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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by mistercynical »

Trying this again.

I am currently seeking an artist who is willing to work on spec. I am seeking a collaborator for a horror/drama comic that would appeal to fans of THE WALKING DEAD and other apocalypse literature. It’s about a zombie-ish apocalypse and two groups of survivors—“zombie-ish” because the book won’t use all the traditional zombie tropes, but will be similar enough for people to recognize the flavor. I would like to prepare an issue for submission to companies friendly to creator-owned properties, and if that doesn’t work, I would be willing to self-publish using print-on-demand services.

The artist would ideally have a realistic style, but it would also be cool to work with someone in the vein of Sam Keith’s or Kelly Jones’ early SANDMAN work. I describe each panel, but I am open to re-interpretation of you can think of a better way to present the material visually.

I have the script for issue 1 done. A link to sample pages: ... ingartist/. I would want to retain creator credit, but if the self-publishing option becomes necessary, I would split any monies evenly.

Interested parties should write

Best of luck with your own projects.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by SMFB1349 »

Don't know if anyone still views this thread but, I'll go ahead and post anyway.

I'm a writer looking for an artist to collaborate on a B-movie/exploitation film inspired comic series about 4 serial killer girls who get abducted by a backwoods family. They suffer physical and mental torture, but they eventually escape and decide to turn the tables on the rednecks.

I can't pay because...well I just can't afford it, but I don't think that should be a problem if you share a passion for comics. Anyway, if you're interested send me an email to I'll send a sample of my work, and I'll also check out some of your work. Thanks.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by ethanoneill »

Who I am-
Hi, I am new to the comic industry and have yet to publish a comic, i am hoping to rectify that through this post. I am young and willing to communicate on issues relating with my writing.

What I am looking for-
I am looking for an artist, preferably an Inker, and colorist as well (but not required) to help produce a few pitches for various comic companies these companies would all be disclosed once and artist has been chosen I have 3 different pitches that would be sent out, they include Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and a western. Two ongoing, one a five issue or less mini-series. This would really be a learning opportunity for me and any emerging artists. A variety of styles is wanted. If you would like to contact me please Email at:
Upon receiving your email I would send through a sample script and all details would be worked out then. Thank you Ethan O'Neill -

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by warthog »

I'm writing an autobiographical comic about 1999. I followed Phish around and did lots of crazy stuff. I have two 24 page chapters completed and lots more on the way. I am looking for someone who is comfortable telling a story through facial expressions and body language. Knowledge of Phish culture or Richmond VA would help, but it's not a necessity. I'm really proud of this story and I want to get it read. I plan to publish online and do a limited print run for local comic shops.

contact me:

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Indigno »

Writer seeking artist: Henricho High
My idea for a comic is a deconstruction of the high school drama genre. A lot of this genre tends to fall into one of two traps: 1) a bland and generic split between nerds and the popular kids or 2) taking the side of a specific clique (emos and goths are a common choice) and being sympathetic to them while denouncing jocks and preps. The problem with both of these is that they're wrong. Most cliques tend to be equal in popularity and stupid drama bullshit. I have several characters and the first few story arcs written out on paper, but for the interest of saving a bit of the surprise for anyone who may want to read this comic, I'll save the details for specific requests.
I can say that I will have the first arc be about a pretty bland average joe tortured artist. I'll give a brief look into the school's setting. I'll introduce a couple of characters who will be more central in the 3rd chapter, one of whom is a jerk-ass verbal bully. Later I'll actually step back and take you through a day from his perspective. He will actually have a decent home, and be reasonably intelligent, but from his viewpoint, the people he torments will actually deserve his abuse, but I'll still be very sure to make him out to be a total ass-face. Essentially, my goal with this comic is to establish every high school stereotype and then kick them over. Then kick them a few more times for good measure.

A link to my writing: It's a sci-fi novel I was working on until I wrote myself into a corner. It's a project I'm still working out on paper, and that I plan on finishing in the future. I was trying to write it as a serial, but it was simply too complex a story to write in that fashion. I would have to say that my greatest influences on my writing style are probably Douglas Adams, Mark Twain, and George Carlin.

I've also written and animated a few cartoons:

Contact Information:
A PM will work, though I may not check it very often. the best way to contact me would probably be through an IM. Aim: xIndignox MSN: you can also e-mail me at that same SN, but IMing me would probably be the best way to get a hold of me.

