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Another Writer

Post by SeabassP »

By the looks of it, everyone is looking for an artist, well here is my attempt at finding one...I am in the process of learning how to draw, but my stuff is not even close to being view-able. I do have a ton of scripts written out. Here is the info of my comic idea:

Comic plan -

1st strip -

I am still working on the template for the site, so don't make any judgments on that yet. Sorry for the longwinded message and thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Post by Prestwick »

Right well yet another writer seeking an artist! Here goes...

* Summary of my comic idea.
Essentially a comic about British gun for hire and his various mis-adventures doing various drops around the world. Expect guns, explosions, sarcasm and wit as well as violence, blood and at times gritty reality of being in the middle of a some pretty violent situations.

* A link to my writing sample
Now, I'm just starting out in writing scripts of any kind and so this is definitely reflected in my writing. Basically I just wanted to keep it simple rather than go overboard with description.

Anyway, check it out, if you have any suggestions, please tell me.

* Contact information.
Please contact me either via MSN ( or e-mail (

* Expectation of the artist.
Essentially I want to work closely with the artist in developing the characters and I expect them to interpret the storyboards as they see fit. I want to structure the script and storyboards to give the artist as much leeway as possible.

* Preferred drawing style.
I'd prefer a western style, much like that of 2000AD but if the artist comes to be presenting a style similar to that of Kenichi Sonada or Masamune Shirow then I'd grab that too with both hands and wouldn't let go!

Anyway, if you want to know me, give me a shout and we can talk business!

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Post by Ocassus »

Hello, I'm an artist seeking a writer, I have the idea, but it needs development of course

* The type of comic is a humoristic one in most of the cases, but I would also like serious scenes sometimes. The name is "Goblin Paradise"
* here are some of the characters that will be the main character Shon: ... ruflow.jpg
Two out of three of his friends Zealot the girl and Mandy the mandragora dude: ... ruflow.jpg
The msn is If you want to know more about the characters.

It normally takes me one day to finish two pages, three if I'm hyper
* For this comic I want my style to be dark and goreish, has someone heard of Roman dirge? Probably like that, but of course following my own artistic style. also I like coloring, gray is boring :[

Thank you for reading! If you're interested please send me a mail or a PM.

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Post by Jaybob81 »

Filled, tyvm all.

See new banner :D
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Looking for a Writer

Post by MinekaC. »

Amazingly, filled. Now to get to work!
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Post by Stucrook »

Hello, everyone.

I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with me on a story-based comic, which will (with any luck) be a long-term project. The plan is that it will appear first as a web comic, but be designed with print in mind, allowing for (self-)publishing at a later date. At this point I must apologise and say that I am unable to pay you up-front for your work; instead I an offering a profit share arrangement.

The story? "Bounded by Infinity" is a science fiction comedy drama in the space opera mould -- the adventures of a ship and its crew -- with a post modern / pop culture feel to it. Further details and the script for the first story can be found at: . As an artist you would probably have to feel comfortable working in the sci-fi genre and drawing its typical components: spaceship, electronic and mechanical gizmos, aliens, and so on.

If you think you might be interested in joining me, my e-mail address is on the website. If you have any questions you can either e-mail me or leave the question in this forum. (And if you aren't an artist but have any advice at all to offer me I'm always glad to hear it.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

-- Stuart Crook

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Murderofraven »

Working title- Pokemon: A Far Cry
A very dark drama/horror webcomic based around the idea of what it might really be like if humans had access to a whole species of powerful, partially sentient, and subservant animals. Comic will focus on a small group of homeless kids in a grungy American city like Chicago or New York.

