Still not dead!

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Still not dead!

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Well, wherein I could have been making new Eagle-DNA episodes all weekend long, I've been not making new Eagle-DNA episodes all weekend long. And instead of updating the site, I'm posting a message on the message board which isn't actually officially the E-DNA message board in the first place. And it's the wee hours of the day after the day after Christmas, with the bills to the ceiling and the flour pouring from the flourbag of dreams and there's like a sock monkey somehow involved in all of this.

And then I only saw It's A Wonderful Life ONE time this year. WOE TO THE WOEFUL. BEHEMOTH TO THE BEHEMOTHFUL.

I really have no point, and am actually not wallowing in the pits of self-pity, but more or less rambling on in general about nothing in particular, especially insofar as most of what I've just typed is completely inane nannerings that little reflect reality. Perhaps next weekend, or even some weeknight this week before the new year, I will successfully manage to create something new for the site.

I wanted for there to be a new musical number or two, but that's probably backburnered for a bit, at least until I can piece together some semblance of an ability to hit the keys on my piano in an orderly fashion.

But hey, I hope everyone's holidays are going well, and I appreciate the reading of this by those who are reading it, and the support of what must seem a site in it's twilight, or perhaps even in the very maw of death itself, inherent in such reading.

And there will be a book at some point, not of Eagle-DNA stuff, but with an appearance by both Eagle AND DNA, so that's something. And DNA is AND backwards, so that's also something. Placing them back to back, it may astound an unwary audience. Try it at your next big presentation! Also, appearances by some of Mike Leffel's Owlie! characters. The book is about George W. Bush and the mess America finds itself in because of him.

Check it out on, won't you?

SO, with that, I bid you all adieu, and fond Holiday wishes and all that jazz. I will seriously make an effort to get SOMETHING updated this week, so stay tuned, won't you?

Bob "My holiday was Chinese food and Halo 2 for several hours, mixed into a medley which was at once delicious and I never want to play Halo 2 again. Both of those." Scott

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Presicent Ass and First Lady Buns should totally get together for some illicit nookie.
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