Expectations of the Artist
This really depends a lot on the artist. If the artist shares my vision of my scripts, then I would let them start from scratch. I can also do rough storyboard sketches, too. But what I really need is an artist to do mostly sketch work for me. I can ink/ color effectively, and I'm decent at backgrounds. I'm willing to split the work on the actual art if the artists wants. It all depends on the artist's ability and how much work they want to put in. Some examples of my work:

Preferred Artist Style
I am pretty open here. I really like the styles of,,,, and (axe cop guy). I really like the cell-shaded look of three panel soul and dresden codak, but I know that it's an extremely labor-intensive style. When it really comes down to it, I'm not very picky about the actual style, I just need it to be consistent and have the ability to show a decent amount of character differentiation, as this will be a highschool setting with a good amount of characters.

I can't wait to hear back from any potential artists, though I imagine that I probably will be. Also, important note, The artist in question does not have to be perfect. In fact, I would love to find an artist who has talent and some skill, but is looking for a project to hone his/ her skills on. I would be OK with someone who has enough skill to draw something well enough that it's clear what is being expressed in the strip, but who maybe needs to fine tune their technical skills a bit. I actually kind of like watching a webcomic's art progress and mature a bit. This doesn't mean that I want someone who is putting out elementary school quality art in MSpaint, but you also don't have to be a professional. This is an amateur project, and I'm looking for another amateur to work with.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by sid1ous »

Digitial Artist and possibly Color Artist for Comic (depends of if we decide color is the way to go)

Here is a little background information about me. I have written two original comic stories. Both are currently being drawn by artists and looking to be completed in a couple months. They will be submitted to major comic publishers upon completion and also will be hosted on This third project Titled Dhampyr was already started by a previous artist and due to real life issues he had to drop out. I need someone who can pick up his style and run with it. My portfolio is the first 3 pages and the lineart cover so YOU can see the style I want this in.Check this URL ... erid=26494

Message me for details about compensation.

- Serious inquires only please. The style of art will be Manga/ Anime. -

--Here is the story summary so you can get an idea of what is going on and whether it plays to your style and tastes.--

The story takes place in modern day and follows two brothers on their journey to **** and overthrow the current Vampire King who murdered their Father and took over as ruler of the Shadow World. The Shadow World is the unseen world that exists alongside the human one. It is split in half an ruled by two Kings, one a Vampire and the other a Werewolf. Their father was the progenitor of the Vampire race and since their father was the first he was able to create two hybrid sons. The older brother is a BloodWolf, a hybrid creature of a Vampire and a Werewolf. The younger brother is a Dhampyr, a hybrid creature of a Vampire and a Human. The tale is dark and extremely violent, the two brothers are on a conquest of revenge and nothing will stand in their way. It is a tale of monsters and their desire to become Rulers, if humans get in the way they will be cut down the same as their enemies will.

Again the style is Manga, it is very dark very bloody. We will be looking to create something new in a tired genre of Vampires and Werewolves. Different and cool designs can set our project apart from others. MUST BE ABLE TO ADAPT TO THE PREVIOUS ARTIST STYLE PLEASE SEND RESPONSES HERE

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by feelgood682 »

Nice Thread.......& thnx for your guidance.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Jacezz »

Writer seeking Artist

Hey all, I'm a writer looking to get involved in a collaboration with an artist. It would most likely be unpaid as I don't make a tonne of cash from my day job but I'd be willing to discuss a payment arrangement. I'll link an excerpt from the script below for an example of my writing style. I don't have any contacts in the industry and am very much an amateur. The end goal would be to submit the comic to publishing houses and be hosted online in the hopes of getting the comic published. Finding an agent, getting reviews and getting out there is also on the cards. In order to reach this stage I would like to get the first chapter completed as submission material, with extras as individual publishers or agents request in their submission guidelines. Going to keep this short otherwise, so please feel free to ask any questions you might have!

The length of the project is 12 chapters, with each chapter being ~30-35 pages in length. The first chapter, which is all I'm looking to give a go originally is 32 pages in length at second draft. If there's interest in the full finished product then further work can be put into completing more chapters. Quite happy to do a simple 50/50 split on any payment for the work and similarly, a 50/50 ownership stake on it.