I'm looking for an artist who can do a gothy version of Pokemon's canon art and is willing to make 1-2 pages a week. Artwork neednot be in full color, I think b&w or limited color could be cool. I'm also very open to collaboration and having an artist who wanted to contribute to the direction of the plot would be just as awesome as somebody who didn't. As for artist expectations I'm going to be pretty easygoing, if I like your stuff than I'd be happy to do scripts/storyboards/anything else you'd like. The one thing on that end I'm going to be a stickler about is character design but even that is certainly negotiable. Finally I'd just like to add a little disclaimer that although PaFC will stay PG-13 (or perhaps to a very limited sense R) artist will have to be open to some controversial themes (ie queer identifying characters, realistic depictions of enslavement of Pokemon, etc)

If you are interested a writing sample (specific to this project) is available upon request or you may find my writings at

Thank you all so much for your time and I really hope that I've gotten some people interested! ^__^ If it worked and you think you fit the criteria I outlined above please feel free to contact me through the forums or at

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Randalgraves20 »

I am presently in development for a slice of life series called Friday Fans. A series about wrestling fans and the wrestling business but portrayed more realistically and with more respect than what modern fiction has made them both to be. I like to think of it having a mix of influence with both Genshiken and Kevin Smith's movies.

It's a radio play but not simply such as a radio play. My goal is to be sort of an animated webcomic. What I mean is that the series will be acted as a radio play but there will be sketches ala comic panel format during the course of the episodes for action/expression/etc.

I want to have the episodes vary in having both a manga and north american look to them and they don't have to have one exact way in either style. I want to see the artists have as much fun as possible and do it in their style they are comfortable with. I all ready have initial designs done for the main characters in both styles but I would like to get as many artists on board for the actual episodes which are 5 for the first season with scripts varing between only 4-10 pages. If anyone has any interest please reply back and if you want to chat, you can contact me by:
AOL- REMGilbert
PM me

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Smelch »

Plot summary

Following an isolated attack on night in 2007, where the victims were messily torn apart, police have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. 6 years later, the police have been forced to hand the case over to a higher authority. The number of casualties is growing exponentially, as are the suspected murderers. Who or whatever is doing it is able to tear open buildings and vehicles to reach the people inside, and once they get their prey, tear them limb from limb.


A small percentage of the victims are never found. Occasionally drops of their blood are found at the site of the attack, or someone sights them far from where they went missing,but generally speaking, they vanish.

The case comes to a startling discovery, when a young couple are attacked one night. Despite horrific injuries, they manage to kill one of the murderers. What the police find is a creature out of fantasy. Werewolves.

Now time is running out, the contagion that causes lycanthropy only strikes a small percentage of the victims, but each new werewolf means another potential batch of victims. Even with each werewolf only infecting a single person each year, within 20 years, there would be over a million of them, with a combined deathtoll of over 209 million. They have to be stopped, and so far, the only clue to their weaknesses are the young couple now in intensive care.

And they are being hunted.

Writing sample

There is a writing sample here:
It is still only a second draft, so may have the odd error in it.

Artists duties

The artist I am looking for should be able to handle the style required for the comic, and be willing to give feedback and help work on ideas to forward the plot and story as a whole. I'm not asking you to do everything, I just find it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of, as well as give back an interpretation of what they'd like to see as content, rather than just the writer defining the whole thing.

Drawing Style

I am open to various interpretations or styles for the comic. What I think would work best with the material is mostly non-coloured strips, with occasional colouring to emphasize things such as scents when seen from the werewolfs perspective. A semi-realistic style is preferred, but it'll all really boil down to what looks best. I am proficient in Photoshop, so if the artist is uncomfortable using colours, I can do that myself before uploading. On the same tack, if the artist really wants to, they can colour. Either suits me.

Long Term Goals

This job will be mostly unpaid, though anything that is made out of it will be split. The plan is to have all strips in A4 format, at print resolution, but reduced for use online, keeping a hold of the full-sized originals allows for potential printing at a later date, if the need arises.

Contact Info

Either give me a shout on MSN - killa2k77[at]hotmail[dot]com or email me at teampirate[at]gmail[dot]com


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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Q_Slash »

I'm the writer and creator of the webcomic My previous artist no longer has time for the project and I'm looking for a new artist. The old artist left mid-issue, so I would ask the new artist to re-draw issue 2, but we would leave issue 1 as is.

