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Call For Graphic Novel Illustrators and Colourers

Postby Cliffe on Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:11 am

Graphic Novel Illustrators and Colourers,

I am looking for talented artists for a graphic novel titled “The Reach into Space”.

Short synopsis:
“An unlikely team of humans and robots are assembled to “man” an expedition into the reaches of unknown space to plant the seeds of “humanity’s” further colonisation of the universe.

Entire worlds will be changed. Species will be irradiated. All in the name of humanity.”

I have no publisher lined up yet and I imagine we would look into possibilities when the project is closer to completion. In the mean time this is a non-paying project.

I imagine the potential illustrator will have a detailed style. Realistic and slightly abstract would be considered. Illustrating will involve designing robots, and non-humanoid aliens.
I imagine the potential colourer would use lots of textures and photoshop lighting.

I have a complete script and a “universe guide”.

If you are interested please email me some samples of your work. If your samples look well suited to the project I’ll send you the script and guide. If you are still keen to be involved in the project I’ll ask for a few project-specific pieces, which will be used to select the artists.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask,


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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Halfwing on Tue May 05, 2009 8:45 pm

* Summary of your comic idea.
My comic, Manifest D.G. is about a woman who is thrown into a middle of a battle between Demi-gods as they battle a curse that is transferred through physical contact.

* A link to your writing sample
I don't have a link to any writings I have, nor do I want to spoil my story by posting it here. However I write my comics in a style similar to a movie script, with a brief description of the background, then the characters in each panel, and then the dialog of each panel.

* Contact information.
E-mail me at, or contact me over MSN, also

* Expectation of the artist.
I will layout the story and character personality (feel free to give your own input though) and if needed draw a rough outline of the page using stick figures (for things where the is more action then dialog and would be easier to draw out then put into words). I will also give a very rough outline of a characters appearance and let you fill in the rest with whatever you think would be easiest

* Preferred drawing style.
The comic style itself I don't have much of a preference towards, as long as it is not too cartoony.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Joel Fagin on Fri May 08, 2009 7:45 pm

Halfwing wrote: * A link to your writing sample
I don't have a link to any writings I have, nor do I want to spoil my story by posting it here. However I write my comics in a style similar to a movie script, with a brief description of the background, then the characters in each panel, and then the dialog of each panel

The point is not to find out how you lay out the script but rather how well you write. You're asking an artist to do a lot of work on faith here.

- Joel Fagin
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Juxt on Wed May 20, 2009 12:59 pm

Hi there.

I used to have a comic on CG, but as I went along I realized that I got tired of drawing but still loved the writing. Also, I suppose, I felt my drawing was fairly subpar - decent, passable, but hardly captivating.

Anyways, I'm back now because I want to collaborate with an artist for another project, one that is indeterminate as of the moment.

I have many ideas for different stories (although they all possess similar themes) and would like the artist to collaborate with me to create the story - be more involved than artists may traditionally be. However, how much the aritst wants to be involed is up to them. The wonderful thing, in my opinion, about my ideas is that, since they follow themes more so at the moment than concrete plot elements, they can be easily shaped to fit an artist's style of drawing (medium, period, genre, etc).

I would also be open to hearing an aritst's own idea for a comic that maybe they felt they would have trouble bringing about if they tried to write it purely on their own.

Either way, my strengths lay in writing and I would love to get either my idea or someone else's started and bring it about.

Feel free to email me at if this interests you at all, or if you have any questions.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Sydpart2 on Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:58 pm

