Happy Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day

Postby RobboAKAscooby on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:57 pm

Inspired by Cuddly's epic effort for the New Years swap I decided to do an akaScoobyverse Australia Day Party.

Starting on the veranda.
Thunda having a beer and chatting with Seth. Doc has had a few too many already and Miss Campbell is rolling her eyes thinking (not for the first time) that her boyfriend is a light weight. Dawn is asking B about his touring days but all he wants to do is sneak out for a smoke.

In the backyard.
International (and interplanetary) rockstars, Alexis and Reine are doing what they do best, playing with cute animals, in this case Dusk the sheepdog. Ash is in charge of the barbie, swapping stories with Westley while Hunter tries to sneak some food.

On the Beach.
Standing up, Crystal has noticed the guys (Kai, Eric, Brad and Snow) are scoping them out and is like "Oh my...". Naomi is looking around hoping that Eric might be looking at her but he's not. Miss Masters is quite tipsy and making an inappropriate comment while Fyre encourages her.

In the water.
The teens were playing with a beachball until Storm noticed Cara and Nol have decided on their own "playtime" so Wind and Aiyce are cheering Harli on to throw the ball at them.

Happy Australia Day
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Re: Happy Australia Day

Postby VeryCuddlyCornpone on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:49 pm

Aw, sweet! Glad I could be a source of inspiration for such a big plate of work!

Australia forever looks to me like a Pit Bull.
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