Plot summary
In the middle of the day, a tribe of Orcs attack the village of Lacuna, a town of peace. They slaughter everyone, except a young girl elf named ShadowWolf. Suffering from he trauma of that night, ShadowWolf, now filly grown, hunts and is hunted by orcs. Along the way she picks up allies just as morally questionable as she is.

Writing sample
(SCENE: SHADOWWOLF walks with her full grown, black wolf XANTHER, into a village. It's busy and bustling, fairly advanced technology wise. SHADOWWOLF makes her way through the crowds, ignoring panhandlers and grifters. In the center of the marketplace their is a towering fountain, around which children play. Some sword fight with sticks, some have hula hoops that they chase, and some play kickball. There's even a game of Tug-o-war going on.)

(XANTHER by the way, has some saddle packs and a soft saddle.)

(SHADOWWOLF heads to a fruit stand that's covered with an awning. She inspects the goods, and selects a small melon and some apples. She then grabs up a jar of preserves, and a sack of dried fruits. SHADOWWOLF pays the tender, puts the goods in XANTHER's packs and heads off into the streets. She passes a tavern.)

SHADOWWOLF: (Thinking as she walks past the tavern, down the road and out of town.) I should sleep.


SHADOWWOLF: No. I should keep moving. I'm going to keep moving. I can move slow. Steady. Just don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop.

XANTHER: You're being redundant. You're losing focus.

SHADOWWOLF: The next town will have a bed, and a nice cool drink.

(They exit the town, in the distance are several shadowy, mounted figures. ORCs.)

CAPTION: Time passes.
Artists duties
The artist will be required to read the script, which is on a friends locked Livejournal for convinces sake. Then they would sketch out the page, with the panels and a space for the word bubbles and send it to me. If I have some suggestions, I will tell you and maybe they could be implemented. Once the page is OK'd, then you can draw and ink it. Please scan it at 300DPI, then send it to me for word bubbling, and polishing.

Also, you may put the unlettered pages in your art gallery/DevArt/personal portfolio.

If you happen to be going to a con, I also ask that you advertise the comic.

Drawing Style
The firs issue and a half can be found at if you wish to try to emulate the style, you may. Or you can use your own style. I'd rather have a more western comic book feel, no anime. Generally I'd like it be black and white with pencil and ink for tones and shadows.

Long Term Goals
I do have a mind to publish EL eventually, but not for a while. If that time comes, the artist and I will work out a fair deal.

Contact Info
If you're interested, please send me a sample of your work to elvenlacryment AT gmail DOT com. You can also aim me at AnarchicQ or MSN at Q_Slash at hotmail dot com

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Leko »

Thespiphobia's been going for two years or so now and is currently defunct because I got tired of drawing it.

People kept bitching at me though, so I'm now looking for an artist to draw it for me so I can start it back up and shut up the moaners XD

Link's in my signature. I'm looking for an artist who
A) wants to draw a comic;
B) doesn't mind being told what and what not to draw;
C) is willing to do this regularly on an indefinite schedule, and
D) can draw Tito Marcas' hair properly. (Not as easy as it sounds. Trust me.)

Thespiphobia is a comic about the secret lives of theatrical technicians. I, the writer, am a genius. DO NOT DOUBT ME.

I'd be handling all the technical shit like updates and uploads and stuff, and I'd provide detailed scripts with an occasional storyboard if I figured it was warranted. I'd like to keep to more than one update a week. Thesp started at daily (7x); when it died it was supposed to be on a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday schedule but didn't really keep to that.

Color versus black and white doesn't matter to me; color is an order of magnitude more obnoxious to deal with, but you'll be doing all the work, so I don't care XD Style also doesn't matter to me except that I hate manga a lot. Also facial expression is important; I do sight gags a lot.

