Hey Everyone!

Postby UnangBangkay on Wed Sep 26, 2001 6:41 am

Hi Everyone!
I've just moved onto the board, and I'll be posting all announcements on this here thing.<P>If you've been on the old board, the ezboard thingy, you'll remember that it was constructed much like that of MT, and other sites, however, I'm not really good at this kinda thing (lazy) and requiring everyone to register was a pain. So, I moved to keenspace, since the majority of online comics are here, and most readers are likely to be registered here already.<P>Just a few forum rules to smooth everything out:<P>1. Flamewars shouldn't leave the origin thread. New threads about flamewars clutter up the space that others might want to clutter with other, less destructive topics.<P>2. Discuss anything you like, so long as it won't implicate ME. Not that you care.<P>3. In relation to #2, the primary field is plot discussion, tech support, and other things, but that's just for form's sake.<P>4. Sometimes I can't directly participate in all discussions, or attend to all your requests and comments, if any, so add a little tag to posts directed to me or intended for my input, like plot suggestions, insults, praise, etc. The tag should be in your topic title, and looks like this:<P>[Topic Title]<UB><P>Think of it as a "priority flag" that helps me notice your post sooner.<P>Now that that's done, you can begin discussing whatever you like! <P>So, like it or nay, these are Project H.I.M.E.'s new forums!<P>^_^<P>------------------
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