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Postby John T on Wed Jul 12, 2000 3:31 am

Not bad work. Hard to judge off only two comics, but I've got two comments anyway - 1) nice art style. Looks pretty sharp. 2) Tilted comics annoy me. A minor gripe, I know, but it's not too hard to scan straight... Otherwise, you're off to a nice start.<P>------------------
John Troutman
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Postby Jillian Poisson on Wed Jul 12, 2000 6:15 am

Hey People, Hows it going? I've been looking at a lot of peeps sites, pretty kewl. I'm pretty new at all this so my site is going up pretty slow. Anywhom, I proud to say I finally got my comic strips up. Now for the shameless promotions part: <A HREF="http://wordsofwizdum.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>http://wordsofwizdum.keenspace.com</A><P>Tell me what you think, about the art work, not the site I know that sucks.<P>
Jill Poisson
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Postby Jesse Brack on Wed Jul 12, 2000 10:16 am

I like it, your art form has a nice original style. My only complaint would be that the strip is slightly crooked, but that is only a minor thing.<P>------------------
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Postby Burntdog on Mon Jul 17, 2000 4:51 am

Good stuff although never say Whazzup again. Or the pimp cows shall descend on your door - they know where you live.<P>And John T - have you posted on like every KeenSpace thread? Drop by my forum already!!!!!<P>------------------
r s tanner
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