Email me (, PM me, send me a link to a sample of your work, whatever, I don't care. I'm putting a deadline of June 13th on this. Gimme yo' stuffs.
Thespiphobia: (n) An irrational fear of actors.
From Greek: thespian (actor), phobos (fear).
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Wendybird »

Edit: I changed my mind. I like coloring now.

I am a writer and artist possibly looking for a colorist.

Currently I do everything from script to color, and I've learned a lot about the coloring process, but I've also learned I can be very lazy about it. I wouldn't mind continuing but I thought I'd put the question out there in case anyone wants to try. Link to my comic is in my sig.

Possible negatives: I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate characters into backgrounds, so some of my backgrounds are ambiguous. I'm kind of possessive of my characters and it's quite likely I'll criticize your work at some point. Your work won't appear until October (or however far back into my buffer you can rework if you want).

Possible perks: I'll let you read the next four months' worth of comics. You can work whenever you want, there's no time pressure as long as you can keep up an average of two pages a week.

PM or email at
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Loganrapp »

Found an artist; will be posting for colorist soon
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Forbiddenpanel »


I have a comic company that I started with my friends about 5 years ago. We have a lot of stories that we want to get out there and are looking for some artists. We already have 1 webcomic out there at called M.A.I.D.s. About contract assassin cleaning ladies. Now we are looking for some artists for our 4 Graphic Novel stories as well as 2 other webcomics (possibly more). We don't care about style we just want it to be done. We also do podcasts. If you are interested please pm me.

On a side note we are going to the San Diego Comic Con this year to promote and geek out. Next year we will be having a booth to showcase not only our comics but our own individual work as well.

Again, if interested please PM me. If, for anything, to at least geek out with someone.

In the meantime feel free to visit our home site of to see our webcomic and podcasts and script ideas. Hopefully the site will be working that week.

We have had many people interested but they all disappear or get self conscious about their artwork. Please, don't let that happen here.


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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Elixir95 »

Looking for an artist for an Image Comics submission project (another one). This one is about a drunk cop, who's clinically depressed and believes he has cancer. He has the ability to shoot powerful golden energy waves like this and is able to disintegrate matter in bright golden light like this. He later finds out that its not cancer, and e might be an alien who is in disguise and is ready to destroy Earth. Expecting about six pages for of interior art and a cover, as well as character designs for submission. Unfortunately, I can't offer any money at the moment, but if the idea is picked up, a percentage of the money earned would go to you.

E-mail me at if your interested (and if you need more information). I have so many ideas wrapped up inside my head and this is just one of them, so if you want to know about some of the others, e-mail me!

Below is a script for another idea of mine that is currently being pencilled:


PANEL ONE taking up most of the page.


Big panel, biggest on page, takes up about 1/3 of the page. Zoom in on a big, green mountain side (something like this: ... lley_2.jpg, except with a lot more trees, and it needs to be zoomed in closer). Maybe have a bird fly by.


Smaller panel, about a quarter of the size of the previous, but over laying it, down in the bottom right-hand corner. Zoom in even closer on the mountain so we can see a little opening, and opening of a cave.


SCIENTIST [OP]: We’r…. We’re trying sir. Ther-- There has been a power cut.


Takes up the remaining space at the bottom of the page (with the previous panel over lapping its top right hand corner). From a side angle, where we can only see from the stomach up, this panel concentrates on two men: a old, grey haired scientist in a white laboratory coat (something like, and a younger, darker-toned, taller military man (wearing a green military uniform with a hat) who’s standing behind him. The scientist is leaning over a control board in front of the two, while the military man is standing straight. You can also see in front of the part of a metal sphere (and remember, they’re inside the cave).


SCIENTIST: I’m—I’m going a—As fast as I can.


Three panels that are the length of the page that should be divided equally, with smaller box panels on the bottom of each panel.


Looking at the two men face on now. They’re faces are expressing fear.


The box panel on the bottom of the previous panel. All that’s visible is a metal sphere, with a small amount of purple energy leaking from the middle of it.


Panel same as panel one. The men have now turned to face the exit (the opening of the cave) and have began running.