Hey everyone I'm a writer that just wants to get some more range under his belt. I've written novels and screenplays if you'd like to see my style you can email me and I'll send you something that I've written or you could check out some of my stuff on youtube (Sydpart2 is also my youtube username), directed those movies too, not really relevant but hey. I have two ideas for comics, these would be non profit I just want to do it so I can say I wrote a comic book. I'd prefer to work with an artist who draws in a realistic style but as long as its not in an eastern style (magna, anime, and the like doesn't fit my writing well sorry). Both of my ideas are of batman based comics. So I'm not judged I'm a genuine fan-boy, I didn't hop on board with all these other @$$#0!3$. 1 of my ideas is for a joker batman comic that can be drawn in any style that fits the story deeply explores Batman and Joker's relationship and will be very dark with some major DC players biting the bullet. The second idea I have is for a riddler origin that would say at the very beginning these events take place after Chris nolan's The Dark Knight. This would be a comic that is based on Nolan's Batman and I would have to insist on keeping likenesses to the people in the movie similar. If you are an artist who is interested in either of these projects please email me at
P.S. as a writer I understand artistic integrity and would make but humble suggestions for how I think the characters/things should look but would be fully willing to give you (the artist) final say in all things pertaining to the artwork as long as you are willing to listen to suggestion and if a difference in opinion does occur must be willing to intelligently debate their reasons for this or that. If your still interested please shoot me a message

-Ian Harrington
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby NinjaNezumi on Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:23 am

This is perhaps the only place I HAVEN'T advertised the need for an artist.

It boils down to this:

I want to serialize Andrew Colon Space Custodian in comic form, and I need a reliable publishable quality artist who's willing to work primarily on commission and full personal store sales + small initial fee per page.

It's a short story/audio book sci-fi farce.

You can listen to the full playlist here:
Andrew Colon Space Custodian 1h 29m 55s recorded time - playing time may vary

or read it here:

The deal:
There are some benchmarks I'm looking for on the art and so here they are:

1. Gotta be better than me. and is a sample of my artwork. I'm not great, but I'm better than some people. The point is, I'm under the publishing level. I admit it - I am not a publishable artist (so if I reject you, keep in mind, I rejected myself :D we're in the same boat ). So, I don't draw well enough for me to publish Andrew, and I need someone who is better.

This means I need:
* Accurate Proportions
* Consistency
* Varying angles of artistry

Now I take stylistic artwork into consideration. If you draw like Tezuka (Astro Boy) or say like Judge Dread on a consistent basis then that's great! If you draw like michelangelo that's great. Just as long as it's consistent and better than me. -_- I'm not great.

2. I'm really looking for some color, however, if you do a great Black and White I'll be all over it ^_^

How do you apply? Send samples of your artwork. I need at least 10 different drawn people/poses. If you decide to apply by drawing andrew, then I need to judge by A full page of 6-8 panels on the page. If you're doing manga style, then it should be two pages totaling a minimum of 8-10 panels. But I'd rather decide based on something else you've drawn that isn't andrew for legal purposes.

Clean lines, great facial expressions, and fun art is what will grab me ^_^

-_- no crayons/colored pencils pls. Unless you color like Bob Ross

Again, I am seriously thinking of publishing the comic depending on how well it does on the web, that's why I'm not drawing it myself. I need a solid artist.


I do realize comic genesis doesn't allow advertisements. Serialized Andrew will be shown on both and mirrored on That way we can have advertisements on Basically you get 2 ad spots and I get two ad spots. I'll promote the site. You can promote it too, but it's not required. You can sell your artwork through deviant art or cafepress just as long as it isn't the full book, but pretty much everything else is kosher. Basically you get a profit margin from Andrew's success.

Minimum of 1 page per month, I'm fine with that.

feel free to email me through my website contact if interested ^_^
Check out my web comic :D
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby dakotacruz on Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:49 am

I am looking for both writers (primarily) and artists.

I've been working on digital comics but doing both the art and the writing is a lot of work. So, basically what I'm looking for is this...

writers to submit short stories to do the art for. Since I do machinima style comic panels (see examples) some ideas would have to be tweaked to fit the art.

Artists to do completely free, and by free I mean both money wise, even writers won't be paid BUT the finished product will be all over the web, so who knows. I do this for fun. Also, by free I mean stories that the art cannot work with.

Some examples




So if you're interested, contact me at
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Krayhayft on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:01 pm

Hello, my name is George T. Robertson. I’m an aspiring screenwriter who has decided to get into comic book writing. I have multiple stories with mixed and varied genres.

