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I live again! United States of Hysteria does not.
Yes, I have been forced to give up USH. First there was the lack of internet. Then there was the lack of computer. Once I finally got my new computer, I never got around to starting the strip again. In short, I haven't even drawn a USH character since my first computer was sent away. However, I'm not done with cartooning for good.<P>Within the next few weeks, I'm going to try getting myself back on the web with a new comic, titled Anthropomorphia. This comic features man v. beast, beast v. beast and man & beast v. god knows what. I have already been writing out the plot, but the character design is taking a bit of time. I think I'm starting to move towards a simpler artform so that it takes less time to make the strips. If I try for high quality, the end result will be much like United States of Hysteria...A whole lot of nothing.<P>Anyway, stay tuned...Anthropomorphia will come soon.

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