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Postby Graeme Taylor on Wed Jul 04, 2001 2:44 am

Well I guess I'll be the first to talk about something serious.<P>The issue of whether or not committee members should be allowed for nomination was brought up. There were some thoughts communicated on the matter, but it didn't seem like there was a full agreement as to how to handle the issue.<P>Also, I'd like to propose that the committee be formed of at least two members from each webcomic community (Keenspot/space, Comic Soviet, Big Panda, Nice, ect.) and at least four members from unaffiliated comics. Each set of committee members would be responsible for (among other things) being sure their community (or the unaffiliated comics) is aware and taking part in the CCA.<P>The CCA started in Keenspot/space, but I think that the idea of CCA really transends the "communities" and covers webcomics as a whole.<P>Regarding the concerns raised by Carson about having to join a mailing list to see the "Other Members." A quick solution to this is that if a person wants to help, they have to give a name for credit or they won't get listed under the staff. If for some reason they don't want their name listed, then it should be <B>their</B> responsibility to contact the committee (or whomever is doing the web design/programming) and have their name removed and <B>not</B> anyone else's.<P>Also, when we get the opportunity (whether it be tomorrow, or two months from now) we should move this forum off Keenspace to further promote a non-affiliation with <B>any</B> webcomic community.<P>Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. So let's discuss and hammer these issues into a desirable shape, shall we? <IMG SRC=""><P>(EDIT: typos)<p>[This message has been edited by Graeme Taylor (edited 07-04-2001).]
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Postby Todd Michaels on Wed Jul 04, 2001 6:07 am

Whew! Good job of stating many of the sticking points that have arisen, Graeme!<P>At the risk of looking like I'm trying to take over the forum (which I'm <I>not</I>), I've taken the liberty of splitting up the issues into different topics. Of course discussions are going to overlap, but this might make it a little easier to comment on a particular aspect. Also, it will be easier to refer to specific threads when questions come up about what was said.<P>These threads may lie dormant for a bit, as this year's organizers may want to take a breather. (It hasn't been said enough, but you all did a wonderful job! Please don't let all the criticism strike too deeply.) That's fine. I just thought it'd be easier to split it up right away, than to try to sort things out later.<P>A side note to Graeme: I hope I didn't give the appearance of picking apart your post and disagreeing with <I>everything</I> you said. I just want to contribute to the discussion and offer another opinion. You've obviously put thought into your ideas.<P>------------------
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