"Artificial" an action/romantic comedy. When James Leff opens a crate he found floating in the ocean by his house, he never would have imagined that it would contain a sentient, robot girl named Aira. Now, James and his friends must protect Aira as they face off against high school bullies, a megalomaniac with a secret agenda, another female robot and even each other too save, not only themselves, but the heart and soul of an artificial girl that just wants to be norm

"City of Steel". The megatropolis that is Steel City, a true testament to mankind on all levels of life, its thousands of skyscrapers tower over the land like an immaculate beacon with a bad attitude, secured by its reluctant protector, a man with the same name and the same disposition. When Jacob Steel, Private Detective, agrees to find a missing child abducted by a bogeyman, he never imagined that he will have to risk everything to save not only the woman he loves, but also his city and the world from malevolence beyond anything he’s ever faced before. Now, Steel must team up with a metallic ex-partner who would prefer to see him dead and a cowardly, but loyal, friend who's infused with the knowledge of an ancient wizard. Together they must overcome insurmountable odds and fight an ancient, unspeakable evil to rescue all Steel has ever cared for.

"The Reaper's Call" an buddy story about an assassin that's hired to be a Grim Reaper after he dies and end up having to save the world from a rouge demon on the first day on the job.

"Bemis" a horror about an alien slime mold that's taking over a small WV town and turning people and animals into infected, mindless killing machines.

"Equinox" an action/supernatural adventure story about a transporter who's hired to deliver a package which content could bring down Armageddon.

"The Last Bastion" a zombie apocalypse story about a group of over 300 people surviving in the heart of zombie filled New York.

"Quarter Past Dead" a zombie noir that takes place shortly after WWII. A P.I. get tangles up with a group of Nazi Werhwolves and their plan on destroying the world with a zombie virus.

All of these stories are copyrighted.
The comics will be one to six panel pages, but on average it will be basically a four panel per page comic.

I am willing to host once we get going.

Here is a sample of a script I’m working on.
Page 1

This is a full page set up.

Thousands of towering “Art Deco” skyscrapers span across the entire landscape reaching up into the clouds while their bases vanish into thick, ugly smog. The waxing Moon shines high over the city.

V.O.: My city, Steel City, a testament to mankind, on all levels.

Page 2

Panel 1:
Thousands of flying cars in the style of the 30's and 40's buzz around the towers as huge zeppelins leisurely float among the towers tops. Smaller police zeppelins shine spotlights down on the city.

V.O.: At the top, old money Elite. They sit on their self made pedestals. Thinking they run the city, looking down on all that they perceive worthless. This, by the way, is everyone else.

Panel 2:
Steam engines run on high suspended railroad tracks that weave through the city and past giant holographic and neon advertisements in the art style of the 40's.

V.O.: At the bottom, The Broken. The poor bastards and the low-life scum that plague the lower smog, like the rats that infest Steel City's culverts.

Panel 3:
A 1935 beat up Chevy dips to avoid an oncoming autogyro flying through the city.

V.O.: And in between, everyone else. The everyday citizen who simply wants to live out their meaningless existence, then fade quietly into the night.

Page 3

Panel 1:
Close up of Steel lighting a cigarette.

V.O.: Then there’s me. My name is like my city.

Panel 2:
JACOB STEEL (late 30's), rugged, hard jawed, haven't shaved in three days dressed in classic detective clothing with a fedora drives the car and closes a Zippo.

V.O.: Steel, Jacob Steel, Private Detective. But, not the type that deals with meaningless bullshit like cheating spouses or worker's comp violators. I leave that shit up to those who believe they know what they're doing.

Panel 3:
Steel holds the cigarette as he inhales. His eyes are focused and intent.

V.O.: I leave that shit up to those who believe they know what they're doing.

Panel 4:
Steel exhales as he checks his watch.

V.O.: I deal with other problems, problems that deal outside the natural and supernatural laws. Where the world of flesh and blood ends, and the real nightmares begin.

Page 4

Panel 1:
The Chevy flies over a cul-de-sac fixed on top of a tower with green grass and trees.