Exactly the same as panel two, only now a lot more purple energy is visible and the sphere is beginning to rip.



The men look back as they here the noise. The exit is drawing near.


The sphere is pouring out the purple energy and the sphere has ripped. We can see a bright purple light shining within.


Splash page – Big panel filling both pages.


Looking at the scene from the side. Full view of the cave. The sphere that was there has now disappeared, and all that remains is a platform. The metal that composed the sphere are lying in ruins around the platform, and the control panel that the two men were standing over has been torn out of place. The two men are lying face down flat on the floor, with their hands on the backs of their heads. Floating above the metal platform is a young beautiful girl with long black hair, wearing jeans, a purple top of sorts and a white denim jacket. She’s floating because of telekinesis, so feel free to throw an outline of purple energy around her!



Panel one takes up half the page.


Looking at the exit from behind the girl. Can see half of the back of her body. The two men are now clambering to their feet.


Small box panel. From behind, we can see the scientist scream as he’s hit by the purple energy.




Small rectangular panel, although bigger than the previous. Outside the cave, and the scientist has been knocked off of the edge of the cliff, and is falling to his death.



Panel the width of the page. The military man is crawling backwards on the floor. Still looking from behind like panel one, but a bit more of the girl’s back is visible.


Big one page panel.


Looking from behind the man, so we’re looking directly at the girl and inside of the cage, while we are unable to view the front of the military man. The girl is now strangling the man telekinetically, while holding him over the edge of the cliff. Lots of purple energy being released from the girl, perhaps even visible around the man’s neck.

CAPTION BOX (PURPLE): I’m Katrina Davies.

CAPTION BOX (PURPLE(OVERLAPPING THE CORNER OF THE PREVIOUS SLIGHTLY): I’m a telekinetic and a telepath. And I was a member of a superhero team.

KATRINA: Where are my friends?

CAPTION BOX (PURPLE): And for some reason, we were locked up.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by LibertyCabbage »

Some of you may remember that awhile ago I put together a collaborative comic with some forumites that was fun to do but wasn't very popular nor very good (largely due to my clumsy attempt at writing the thing). Well, I'm back at it again, teaming up with Slitwrist Studio ( ) to do another collab project I've had rolling around the back of my mind for a while.

This project, as I've conceived it, will be a continuous collection of short comics, ranging from one to ten pages in length each, that will be published in groups as a monthly update (sort of like a web magazine). Each monthly update will feature about five shorts, give-or-take depending on the lengths of the submissions.

What we're looking for are:

- writers to submit comics scripts in length ranging from a minimum of one page to a maximum of ten pages.
- artists willing to contribute their skills towards making the comics, whether it be in pencils, inks, colors, lettering, or any combination of the above.

I'll be serving as editor for the project, selecting the best scripts and artists in order to ensure a high level of quality, and I'll be working with Slitwrist to scrounge the Web for interested talent.

Some details:

- There is no limit or restriction on content or style of the comics as long as it's tastefully done. Be creative!
- There is no restriction to size or format of the pages.
- All contributors will get full credit and ownership of their work, as well as having links to their personal site displayed to help promote their other work.
- Unfortunately, there are no plans at this time to give payment for any contributions. However, this project might help you get exposure and experience as well as feedback to help you improve your skills. Also, you'll be able to make good comics and express yourself without the hassle of having to look for others to work with.
- Keep in mind that to ensure quality of content, not all contributors will be accepted. However, I will try to give helpful feedback to anyone who's not accepted.
- Artists will be given a script or choice of scripts to work on. However, if they don't want to work on the script/s they can turn them down and wait for something they like better to come along. Also, artists can specify certain kinds of genres/styles they'd prefer to work with as well as a general comic length they prefer to work with.
- Artists can draw their own scripts, although it's recommended that they submit the script for approval before drawing it.
- We're looking for new content created exclusively for this project. So, we prefer that you don't submit anything that's already been published in print or on the Web.
- As editor, I'll be proofreading the scripts for changes to spelling and grammar, although no changes will be made without the writer's permission.
- I will likely be contributing scripts and/or artwork at some point.
- You can send in as many scripts as you want as long as none of them are any longer than ten pages. Also, artists can apply to work on multiple comics if they wish to.
- If I think of anything else, I'll add it to this list!

