The Newcomers thread

Discussion of the yearly awards for best comic in various categories.
Jack Splat
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Post by Jack Splat »

GingerDead wrote:My strip, GingerDead and Friends also fits the newcomer category.

I never thought there was a chance of being nominated but I've got a couple of emails telling me otherwise, so please take a peek.

There are so many great new comics to choose from in this category. I'm still trying to decide. Thanks for starting this thread up.

Best of luck to you all.
Funny I keep seeing Ginger pop up all over the place.

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Post by Biev »

I started Fainting Spells back in May.

Tile is also pretty recent, I don't think it's been mentioned yet : )

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Post by NobleSavage »

*cough* Land of Nodd *cough* *ahem*

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! :o

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Eve Z.
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Nobody ever mentioned me? what do I work for? :twisted:
...what goes around, comes around.

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Post by Ttallan »


My comic doesn't quite feel "new" to me, since I started publishing it quite a number of years ago, but it is new on the webcomics scene, having debuted in September 2006:

Galaxion is a long-form science fiction comic, with influences ranging from Zot to Star Blazers (yes, I know I'm supposed to say Space Cruiser Yamato or something, but darn it, when I was growing up it was Star Blazers!).

It's been great discovering so many new comics here! Keep 'em coming!

--Tara Tallan

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Post by Gildedtongue »

Well, comics starting last year? Might as well mention mine. Any publicity is good publicity, hehe.

The Manual

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Otto Germain
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Post by Otto Germain »

Otto, here.

All the webcomics I'm running right now were started in 2006, so I suppose they're relatively new. There's Uku, The Pretentious History of Everything, and Soup.

I've been hearing good things about Uku. Check 'em out if you wanna kill some time.

Stay frosty!

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Post by Jdalton »

Oh, Uku! Thanks to Spike I've got that on my to-vote-for list. There was just something about its outstanding layout. I dunno.
Jonathon Dalton

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Post by Tinyghosts »

Found Comics ( started in 2006.

You might be able to say it's poor quality, but it has updated every single weekday without missing a single update. That's 6 panels per day, 5 days per week, 200+ strips. That's gotta count for something.

It was also featured on Yahoo (see #4)...

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Post by EmergencyExit »

The Chronicles of Avernyghtjust started a month ago, very new, maybe on the verge of being too new, but still worthy of considering.

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Post by Davidcsimon »

EmergencyExit wrote:The Chronicles of Avernyghtjust started a month ago, very new, maybe on the verge of being too new, but still worthy of considering.
Looking great so far, I'm definitely going to be watching this one :D

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Post by Spqrblues »

tinyghosts wrote:Found Comics ( started in 2006.

You might be able to say it's poor quality
I think it's brilliant :o

"Use of the Medium"...

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Post by TheFLOORfan »

As if you couldn't tell from my username... I rather like a cartoon called The FLOOR by Eric Lindgren.

It is updated weekly via "weekly shipments to your local Office Zone store". heh heh!

He even has a 3-d Office Zone store you can go into... although, I don't think he is done with that yet. But you CAN see his latest shipment there. I gotta warn you though. it only works in internet explorer. That is what I visit it with, at least.

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FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Wireheads (since May 2006)

Post by Radvfx »

For Your Consideration:

Yep, Newby since May 2006 semi-weekly. It's a webcomic about what goes on at my work, but my work is creating visual effects for motion pictures. Yeah, lots of computer graphics/visual effects/effects rigger Geeks working in the dark with stuff that explodes.

"Eh, how much gunpowder did you put in there?"
"All of it."
"Good time to run!"

Enjoy and consider...

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Post by Kemmy »

Ah well...may as well:

West of Bathurst. Actually started on a less accessible site in July of 2006 but only made it onto CG in November (I am a chronic procrastinator)...though it's been running daily, so there are quite a few comics up.

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A New Leaf

Post by Drakesmalice »

Hey, my comic only vaugely fits into the 'new in 2006' that this topic chose but my first issue was out on the 28th of december so it just squeezes in. Not many issues yet but hey it's early days.
tell me what you think :D

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Post by Fishmancomics »

"Fishman" ( began June 1, 2006, on a different host, and under the name "Fishman Comics", and moved to CG sometime in early July.

61 comics later, I can safely say that it is now "pretty okay if you like this sort of thing."
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Post by Lewa »

ummm...Plastica Theater is my webcomic... don't remember when exactly it started, some time before easter.

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Post by Netpoet »

nominations are long over, guys. :p They're getting ready to announce the finalists here in a day or two, this thread's kinda pointless now.


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Post by Palantir »

I still like finding new comics :)

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