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Postby K-Dawg on Wed Aug 01, 2001 1:27 am

Remember me?
Heh good to see you decided to do the comic after all. Not sure if I told you but those first couple comics you did looked really amazing.

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some say it's bombastic
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On Hiatus for a little bit.<P><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>Fish & Worm</A>
Read it because it's back from hiatus, and needs time to grow once more.<P>One last thing....GARRY VALK!!! that is all.
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Postby Stinkywigfiddle on Sun Aug 05, 2001 3:00 am

Hiya. Been waiting for you to get a message board. I like message boards.<P>So... uh...<P>erm...<P>yeah.<P>Good comic and stuff.
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