V.O.: Why do I do what I do?

Panel 2:
Steel lands his car in the driveway of a lovely two story ranch house.

V.O.: I've been asked this more times then I even care to remember.

Panel 3:
Steel sits comfortably in the old car as looks at the house. His seriousness hasn’t changed.

V.O.: Everyone thinks it's for different reasons; heroism, deathwish, bravery, insanity, but the real reason is very simple.

Page 5

Panel 1:
Steel steps out of his car. The lights of Steel City can bee seen in the distance.

Panel 2:
Steel walks towards the house, flicking away his cigarette.
V.O.: I do it because it’s my job…

Panel 3:
Close up of a finger pressing a doorbell

V.O.: …and it’s time to clock in.


While, I can’t offer money at this junction, I will split everything 50/50. I also plan on using café press to try to sell merchandise. I cannot guarantee anything but 100% of my effort.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Geekdumb on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:34 pm

Hi everyone,

It seems like there’s a lot of writers out there looking for artists and of all of those people I’m definitely one of them. My name is Matt, I live in Chicago, and I’m an alcoholic. Well, not yet anyways, but could be if I had some more practice.

Sorry about that. Ok, back to business. I have been dying to do a webcomic for quite some time now but I haven’t ever been able to get it fully together with an artist. The first couple attempts were talked about with a couple of friends during college and nothing ever came of it.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I made a serious go of it with a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I was a lot more serious about it than he was and he couldn’t commit to the comic time wise. I then had a similar situation with another friend but he had to bow out because a lot of stuff suddenly went wrong in his life and he didn’t have the time.

This brings me to my most recent artist. He and I actually produced a fair number of comics (22) before he disappeared. I’m not sure what’s going on with him but that’s a different story.

As far as what I’m looking for goes, I would like an artist who loves webcomics as much as I do and really wants to make a contribution of their own. I am very open to what type of artistic style is used. I think a good creative chemistry with me and dedication to the comic are the two most important characteristics I am looking for. It would be nice if it was someone in the Chicago area so we could meet up from time to time. I would like to do two comics a week to start with.

What I’m offering is a website that has a small amount of traffic already, 589 visits from 30 different countries. I already have a good amount of material to work with and ideas for several story arcs. The comic itself is about 3 friends who rent a house together after college and are unsure of what to do with their lives now. It’s definitely a humorous strip and it is story arc driven. There are elements of the fantastic and sci-fi (a zombie and a robot so far) but they aren’t the focus of the strip.

My website is a little rough around the edges right now but it’s functional and I’m working on learning more. If you know about web design that would definitely be considered a plus.

If/when we get popular enough to turn a profit then we would split things down the middle. Until then I can’t offer much in the way of payment besides my regionally famous brownies (not “special” brownies) and other various home-baked goodies.

If you have any specific questions for me please feel free to ask or just browse through my site.

You should be able to get a pretty good idea of my writing style and sense of humor from looking at the comic and looking at my old posts in the Archives section.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully finding someone that I can work with from this.


P.S. Sorry if that last line sounds like the closing of a personal ad.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby LibertyCabbage on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:05 pm

If you're an aspiring comics creator and are looking to get your work seen, then Red Slime is the place for you. This comics community site, which features a monthly web magazine of short comics, was launched in March 2006 and has been slowly but steadily growing since. We've already put out six issues of the magazine, and we're looking for talented individuals to contribute their time and energy toward the future issues.

What we're looking for:

-- short scripts (1-10 comic pages in length)
-- pencilers
-- inkers
-- colorists
-- letterers
-- cover artists
-- finished short comics (up to 15 pages in length)

In addition, we're looking for the following for the Web site:

-- articles (500+ words)
-- reviews (500+ words)
-- banners (710x310 .png)

We also have a chat room and forums for those who are into that kinda stuff.

So, check out the site at . Click the “Submit” button in the navigation menu for details on how you can contribute. Note that you must register an account on the site before you can use the submission forms. (Although, it only takes a minute to do so.)