Genre: Supernatural Conspiracy Action/Thriller

Brief Description: Ten years ago the Cerebral Morphes Virus spread across the United States, infecting hundreds of thousands and killing around a quarter of those who contracted the ailment. Those who survived developed paranormal psychic abilities, generally classified into several 'types'. The US government quickly reacted, creating Quarantine Zones, or QZ's, in every major city where victims could be contained and treated. Scientists continue to study the infected, struggling to find a cure but have found a way to suppress the virus. With constant, regular treatments the psychic abilities of those infected can be dampened or nullified. Many infected, referring to themselves as Psyks, are unhappy with their treatment, forming gangs and terrorist organisations to fight back and free themselves from captivity. In response to this, the Psyk Contaiment Dept (PCD) were formed to control the rebellious sects.

The story follows Cale Renfield, a 'Creator' type, able to construct physical objects with his mind; an extremely rare and powerful ability. Living in the Philadelphia QZ he has been found to be immune to the treatments, causing the P.C.D great concern. His identity is hidden, records fabricated to hide his real type and his movements watched rigidly. Still, he lives in relative peace within the QZ, despite the wretched squalor present within. He has no desire to rebel, happy enough to just be left to live his life out. This is, however, all torn apart when his identity is leaked to the terrorist organisation, Eleftheria. Overnight he finds himself locked into a fight for survival, in a world where his kind are mere animals and puppets wrapped in a conspiracy that could see the entire world change irrevocably.


This is pages 19 & 20 from the first chapter, following a scene where Cale is interrogated at gunpoint by the Philadelphia PCD head, Warren Schecter.

Contact information

Please PM me here.


I'm fairly flexible in this regard - I can either do the detailed descriptions of characters, draw rough sketches ( I'm a horrible artist so they won't look too awesome. ) or leave it entirely up to the artist to design characters. However much the artist wants to be involved in this process is up to them and I'll do my best to accomodate.

Similarly, I've already drafted up the Chapter one script and would be happy to do a storyboard, or again, leave it up to the artist to interpret. In terms of the script itself I'm open to getting feedback and suggestion from the artist - if you really don't think something works that well, let me know and we can find another way around it. Similarly if you want more information on something, just let me know and I'll fill in any blanks.

Preferred Drawing Style

I imagine this one in a bit of a realistic style, with some stylised elements to it. I think I'd like fairly clean art however, with a decent amount of detail in most panels. I'm happy for the comic to be black and white also. I'd consider a manga type style also. It does need to seem quite serious however.

Notes, etc

The first chapter features a fair amount of blood in action scenes and several instances of F bombs and the likes being dropped. I can write out the F bombs and work around the absence of them if it really puts the artist off however. Similarly the blood can be worked around, however I think to give it a gritty edge the blood is required. Although not in the first chapter, later on in the story there are scenes referencing vivisection - particularly that of the infected victims. Unfortunately it's a bit of a crux in the story, sort of a shock campaign against the treatment of Psyks by Eleftheria and probably can't be worked around. Creative angles and such can be taken to hide any extreme gore, but bodies lying on morgue operating tables will be in there.

Thanks for reading! Again, please let me know if you have any questions or that!

Edited - sorry, just realised I had exported an excerpt from the first draft, rather than the second one, updated the link above.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by zankokunoyami »

Writer Seeking Artist
Hello, I just signed up in hopes that this is still a place where I might be able to find some assistance.

I have been holding off for a long while and feel that I really need to get more serious about getting my ideas out there. There is one in particular in which I want to start with, due to it being the most complete and the series I feel would be the most successful of the lot.

The story is called Dies Irae and has a fantasy setting on the borderline of a steampunk era. The series follows the story of Esther Keshet; a seemingly ordinary tomboyish orphan. However, when the orphanage is attacked by a mysterious man who claims to be the Emperor of Ardere, Zaniel Vesta, Esther is forced to give into the voice she thought she suppressed. It is then that she realizes that the other being that has been within her since she was young was the reborn Goddess of Creation, Evangeline; mother to all. Tasked with having to save the planet from corruption; her two friends, Jay and Allen, venture off. Though, naturally, as events unfold, so do the lies; friends are enemies and enemies are friends and nothing could have prepared Esther for the fate she would endure.