If you're interested in contributing, please send your submission (or any questions) to :

Writers - Send a one-to-ten page script that contains the name you'd like to be credited as, an e-mail address for me to contacted you with, and a personal website you'd like to promote (if applicable).

Artists - Send some examples of your work or a link to an online portfolio. Examples of previous comic work a plus! Also, specify what area/s of artwork you'd like to contribute (pencils, inks, colors, lettering, or all of the above).

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon!
"Seems like the only comics that would be good to this person are super action crazy lines, mega poses!"

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Joel Fagin »

A few years ago I started a webcomic based on a novel I wrote. I got to about thirty pages (you can read them starting here) but I was just not fast enough at drawing to be able to keep up with it, not if I wanted to continue my writing as well. Now I've decided that the story's too much fun to leave lying around and thought I'd see if I couldn't get some artistic help on it.

So, then...

Meet Cher Desilva, a young girl who will steal your heart.

And purse.

Also, loose money, jewelry, any neat gadgets...

...Pretty much anything she likes, really.

In an automated techtopia of the future, Cher Desilva (she chose the name herself) has taken it upon herself to punish the government department that created their perfect society. She'd be a gentleman theif if she was a gentleman - and, you know, if she wasn't niave, arrogant, inexperienced and untrained. Against the Enforcment Agencies, Automatia's robots and the AI network she should only last a couple of days, but...

She's fast. She's faster than anyone. Always has been. Faster than the girls, faster than the boys, faster even than any adults. She's young, with all the energy in the world, and with limbs that do anything she wants. She can dance on a dime and sprint like a cat. When she runs, there is no one who can touch her, no power that can stop her.

She can run like the wind.


- Joel Fagin (

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by ZippyDSMlee »

LFAA(looking for an artist)

all the info is here ... 1#p1475931

mod locked it and directed me here, I am not looking for comic work but to have some characters drawn on commission.

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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Reluctantlychad »

I'm looking for an artist to help with one project I want to try to shop around, hopefully as a full submission but possibly just as a portfolio piece both of us can use. I'm just hoping to work with someone who can do pencils and inks.

The title is "Shaw Tener: Reality Repair." Basically it takes place in a Marvel/DC-esque universe, filled to the brim with superheroes, apocalyptic crises every other week, Lovecraftian demons, and so on. The premise is that Shaw Tener is one of many paid, trained professionals who handle such ugly problems who aren't superheroes. Shaw actually isn't all that good at his job, but he's very ambitious and more than slightly unethical. The series picks up just when he's hired a once famous but now disgraced super, someone who actually throws himself into bizarre situation because he feels a moral obligation, a concept totally alien to his boss. I'm not sure how to describe "Shaw Tener" genre-wise, but I will say that it will be the sort of homage/parody one sees in "The Venture Bros." but perhaps with less of a comedic edge.

I've written a script that's roughly 70 pages, which I think can be broken down into three 22-page issues. I have the first "issue" here:

As for styles, I don't really have any requirements. I think the script calls for a "traditional" approach, but I'm willing to be flexible as long as the style clearly conveys action scenes as well as scenes that involve multiple characters interacting.

I believe that's it. It probably goes without saying, but I can't offer any pay or even any definite prospects. All I can gaurantee that I am very serious about trying to get my foot in the door in the industry and will be committed to any project. Also I have had a script drawn and published in the past, so I do have a little (but admittedly not much) experience.

If you're interested, e-mail me at csdenton AT gmail . com with several samples.



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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Beandip »

Hi! I'm looking for a writer to help me on my webcomics! and . You can chat with me on AIM , MSN or Yahoo! Any story will apply, I just need something to get the comic going.

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