Lastly, as a consequence of the magazine being free for everyone to view, I'm unable to pay anyone for their work. Sorry. Ideally, though, this will be a good place to get your work seen, and the finished comic will be something that will look good in your portfolio. If you're already a professional comics creator with serious accolades, then this project probably isn't for you. However, if you're a talented creator seeking a little recognition, then this should be a great opportunity to get ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at . I'm looking forward to getting some new people involved with the project!
"Seems like the only comics that would be good to this person are super action crazy lines, mega poses!"
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Alias Pseudonym on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:20 am

Hello. I'm looking for a guest artist.

After the first chapter of Vigil I plan to do an interlude that is essentially one of the characters telling a story to his son, and I'd like a dramatic change in art and style to highlight this, and the best way to do this would be to have the thing done by someone other than me.

The story has a very fairy-tale feel to it, so colourful, simple, flat art (as in without too much shading) would be best. Interesting panel designs would be nice, since in the main comic I'm moving more toward very simple ones. You can see some of my writing in the comic, which is linked in my sig, and as a bonus here's the entire script to the interlude:

Once upon a time there was a great city

And in that city there was a great school.

Great minds came from all across the lands to learn and study from the books and people there.

One day a messenger came to the school.

He stood before all the scholars, and he said

‘A great Dragon has descended to earth in a distant land.’

‘It claims to know anything and offers to answer any question’

‘But only if the questioner can correctly answer one of its own.’

‘What questions does the Dragon ask?’ one of the scholars wondered. ‘Riddles?’

‘No,’ the messenger replied. ‘It asks deep questions. It asks about the meaning of life, and about the soul and death and all the great mysteries of the universe.’

The scholars pondered this, and discussed it amongst themselves. Soon, they decided: they said,

‘We will send our oldest and wisest, our youngest and quickest of wit, and all our most learned colleagues. Surely among them one will know the answer.’

Among the scholars was one who was not so learned or wise or quick of wit

but he had dreamt of meeting a great dragon since he was very small

And so he spoke up and said,

‘Learned friends, I am not the wisest or the cleverest among you, but I have traveled far in my studies, and I can lead you to the lands where this dragon has appeared.’

And the scholars agreed, and so they set out, all the wisest and cleverest, led by one who was not so.

The journey was long and difficult. They traveled through thick jungles,

Across deep oceans,

around great mountains

and across vast deserts.

They travelled through cities, towns, and villages.

In the last village before the mountain where the dragon once, the guide met a young boy who was very sick and, on a whim, asked him

‘How was the sun born?’

‘I don’t know, sir,’ the boy said. ‘Will you tell me?’

And so the scholar sat with the boy well into the night, telling him the story of the sun’s birth.
In the morning, the scholars set off to climb the mountain.

At the top sat the dragon, vast and wonderful beyond description.

‘Great dragon,’ said the oldest scholar, ‘We wish to ask a question of you.’

Then the dragon spoke, and its voice was not deep but high and clear like the sky itself, and full of wisdom.

‘I know all that is to be known, and I will answer your question. But first you must answer me this:’

‘What is the difference between something and nothing?’

After some thinking, one of the scholars spoke.

‘Something is what can be perceived, for even the air can be felt with the hand, and even light leaves its warmth on the skin. Nothing cannot be perceived, for there is nothing to perceive.’

Another said,

‘But can we not feel cold, which is but the absence of heat, and see dark, which is but the absence of light? Nothing is only a difference kind of something, one which has as its property the lack of all other properties.’

A third retorted,

‘Nothing cannot be a thing, for it has no extension. A thing must take up space to exist in the world. Something is what takes up space by existing, nothing is merely the space that is not taken up.’

And so they went on, with great eloquence, all through the day until all had spoken, and through it all the dragon said not one word. Finally, all the scholars turned to their guide.

‘Will you not answer,’ they asked him.

‘I? I am only the guide. I am not so wise or clever to answer such a question,’ he protested.

‘Still, you must,’ they insisted. ‘Or why should you be here at all.’

