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Grey Seal

Postby GreySeal on Thu May 10, 2012 9:31 am

Grey Seal

TREVOR has it all - looks, brains, girls and all the toys a man would want. He even has an exciting career as a Navy Seal. Life couldn’t be better. Then he wakes up.

Trevor is confined to a wheelchair, living on a war-vet pension in an apartment above a smelly Chinese produce store. Trevor drinks to escape his real existence until he’s back asleep, dreaming fragments of his mission.

He dreams of his last covert operation – the heavily guarded mysterious sphere he had to retrieve from a castle in Hong Kong. Except his Commanding Officer, COLONEL WAGNER, tells Trevor that he was never in Hong Kong. In his records it says that insurgents in Kabul shot and wounded him. But even though Trevor has little or no memory of the past six months, he knows and feels certain details about his last mission. Including the presence of JACK, the Black Masked man who shot him – in Hong Kong.

Since his injury Trevor has shut himself off from the world. He is angry and resentful. MING, a Chinese prostitute and Trevor’s neighbor, becomes his only friend and confidant. Although he falls in love with her, Trevor resists Ming’s growing affection for him, fearing he has nothing to offer anymore.

The Book

In each chapter Trevor’s pursuit is to remember his mission and how he was injured. But most importantly he needs to find the sphere. It holds the key to what’s happening to him. The quest however leads him on a journey that offers more questions than answers, while proving to Trevor that he is on the right path. The mysterious TWELVE aids Trevor and Ming often in surprising ways. To stay alive and one step ahead of Col. Wagner, Trevor must evade Jack. And of course, in each chapter Trevor and Ming come close to taking their friendship further, but for various internal or external interferences they remain only friends. Trevor needs to find the sphere, as it is the key to whatever is going on with, and around him.

About the Team

My name is Nastasha Baron and I'm the creator of Grey Seal. I have always been fascinated by alternate evolutionary theories and have read many books on the subject. I like the possibility that there is a more deliberate purpose to our existance.

Santiago Calle and Juan Calle are the key people behind the look and feel of Grey Seal. Luis Suarez, Diego Rojas, Rodolfo Leon and Andres Penagos comprise their small team of illustrators who are responsible for coloring the panels.

I would also like to thank John Sereda, John Kerti and David Diplock for helping me work through the story. Their input and patience was very valuable to the process.

How Your Money Helps Us

The book has five chapters of which two are complete. We are raising money to finish the remaining chapters of the book. Our team has worked on this project at nights, weekends and in between our 'day jobs'. The layout and most of the inks are finished. Your donation will fund the rest of the inks and all the color processes.

With each donation we will get one step closer to completion. We will finish this book, but with your help we can finish it sooner and make it better.

Other Ways You Can Help

Grey Seal was visualized as a Transmedia project. This book is just the beginning. You can help by getting out the word to as many people as you can about it. Kindly tweet, or post on Facebook or on your blogsite about it.

Thank you for your time and for your support.
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Re: Grey Seal

Postby Phact0rri on Thu May 10, 2012 12:27 pm

Solicitations have to be approved by Admins. At the very least you could have posted something to introduce yourself before you ask for money.
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Re: Grey Seal

Postby Laemkral on Thu May 10, 2012 3:18 pm

Also, there are no Colonels in the Navy. Equivalent rank is Captain. And it's SEAL because it's an acronym for SEa Air Land. Do the research, kthnxbai.
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