The series itself started off as a comedy; and has a very large cast of characters, each far different than the last. But as it continued to be written, so did its genre change. Each arc of the story gets darker than the last. And due to the type of story I have written, it is quite difficult to give a very vivid picture without spoiling everything. Though, I do plan to share all those details with the artist, or anyone interested.

This one is difficult to just 'here you go'. I have several media's in which I am currently developing this on. And some of them are quite a few years old... but, I will provide you with a number of examples. Mainly, the website, which is still in heavy development. So please excuse any poor quality or resources:

The website is mostly used for the RPG I am building around the story. Again, I am attempting to really push this series, so I am trying a number of things. Given my writing is meant more for scripts, the REAL path I have wanted to set out on is a comic.

Secondly, and how I originally wrote Dies Irae, is a radioplay: ... 8-08-10-gt
That is the latest episode, given that I really need to desperately find a new VA for both Esther and Allen given that their VAs have vanished and finding replacements has proven more difficult than I expected. Though all 12 episodes of the first arc are scripted completely, only five are finished. Also at the bottom of the first post are the other 4 episodes, thus why I provided that link.

I am not very good with names; but I also always thought it better to simply provide the script to the artist and allow them to express things how they visualize. So, in short, ideally I would like to allow freedom to the artist. But I am very open to giving details and whatever else I can do to help the artist in anyway.

Manga is mainly prefered. However, if you have checked out the site, you can see the style being used in the game is more western. This was mainly done because of the artist I hired seemed better in that style. Since she is a commissioner, I am unable to have her do more than simply character designs. Given, I really cannot afford the amount it would cost for a comic; and more so, I would rather have a partner in this sense anyway, given profit would be split based on sales; were it to get that far, naturally.

Though, having most of the character designs down is a plus for the willing artist; for they would simply just have to adapt the characters to their own style.

Preferably I would like to be contact via email at
This is the email i use for all my work; be it to communicate with voice actors, programmers, artists, etc.

For now, I am not expecting amazing work. But this is a series I am very serious about and have been planning for many years now. I truly hope that I can find someone here to partner up with for the long haul and possibly make this a hit; even if its most money wise. Because to be frank, my true dream is just getting my work out there to be loved by the masses, and not the profit.

Thanks to anyone who has the time or willingness to work with me!

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Writer seeks artist

Post by bethwillie »

Looks like my photos didn't link in. Oh well. Who likes to draw? I have a story I've been working on for 4 years. I'm not in the scene. I don't know the rules. I'm an outsider. I'm DIY.

Beth Willie
706 SE 47 Ave.

Portland OR, 97215

(971) 322-5076


The Golden Barn
Full-page illustration. Night.

CAP: Appalachia
A flatboat burning on a small river.
CAP: Chickamauga, 1863


Night. Cornfield.
CAP: Nebraska, 1878

A trail of blood runs between stalks of corn.
Large hands carry the ankles of someone wearing boots.
A body is being dragged through here:



I didn’t ask whether you believe that people see ghosts. I asked if you believe that there are ghosts.
--Svidrigailov, Crime and Punishment

Day. Robust fields stretch to the horizon.

CAP: Nebraska, 1888.

From a distance we begin to see the farm.

There are a few trees on the property, a single sod house, windmill, corral and a barn. The ramshackle barn is bigger than the house. Its sides are weathered and cracked. The roof has holes. Next to the barn the corral pens a few cows and pigs. The fence of the corral is crooked and falling apart.

Here is a barn.

Here is the sod house.

Here is the windmill.

An old organ stands freely on the lawn in front of the sod house.

Here is a picture of the organ:

In the background, by the door of the house, stands an old man. This is THE FARMER (Enos Pennington). He is 6'6', sinewed. He dresses like a Quaker but underneath is Charles Bronson. A scar runs across his face. Scornful eyes, a bushy mustache. He is about seventy-five. His dog stands beside him.


A child, about fourteen years old, exits the house. This is FRANCOIS. A shovel rests in his hand. He wears a Union soldier’s forage cap and a baggy army blouse. A Union-issued canteen hangs around his neck. He has a worried look.

The Farmer picks up his own shovel with its large and menacing arrowhead-shaped scoop.

It has a rope tied to the handle end and where the scoop meets the shaft. He straps the shovel to his back like a rifle. Using two free arms he lifts a ladder from the ground. The Farmer and Francois begin walking, the dog follows.

From above we see them snaking through the cornfield.

Then we see them at eye level moving between the stalks.