And so the guide thought and thought, but he had no answer for the dragon’s question. He simply didn’t know.

All at once, he thought of the sick boy in the village, and said,

‘I don’t know, Great Dragon.’

The other scholars stared at him, then laughed. Even the dragon laughed. He felt impossibly small and stupid.

But then the dragon said,

‘You are correct. You do not know. Not even I know this, for it is not to be known. That is why I ask.’

‘What is your question?’

The guide thought of the sick boy once again, and said ‘What is life made of? I wish to know so that I might heal it.’

‘You have chosen well.’ the dragon said, and for many days the guide remained with the dragon, learning the secrets of life, and he became the greatest doctor in all of history,

And when he returned to the school he made it a school of medicine, and because of him many sick boys and men and women were made well again. And the dragon returned to the sky, its questions still unanswered, for no one in all the worlds knows the answers

The end.

You may have noticed I didn't really give to much artistic direction there. I'd probably give the artist alot of freedom as far as design goes. Also, feel free to take out 'he saids' and 'she saids' if they don't flow well. I just put them in out of habit.
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Artists Looking for Writer

Postby RobertBr on Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:29 am

I'm looking for a writer who would be interested in supplying a script for me to illustrate. My motivation is really just practice - it is far more challenging to give form to somebody elses vision as when you write for yourself you tend to write within your comfort zone as an artist.

I have tried two projects in the past with writers but these have fizzled out over time so what I would like here is a self-contained script, of no more than 24 pages (my preference would be shorter, about 6 to 14). I work full time so don't expect to be able to manage better than a page a week. So if you have a short story or single episode comic and have been looking for an artist then perhaps this is for you. I don't care about style or content, as long as it is well written, and you should feel free to supply guidelines on the look.

My expectation is that I would provide the main drive on the project and would handle everything through pencils to letters and final upload. What I am asking is that the writer supply a complete script before I start. That's quite a lot but I can't really give a definite yes on a project until I see the whole script. If you wanted to send a shorter summary or sample I might be able to say no, but not that I would definitely be interested.

You can find a sample of my art by looking at this project which fizzled out or by looking at my elfwood gallery

And lastly money. If this project made any money I would expect to split 50/50 with the writer, and for anyone with poor math half of nothing is nothing - I wouldn't be expecting or aiming to make money out of this.

Send enquiries to robert (at)

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Post Deleted

Postby Oceansidepraise on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:10 pm

Post Deleted
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Re: Artists Looking for Writer

Postby McDuffies on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:26 am

RobertBr wrote:I have tried two projects in the past with writers but these have fizzled out over time so what I would like here is a self-contained script, of no more than 24 pages (my preference would be shorter, about 6 to 14). I work full time so don't expect to be able to manage better than a page a week. So if you have a short story or single episode comic and have been looking for an artist then perhaps this is for you. I don't care about style or content, as long as it is well written, and you should feel free to supply guidelines on the look.

That no-good fizzling Joel.

And lastly money. If this project made any money I would expect to split 50/50 with the writer, and for anyone with poor math half of nothing is nothing - I wouldn't be expecting or aiming to make money out of this.

In your place I would offer 75/25, since 75 of nothing is still nothing. :P
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Spiralizer on Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:53 am

I am seeking an artist for a few different projects. Style-wise, I am very open as long as the art gels with my content. Color or black and white is fine. I write in full script format, but don't let that hamper you, I am open to suggestion as far as page layout. Also, just so you know, I am not opposed to nudity, graphic situations, swearing or other 'shocking' fact, I have quite a bit of that going on! Think Garth Ennis or Warren Ellis. So if you don't want to draw some 'questionable' stuff, no need to apply.

Some of the projects I have brewing are:

Sister Death - A nun. A gang. A vendetta. A big fucking gun. Strap in for Sister Death. A funny/sad/satire/sick/pulp madness piece of comic writing.

