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(KeenArena) How About Some "Friendly" Sparring?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:59 am
by VileTerror
Shamelessly "appropriated" from rkolter's good old KeenArena idea, I would like to present to those of you here on the Keenspace forums an opportunity to engage in a little bloodsport. For entertainment's sake, of course.

For those unfamiliar, many moons ago rkolter hosted a little event where 32 Keenspacers pitted their creations in a series of fights to the death(-and-resurrection). Using a "sophisticated" series of equations and some randomization to keep things interesting, rkolter determined the mechanical aspect of the battles numerically, and then proceeded to describe (in a rather comedic manner) how the battle played out. I could say that I want to do the same thing in his honour, but I honestly have no idea about rkolter's whereabouts or status or whathaveyou'ery.

How to Participate:
If you want in on the action, please fill out the following information. You may apply to have up to two entries.

Name & Description
- what shall we call the character you are entering in to the tournament?
- an illustrated image of your character's appearance would be ideal, but descriptive words can be effective too.
- extending the description to include personality and motivation may also help avoid any awkward character breaks from occurring during the battle reports.

Nature of Attack
- choose one of: Physical, Mental, Technical, Magical, or Esoteric. This represents the thematic form of your character's attacks.
- please also provide a description of your attack. ie: Is it an oversized hammer? Telepathic powers with a slight purplish-pink glow? An antique ray-gun? A broomstick with nails stuck through it? Cthulhu? These descriptions will help in fleshing out the battle reports.

- choose one of: Physical, Mental, Technical, Magical, or Esoteric. If you are paired up against an opponent who uses a Nature of Attack of the same category as your Affinity, then you will receive a slight numeric advantage in your odds of surviving such attacks.

- choose one of*: Physical, Mental, Technical, Magical, or Esoteric (*can not choose the same type as your Affinity). If you're paired up with an opponent who using a Nature of Attack category which you are weak against, then they will gain a slight numeric advantage to their attacks.

Assign Points to Statistics
* there are four statistics for this tournament's battle system: Power, Accuracy, Defense, Resistance
Power affects raw damage
Accuracy determines likelihood of hitting your target
Defense counters Accuracy improving one's odds of avoiding attacks
Resistance grants a reduction to incoming damage
* additionally, the difference between Power and Resistance determines both a character's bonus damage scaling (higher if their Power is higher than Resistance) or their hit point modifier (higher if their Resistance is higher than Power). Accuracy and Defense combined determine your Initiative.
- you have 25 points to spend between the four statistics. A value can not drop below 0.

and that's all you need to worry about . . . for now.

After I have some entries, I will randomly assign the tournament roster. Three battles will take place at each level on the tournament, with those who have won 3 or 2 matches moving on to the next level.
Note: Winning a battle will also award you a small increase to your statistics for future battles.
If insufficient characters are put in to the running, additional slots in the arena will be filled with non-player "Mooks." The mooks will have lower statistics than player-characters, and even if they win battles, they will not advance in to the Finals. Players' characters will always receive preferential treatment to advance in the tournament, even if they lose against mooks. However, the player-characters who lose against mooks will not receive bonus statistics for losing matches.

I don't have a precise timeline in mind for this, but depending on player participation things could speed up or slow down accordingly.

Want a small advantage in your battles? Then contribute some drawings of the KeenArena events (battles, prep, audience, etc.). I won't judge based on quality since we all have different skill levels and different amounts of time we can dedicate to art, but a single-panel drawing with obvious KeenArena content will net a player a small, temporary bonus in their next battle. A comic with between three to seven panels focusing on KeenArena content will provide a larger, temporary bonus. An eight panel (or longer) comic will provide a moderate short-term bonus AND a permanent small bonus. This permanent bonus can only be collected up to three times with separate comics.

I can not provide any warranty that I will utilize your character(s) in a fashion which you consider "in character" or consistent with their respective canon. I will do my best if you give me information to work off of, but can't guarantee anything of that nature. To that end, I recommend you don't tender to this tournament any character which you feel particularly attached to.

I look forward to your participation!

Re: (KeenArena) How About Some "Friendly" Sparring?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:13 pm
by Aeridus
Kumamushi - A winged merperson who lives in an aquatic birdcage. Friendly, will exchange cookies for cuddles. However, Kumamushi will defend close family and friends to the death.

Nature of Attack:
Technical - Releasing waves of techno music. Side effects may include: deafness, knockdown, and the urge to dance.

Esoteric - Specializing in the study of rare creatures.

Physical - Not the face!

Statistics (total of 25 points):
Power: 8
Accuracy: 10
Defense: 4
Resistance: 3

I finally checked my private messages.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:09 am
by Cope
Hellebore. Her personality and motivation both involve the joyous love of battle

Nature of attack: Physical. She likes swords

Affinity: Physical

Weakness: Magical

Power +10
Accuracy +7

A few more people need to check those Private Messages.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:17 am
by VileTerror
Looking nice, Cope! That'll be worth a bonus on your first battle, too!

Also, thanks for joining, Aeridus! Looks like Cope's battle maiden has the classifications to make your fish-person have an unpleasant experience. Might be an ideal opportunity to craft another contestant with Magical abilities!
(Just a gentle reminder, everyone may set forth up to two contestants.)

My magical characters tend to be OP, so have a gun girl

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:00 pm
by Cope
VileTerror wrote:(Just a gentle reminder, everyone may set forth up to two contestants.)



Name: Samantha Hart. She's grumpy and pessimistic.

Nature of attack: Technical. She has a gun.

Affinity: Technical

Weakness: Mental

Power +6
Accuracy +11
Defense +6
Resistance +2