The Farmer leads with the ladder, Francois in the middle and dog at the end. They stop in a small, circular clearing.

The Farmer peers at a patch of soil. Kneeling, he runs his fingers through the loam. We see The Farmer from up close.


He puts the point of the shovel into the surface of the ground. His foot now on the flat surface of the shovel’s shoulder. He presses down. Drives the shovel downwards.

Wide view of the tiny sod house, the endless fields, the broken barn. The sun passes in the sky, then hangs low over the cornfield.

CAP: Dusk.

The Farmer sits on the ground. A large, black pile of dirt, obscured by his body, looms behind.

CAP: Crickets...

A wide view reveals the mountainous tower of dirt. Francois curiously eyes it. He can't see its top. It could be as tall as a skyscraper. It appears to go infinitely upward.

The ladder sits in the hole. We see only the top of it sticking out. Then, from above, we view the great depth of the pit. It is comically deep. An abyss. We can't see where the ladder touches down at its floor.

The Farmer descends on the ladder. Deeper and deeper into the opaque.

The moon is up. Francois picks his nose. The dog licks his butt.

CAP: Later.

Hands over the top rung of the ladder.

The man climbs out holding antlers. He holds them up to the sky like a trophy. They glimmer against the moonlight.

FARMER (thought):
I wasn’t dreaming.

The Farmer tosses the antlers on the ground.

Thought I’d forgotten...

Like an ax he raises his shovel.

...he’s come back.

He smashes the antlers.

Pieces of the the broken antlers cover the dusty ground.

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Writers Need Artist for Super Robot webcomic

Post by OPJM »

Writer seeking artist, as follows from the title up there. As it stands, this is not a pay job.


Genre: Action, Super Robot

Intergalactic Super Defender Grandrush is about having fun making a super robot story. Some things will be a tongue in cheek since super robot stuff can be very silly at times, but mostly straight up. It's the story of Nekketsumaru, a 15 year old boy who lives with his father, Annonnaro, who runs an old video rental store in a small shopping district in a city, it doesn't really matter if it's a specific city. The video store isn't very successful, leading Annonnaro to borrow money from local Yakuza. One late night, enforcers visit him because he's unable to pay the money back and attack him retaliation. Nettsu, for short, steps in and defends him, learning about the borrowed money in the process. Impressed with his spirit and mad that he stood up to them, they take him back to their office and present him to the boss, Hitorida, who banks on his youthful spirit that he'll be able to pilot the super robot they've been developing in secret, Grandrush. To pay off his father's debt, he begins doing meager work for the syndicate, contraband transport and enforcing. However, aliens attack from the distant Canis Major Galaxy, seeking a new home because their galaxy and all their home planets are slowly being consumed by the encroaching Milky Way. To defend the world from invasion by the Canis Royal Army and their platoons of Combat Beastoids, or specifically Nettsu's home city because they always seem to attack there, Grandrush becomes Super Defender Grandrush.

And here's an action sample.,t11272
When I send scripts, they will come with rough storyboards. Don't feel like theses are restrictive. They're there mostly to give you a feel for the composition of a page rather than "You must draw everything just like this but better."

Send me an email at if you're interested.

I'm looking for at least one page a week. I'd like to do as many as two or three, but I understand if that may not be possible. What I think would be good is to send one page of scripts and storyboards to you, and if you want to do another page, I'll send you the roughs and script for the next one. Just let me know you want another page to work on and I'll send it over as soon as possible. I'll always keep at least two pages ahead of the one your on so we always have something new to work with.

Drawing style
Considering the super robot thing, manga style makes the most sense. However, it's not required. What I primarily want is someone with a good mech design sense, as I have most of the component parts of Grandrush ready but haven't put the whole robot together, and a sense of action. I know it's hard to convey good action on a page, and you being able to do that well matters a whole lot.

I hope to hear from you.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Gamoche »

Looking for someone to draw me this story sample so I can have some visual to send for a submission. I have a preference for hyper-realistic style.

Present day. The earth is blockaded by a small invasion force sent by an alien civilization claiming to be the rulers of the universe. At first, the fleet is concealed and the information is kept from the public. The governments of all the countries and a cabal of the richest individuals are negotiating in secret with the aliens and are ready to sacrifice anything to get their favor.