Project #523 - A psychedelic mind fuck of a story about a secret CIA experiment gone very wrong. After loading a subject full of DMT, mushrooms, subjecting him to sleep deprivation for 2 weeks followed by starvation for another 2 weeks, the CIA has put subject #523 into a sensory deprivation tank in hopes of creating an inter-dimensional agent. But our hero is not going down without a fight.

I have more in the works. If this sounds like your cup of tea, shot me an email and i'll send you some sample pages. All I ask from you is a few samples of your work and some creative input. I have worked with artists in the past only to watch them fade away or not have time...i'm serious about this and want an artist who is equally serious and dedicated. Let's have some fun and make great comics! I want this to be completely 50/50. I'm looking to make webcomics and pitch to publishers. If this sounds like what you're looking for, you can email me at


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Wanted: Writer for old school comic super team

Postby artistdego on Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:46 pm

Well ok maybe not to old school.
I'm an artist, with no current or background in the field of comics. I can only say i have alot, and have loved them for a long time. I've been drawing them for many years, never published or even tried really. More of a hobby of mine was never serious about it. Lately though i have been having alot of ideas about starting and doing a comic, either for fun or to offer to publishers. I am a fan and i draw alot like older comic artist and thats the style of writer i would like. My art is alot like jim lee, andy kubert, howard porter, marc silvestri, and a few others. I do have alot of ideas for story plot but need a writer to do the work and flesh them out and complete. I can send you samples of my work, and the basic details of the story if you want them. I even have over 100 genuine characters of my own, not all of which have been fleshed out completely, but the main ones are close. lol
The base idea is a darker type story, superhero team, works for goverment kinda, only they have no quam about hurting people or killing the bad guys. Some general feelings and morals will be prevelant of course. But the team will have atleast 4-5 members, maybe another, depending on you.
Let me know if anyone has any interest,e-mail me at and ill be sure to respond as soon as i can, and ill post some art on-line in the next few days and link it as well.
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Paid-Writer seeking artist

Postby d20dm on Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:28 am

I’ve got a comic script/series I’d like to shop around and I’m going to need art to do it. I’m looking for at least pencils and inks, and would be ecstatic to find pencils, inks, and color.

I need 5 sequential pages. I’m looking for realistic artwork-no bulging pecks, boobs, etc. Time period of the sample is the late 18th century. Story is an investigative/horror theme with an otherworldly, spooky feel.

Pay is $20/page via paypal. I will pay as each page is completed. IE, once you send page 1 I’ll send you $20, after I get page 2 I’ll send another $20, etc, etc. If the comic is picked up you’ll have first dibs on drawing it. Pay for any future work will be dependant on the publisher.

Please send me samples of sequential art-no pinups. Contact me at and we’ll see if we’re a good match. Thanks!
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby propenciler on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:21 am

Penciler available!

Hi. My name is Federico Zumel and i´m a penciler from Argentina.
Here´s my site: ( you have to type it, it doesn´t take you directly).
I´ve got a lot of experience in the US market.
I´ll be here if you have any questions:

Thanks- Fed
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby Zeak on Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:00 pm

OK, I'm not looking for a writer or artist more or less someone to collaborate on my gameing comic with.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Postby bangboometc on Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:27 pm

Evening folks.

My name is Aaron. I'm an aspiring comic writer with a head full of ideas. The problem here is, of course, I'm not much of an artist. So, here I am, forced to descend upon your lovely forums in an attempt to wrangle in artists to do my bidding. I also like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners, but that's another story entirely. So, let's get down to business!

First off, I'll be upfront with you. This won't be a paying gig unless we get picked up by a publisher. In other words, there's a good chance you'll be wasting your time and talent. I'm broke all the time these days, so sadly this has to go to the unpaid section. However, if we do manage to get picked up we will split the pay and the copyright 50/50. Most of these projects will be pitched as an on-going monthly comic, unless noted otherwise. This is subject to change, depending on what kind of response we get and how everything goes. That being said, if we do get picked up, you have to be willing to commit to a monthly release. There will be deadlines. If you're not sure you can handle that, don't bother replying. Not to be an asshole or anything, but I don't want to have to replace an artist out of the blue, y'know?

