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Postby Bobscott on Tue Dec 04, 2001 12:34 pm

Well, no real magic involved, just a disappearing act. I know I'd kinda been missing in action for a while a few weeks back, and it would appear that the same will occur again (should my willpower allow me to focus my mind on non-netly matters). There may be new strips for E-DNA or PA, should I be afforded a chance upon stumbling upon one idea or another, but probably won't be posting to the boards again until after Christmas.<P>Here's a list of "do"s and "don't"s:<P>DO: Expect a Scruffy Jones song posted before Christmas. Due to Windows XP upgrade, all go wacky (I didn't really WANT to upgrade, but it sorta just HAPPENED, and now I have the upgrade baby and have to nurture and take care of it like it's my very own... Something tells me I'll just format my drive C: one of these days and go back to Win 98, where I can at least RUN the programs I use!), but I believe that I can have the song compiled (lyrics willing... Otherwise, it's gonna be a short song!) shortly.<P>DON'T: Expect to see me posting all over the place. Chances are I won't have the chance to frequent much of any web sites. My problem with making a commitment to toning down my Web time is that I'll be missing out on news. Now, I watch the Newshour everyday, but even they don't say half of the things I find at places like or And to skip reading Tom the Dancing Bug and Tom Tomorrow and everything else which presents a fresh perspective (including many of the message board posts I come across) is gonna be a tough goal to stick to. I like to be informed.<P>But no more, for the time being...<P>DO: Expect me to not be around.<P>DON'T: Expect me to be around.<P>Ok, this list of DOs and DON'Ts wasn't a good idea... I'm loathe to seem like I'm abandoning the boards, because I know that's what it looks like when I'm gone for extended periods of time. But for my life to progress at all in the next year, I've really gotta shift my focus, and that's what I'm saying here that I intend to do. Whether I follow through or not is another story.<P>Bob "See you in church!" Scott
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