We follow the journey of Logan, an ordinary citizen who will come to have an important role in the resistance against the invasion.

Link to the script:
Contact info:

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Theotherheath »

Seeking artist for STAR STUDDED SERIES!!

I've pre-casted a post apocalyptic superhuman comic featuring (with their permission):

Eddie Burns
Jeremy Piven
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Sarah Shahi
thus far....

It already has a publisher that's recently partnered with a gaming company, and is on the verge of partnering with the film production company of a very promonant actor. I need an amazing artist on board and while I can't pay a ton, a 50/50 back end split on everything across the board could potentially be HUGE! I'd prefer a realistic style...the characters don't have to be exactly on point, although if they were on close-ups/covers you're to the front of the line.

A little about me and my work can be found at the aforementioned comic is entitled After The End. I had an amazing artist on board but he was recently in an accident that left him unable to draw indefinitely.

Please let me know if you're interested ASAP via I also have several other projects on tap.


Heath Amodio

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by scharky »

Hi all, Rob here...

I'm seeking an artist for my comic "Sheepless in Seattle". I have no unrealistic ideas about getting rich off this comic, but I'm hot to trot about getting it out there.

Biff is a cranky, unemployed, beer-drinking bunny. His wife is Brandy, an overweight, neurotic Holstein cow. From their living room and Seattle neighborhood, to the beaches of Shady Waves Resort & Leper Colony, to various trips to the ER, Sour Grapes Winery, the in-laws' house, and beyond, their comedic lower-middle-class plights and life challenges are non-stop. Other characters like Jordan Curves (a balding, middle-aged dragon) and his wife Belle Curves (a rabbit porn star), Abercrombie the Vegan Zombie, the fail-superhero Senor Danger, and Headmaster Kookoo (principal of Thornwall Academy) add to the zany fun.

Strips vary from one-shot punchlines to 4-5 strip "mini-stories".

I storyboard each strip. I'm happy to provide rough sketches and storyboards. I also have detailed character descriptions.

Sheepless will function best as a "cartoony" strip, in the vein of Pearls Before Swine and The Far Side. Besides Nostrildamus (a walking nose), Socko & Panzerotti (demon sock puppets), and The TV (a character in itself), each character is an anthropomorphic animal.

It's important for interested artists to be motivated. I am extremely motivated to work on this project.

If I hook up with a motivated artist, I'm also interested in working on other projects as well. I have multiple projects which are complete, apart from their illustrations.

I can be reached via email at

I use Facebook for my writing samples (user name Swizzleglitch Fables). But here are two samples of the comic's tone and feel:


TV: Citizens, we're in the middle of The Bigass Zombie Apocalypse!
Brandy: (gasping)

TV: Barricade your windows and doors! Stay inside and arm yourselves!
Biff: Quick! What do we have for protection?!

Brandy: A shoe box, this yo-yo, and some string cheese.
Biff: String cheese?? Don't we have anything sharper??

Brandy: How about this Cheddar? (holding up a Cheddar wheel)
Biff: We're dead.


Brandy: I'm so depressed. I'm going to commit suicide!
Biff: Go for it.

Brandy: But wouldn't your life suck without me?
Biff: Nope.

Brandy: Losing me wouldn't cause you horrible, unbearable pain?
Biff: Not at all.

Brandy: Suddenly I feel a powerful urge to live.
Biff: And I don't even charge by the hour.

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!


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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by BagMan »


In the space of a single or double panel comic strip, with or without text in bubbles, can you make a strong statement and/or tell a story with impact? If you can please get in touch. The story or statement could be funny or serious and/or include an interesting quote and/or make a statement about a subject like,say, feminism, philosophy, something currently in the news etc. I believe the strips would be best done in a retro Roy Lichensteinesque style, but I am open to suggestions. The artwork is to be printed on bags for women; on a 'canvas' area that is 13cm high and 9cm wide. I would also be looking to suggest monologues/dialogues that your artwork could turn into great comic strips.

I am particularly interested in comic strips that might humorously and/or cleverly poke fun at the ideal that men are stronger than women. In fact I have an idea for such a strip that I think should be one of the first strips you create for these bags.

I think the best way for me to know if we can work together is to view work you have done before.

I would like to start with just one or two such strips but it is likely that in the near future I will want a constant supply of such strips and paying a steady stream of fees to participating artists is a possibility. Presently, I cannot pay much per strip because I am really bootstrapping to get my bag business off the ground. However in the future I might be in the position to pay more per strip.