Anyway, with all that out of the way, let me give you a better idea of what I'm looking for... Basically, I want an artist who can pencil and ink. Color and lettering isn't necessary, though both are definitely a plus. When it comes to comics, my approach is generally to give the artist free range. I don't expect you to draw every meticulous detail that I write and you're more than welcome to ignore my description of the panel set up if you think something will work better. After all, I'm just a lowly writer and this is a collaboration above all things. That being said, I want this to be a complete partnership. If you don't like something I've written or have an idea that could work better, then tell me. If I don't like something you've drawn, I'll tell you. Simple as that. Stylistically speaking, I'm pretty open, though I will warn you that most of my ideas lean more toward a realistic style than a 'cartoony' one.

So, I'm going to do my best to be as straightforward about these ideas as possible, but there's always the chance that I'll go off on a tangent and leave you with a wall of text, so be prepared for that. I currently have three ideas brewing, all in different stages of planning. So, here we go.

Amerika!: This one is pretty much a satire on American culture/society's pursuit for power/a whole bunch of other issues in our day to day life. The story revolves around a man named Tobias Clearwater. Tobias is a good man whose life revolves around his family, God, and America. He also happens to be the Vice President of the United States. Of course, like most people, Tobias has a few skeletons in his closet... Namely, the fact that he wants to assassinate the President so that he can take over the position. The story will follow Tobias as he leads this double life, rising to power and ultimately falling to pieces when he realizes he's bitten off more than he can chew. This comic relies heavily on my love for the writer Kurt Vonnegut and is definitely inspired by his style of writing. Lots of gallows humor, awkward moments, and political craziness.

Revelations: Zombies have been horror's favorite whipping boy for a while now, reduced to starring in B-movies and meaningless gorefests. Hell, even George Romero doesn't do it like he used to. As a lifelong fan of zombie flicks, it's almost sad to see everyone's favorite flesheating ghoul overshadowed by your Freddies and Jasons. Not cool, Hollywood. Not cool. So, I want to change that... I want to try a different approach to the zombie genre. Revelations takes a decidedly philosophical approach. The story is equal parts horror, action, drama, sprinkled with philosophical musings on humanity and theology as a whole. The story follows a preacher by the name of Ernest Dellinger as he drives his classic black Cadillac across the country with a shotgun, a Bible, and the corpse of his dead wife by his side. Ernest believes this to be the Biblical end of days and thinks that he's been left behind as the Hand of God, meant to cleanse the world of the wicked and evil, whether they be undead or alive. There's several other elements of this story that I can explain if you're interested, but it's just too much to type on a single forum post. Style wise, I see this comic as having a No Country For Old Men/There Will Be Blood feel to it. Beautiful, vibrant, desolate, if that makes sense. And for god's sake, no running zombies. Zombies don't run, they shamble.

Untitled: I still haven't come up with a title for this one and, honestly, it's still in the early plannings. Basically it's a mixture of surrealism and reality. The story revolves mostly around two characters named Dorian and Jessica Percy. Dorian dies at the age of 25, leaving behind his wife Jessica and their children. He wakes up in a surreal afterlife that's equal parts utopia and dystopia resembling neither Heaven nor Hell. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to cope with the depression of losing her husband, drinking herself mad and often contemplating suicide. The story will go back and forth between the two characters, one living in this maddening fantasy world while the other stays sadly grounded to reality. Long story short, the two will eventually find a means to communicate with eachother and attempt to devise a plan to bring Dorian back from the dead, effectively cheating death and reuniting to live happily ever after. However, some plans don't work out as expected... This story is heavily inspired by two of my favorite directors, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Expect a lot of abstract madness as well as musings on life, the universe, and everything. A strange love story for a strange time.

And that about does it, I suppose. Hopefully I caught some people's attention. If not, then you can't blame me for trying. For those of you who actually read all that and find themselves interested in working with me, I have my email address and AIM screen name listed below. You can contact me on either. Have a good one!

AIM: ahhtheyrezombies
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