Hey! Wait a minute! 10/24

Postby Stinkywigfiddle on Wed Oct 24, 2001 12:49 am

I've seen that comic before. I don't think the background was colored though.
It's still funny.<P>------------------
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Postby Spartacus on Wed Oct 24, 2001 7:42 am

Yes, you are correct sir. There will be reruns of old Squatters 'til next Tuesday, then three new episodes with the boys starting on Wednesday. Then, the week after that, Tinky's Big Day, twelve episodes, three days a week for four weeks. It's turning out beautiful. I'm about halfway done, and all I can say is: prepare to be amazed! Of course, V.N.D. is still the best, but Tinky is for my wife, and will always be special. Gee, that sounds kinda' sick, don't it.<P>------------------
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