags, and I'm sure if I had an artist to collaborate with, I could come up with many more.

- Guy is mixing, stirring, and talking on the phone at the same time. His hair is like octopus tentacles. "You're bringing how many more guests?"
- Guy is at the movies and his hair is pulled back tight on his head with just one lock peeking over his scalp. He's looking up at his hair. "Scared a little?"
- An old photo of guy as a child in the bathtub. His head pokes just above the water on one side of the tub, while his hair 'attacks' a plastic boat like a giant squid.

In both cases I'm looking for an artist who can brainstorm and collaborate as well as do what I ask. Some things are solid in my head, others are not and open to interpretation.

If any artists are interested, please PM me on the forum or contact me at

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Post by Puppetmaster »

I've always wanted to do a webcomic or something that would be enjoyed regularly by a large audience, as I seem to be doing absolutely nothing with my life right now, and I am being far too lazy.

However, as most of you probably know, I can't draw for love nor money. So, I'm in need of an artist who can draw dark, gothic, violent art, as well as comedic art to help me illustrate a webcomic idea I've had for a while now.

If it helps, I'm a good writer, and imaginative. If you're interested reply and I'll PM you my idea.

Necessary things:
You must be able to make a site.
You must not have an aversion to descriptions of carnage.
You must be older than 13.
You must be creative.

Preferable-but-not-necessary things:
It'd be nice if you were Scottish/English.
If you had AIM.
If you were able to draw manga-style.

My four (FOUR!) ideas:
A plot based in a city that's been sealed off to the general public because the city was hit by a radioactive bomb. The damage by the bomb has been cleaned up, but inside the city people called 'Geons' are being born with physical mutations, unnatural powers, or both. The first story arc of this plot it that flowers are raining from the sky and mutant plants are attacking the Geons for an unknown reason. Manga-style for this.

Two guys, roommates. One day the toaster breaks, so one of the guy goes out to get a new one. There's a nuclear power plant nearby and a piece of plutonium accidentally gets into the new toaster. The two decide to eat toast from the new toaster (to test it) and because of the plutonium they get super powers. Chaos ensues. (Note that if this sounds stupid it's supposed to. Kind of a Ctrl+Alt+Del-ish comic.) Comedy-ish art style for this one.

Setting is a post-apocalyptic future. The government and economy has collapsed, leading people to fight for pieces of the world to own. Currently there are four 'emperors' of the world, people with strange powers, who are ruling with iron fists and also competing against each other for power and/or more territory. Satan has also revealed himself, sealing the belief that gods exist. Art style preferred for this one is gothic.

Four hardened criminals, bored with their lives. They attack a fortune-teller and leave her dying on the floor. With her last few breaths, she curses them to make them immortal so they have to endure their miserable lives forever, however she was not exactly competent and accidentally gives them powers best relating to their personality.
The criminals then decide to set up something called a 'Survival Game', something which takes part in an old, abandoned city where they use their powers to fight each other. Note that since they cannot die, the game ends when one has knocked out the others. Illegal videos of the games start appearing, filmed by bored websurfers. The art style preferred for this one is manga/gothic.

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Post by Lycra »

Another writer looking for an artist. The comic is your basic roommate-style gag strip (rolling your eyes yet? :P) with both story arcs (small ones) and one-offs, primarily in four or five panels, depending on how much space they require. It's slice-of-life, but with stretchy reality.

I have a few storyboards done:
Coming out to Mom
Gay bar

These should not only give you an idea of my writing style, but really illustrate why I'm looking for an artist. :) They're also exactly what you would be working from. If you wanted to change character positions, camera angles, whatnot, I'm completely open to that, as long as the intent and the pacing remain intact.

What I'm looking for in an artist: Style is pretty much optional, although I'd like the characters to be slightly more detailed than, say, Filthy Lies. I am emphatically not looking for a huge time commitment on your part, unless that's something you'd want. Black and white is okay. Simple backgrounds are okay. Sketchiness is perfectly fine. If you're already working on a comic, and want to keep that as your primary focus, I'd be thrilled if you dashed off a few things for me as a spare-time diversion. My only real criteria are that you can draw better than I can, and are good with facial expressions and body language.

Edit: Oh, and you'd have to be comfortable with adult situations and The Gays. I'm pretty sure there won't be any onscreen sex or nudity ever, though. Maybe backal nudity, if it ever comes up.

If you're interested, please send a forum PM with your rendition of my characters. (Concept sketches are here and here. ) If you'd like to redraw one of the storyboard scripts, that would be awesome, but not strictly required.

Thanks! :)

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Post by Laemkral »

Job Filled
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