I return with a question.

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I return with a question.

Postby [AlmightyPyro] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:28 pm

First of all, what's up CG? Long time no see.

Secondly, I have a question. Or rather, I have an idea that I'd like to present to y'all for feed back. I know that a lot of you CG cats enjoy creative writing and/or role playing and given the amount of jams we used to have here, I figured this would be the place to pitch my idea. I also trust all of your opinions more than other boards simply because I used to spend so much time here, so here it goes.

I would like to start a creative writing/RP forum in which the members collaborate to create a fantasy world. That is to say, rather than having a forum where the users all contribute (via role play, short stories, or other media) to a specific theme or genre, (Generic fantasy, steam punk, vampires, etc.) or to an already established story line or universe, (ie. Star Wars, D&D, LotR, etc.) the users instead are responsible for the world creation as well as the content which populates it. (Much like the cannon of Comic Genesis which came about through our jams, stories, and forum interaction.)

Obviously to achieve such a feat, the initialization of said community would have to be regulated and planned ahead of time to ensure that it will eventually stand on its own and doesn't immediately fall apart. For this, I think that a group of interested people would have to be recruited to initialize the world; creation deciding basic rules, physical laws, and the beginning lore of the world, maybe by creating an origin story through a collaborative short story or role play perhaps? But then after that, start recruiting other users to join in and eventually get it to a point where the system starts to drive it self.

This is an extremely basic explanation of my idea, but do y'all think that it's something that could work, or more appropriately, be worth starting, and if so are any of you interested in exploring this idea with me? Or is it something too complex to try orchestrating without in turn ruining the point of it? Either way, let me know your thoughts. If anything I just wanted to put the idea out there so I can let other people think about it while I actually do the work I'm suppose to be doing. Also, if this is something that already exists, disregard my rambles.

Sorry for the long post, continue with your day.
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Re: I return with a question.

Postby Risky on Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:27 pm

it's been done successfully before, you should go for it.
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