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Postby Ollie on Fri Dec 14, 2001 4:43 am

he'll be as big as a cat.<P>think 'whale-shark' or 'elephant-seal' while they're actually sharks and seals, they're as big as whales and elephants, first bit of their names...<P>thought too much about that, didn't I...<P>(i thought i could carry my Keenspot account over here, doesn't seem that way tho <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/frown.gif"> )<P>ollie.<p>[This message has been edited by ollie (edited 12-14-2001).]
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Postby MikeLeffel on Fri Dec 14, 2001 11:25 am

CatWhale has special attacks, and is a valuable member of any rescue operation. Did you know that CatWhales saved thousands in New York?<P>Mike "Not during WTC Disaster, but during that hellish Cauliflower Crumbs Falling From The Moon disaster. It was the late '80s" Leffel
--all the CatWhales had 'metal' hair. They looked like girls, but got the chicks.<P>------------------
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Postby Howie on Fri Dec 14, 2001 12:28 pm

Hopefully the Cat Whale is really big. Then he could sit on the hunter, or something.<P><P>------------------
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Postby TheGreatElBobo on Sat Dec 15, 2001 8:36 am

Do you think anyone masturbates to WTC footage?<P>I think it's also safe to say that all swingers are really ugly. No wonder they don't go who they sleep with.
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Postby DreamSerpent on Tue Jan 08, 2002 8:41 am

i must say that the "now i will get no pie" was beautiful, mike...<P>i mean seriously, sometimes i think you are comic genious.<P>most of the time though i realize you are actually mad scientist though. or maybe its mad cosmologist. i forget.
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