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Postby hetfdex on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:14 pm

This is an unpaid position. I have no money to pay anyone for any work at this point.


My name's Jose and I'm a writer based in London. I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with on a graphic novel I'm currently developing.

The book will be a 12-issue re-imagining of Joan Of Arc's life where the focus is put on a quest Joan needs to complete in order to save the world from dark forces. In my version of events Joan is a sword-fighting bad-ass trying to keep Satan and his army from conquering Earth. Rest assured, she still dies on the pyre.
There's quite a few flashbacks in the first few issues to give a more complete picture of why Joan is the way she is but that'll stop once the main storyline gets going. Right now I'm done working on the finishing touches for issue #2, I've written a bit of issue #3 and what I need is someone to help me out with the art side of things. I'd like to get some character sketches going and then start working on issue #1 properly.

I want to submit the book to publishers but I also have a plan for low-cost, online publishing. I've recruited a small but dedicated group of friends that are helping me and all I need now is a great artist to help me make this book a reality.

I'm looking for realism with a punch. The book is set in France in the 1400s and I'd like it to look plausible but that doesn't mean everything has to be period accurate.
I have some specific ideas for certain scenes and characters but I'm very open to input on how to best bring this story to life. I aim to give the artist(s) full reign on how best to draw the story.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in being part of let me know and we'll take it from there.


Jose Pereira
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