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I am looking for an artist who is willing to work on a dark fantasy comic with me. The comic is about a young elven maiden who has her eyes ripped out by a demon and given the gift to see the evil in people via auras. She travels the world with a one winged loud mouth fae and a failed bandit to try to defeat the Elemental Demons to ultimately get information regarding the Demon Lord.

I am looking for someone who is willing to work on this comic and any sequels which may come (two are already planned). One dealing with and Angel/Demon war and the other one deals with the return of the Demon Lord.

I did have an artist for this project but he dropped out due to wanting to work on his own projects. So I am looking for another artist. If you are interested, please be willing to draw violence (i.e. eyes being ripped out) and romance (not necessarily adult). I am looking for someone who is willing to do one or two pages a month, or how many you feel like doing in a month - I want this project to be fun and the artist to not feel pressure about getting the project done.

You can see previous writings at I would like to suggest Burning Halo - - to see my more serious writings. I have bought a domain for the comic - - and it is in the process of being updated for it still contains the information for my previous artist.

I really do not mind what art style you have as long as you are available and are willing to help with this project.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, I would love it if you emailed me at

Thank you for your time.

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Letterer available, $5 page rate any project!

I meet deadlines, provide quick turnaround while maintaining quality of work. I will complete a mock-up page if necessary. Please follow the link for samples:

If interested email me project details at:


R. D.

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The Idea

It is a three panel comic strip about school life, covering the high points of senior year with other minor events in-between. Overall, a comedic slice of life piece with occasional thought-provoking moments. The title suggests an epic scope but it will mostly stay within the bounds of the school environment. Everything seems important in school: grades and relationships. It is life condensed in a building.


Henry: The voice of reason and, in that sense, the protagonist. Average height with dark and messy hair – kind of a young Neil Gaiman. Usually wears a t-shirt and maybe a jacket.

Raoul: The philosopher of the bunch. Tall, skinny, bald hippie type who almost exclusively wears Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

Bob: The hopeless victim of life’s cruel twists and turns. He is short and wears glasses - a tidy student, always in a shirt and tie.

Mary: Cute and innocent-looking with a character to match - somewhat on the naïve side. Skirt, sometimes t-shirt, sometimes shirt and tie.

Joe: The jock. Not really a major player but a recurring character nonetheless. Looks like Flash Thompson from the Spider-Man comic books.



Panel 1
Long or medium shot. Henry stands in the school hallway. His t-shirt reads: HI! MY NAME IS HENRY. He is holding some books and papers in one hand.

Panel 2
Medium shot. Raoul is standing next to him, on the right side of the panel, pointing at the shirt. He is holding a backpack over his shoulder with the other hand.

RAOUL: Nice shirt, man. Gets right to the point.
HENRY: I wish. Now people just ask me if my name is really Henry.

Panel 3
Same as before except Raoul is no longer pointing. Joe’s head sticks in the panel from the left. We also see his finger pointing at the shirt. Henry and Raoul are in mid-conversation and haven’t noticed him yet. Joe’s speech bubble cuts into Henry’s.

JOE: Yo, is your name really Henry?


Panel 1
Medium shot. Henry standing in his HI! MY NAME IS HENRY. t-shirt. Joe stands next to him.

JOE: So, is your name actually Henry?
HENRY: No, just plain ‘Henry’.

Panel 2
Medium shot. Joe has fallen to the ground, off-panel. Henry looks at the audience.


Panel 3
Medium shot. Joe is back on his feet, wiping tears from his eye, a huge smile still on his face. Henry is annoyed.

JOE: No, really. Is it Henry?

Other Information
I'm looking for a rather cartoony drawing style. I'll provide references to these upon later stages. Overall I am fairly flexible and leave you, the artist, to interpret the script as you deem appropriate. As writer, I feel like the lead singer of a band – I don’t play any instruments, just shout into a microphone. You’re doing the real work and I trust your artistic intuition, so any descriptions in the script should be treated as friendly suggestions.

Contact Information
E-mail is probably the easiest. Fire a message my way at:

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Dramatic bump

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Colorist looking for paid jobs

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My name is Francesca, and I am offering my services as a colorist.
I currently can accept only front-end paying jobs.

Samples: (More at






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