Kokology, The Scientificy Game of Self Discovery

Kokology, The Scientificy Game of Self Discovery

Postby CaptainMooki on Mon Jan 06, 2003 12:47 am

Lounging around the house one Saturday afternoon, you are startled out of your reverie by the doorbell. When you open the door you're greeted by a most unusual surprise--a pair of animal messengers has come to deliver news of your life in the furture! But when you open thier messages, you see they contain very different predictions of what lies in store for you. One of the animals has brought a letter foretelling a life of happiness and contentment; the other prophesies only disaster and dispair.
Which of the animals below brought glad tidigns and which an omen of doom...ahem, I mean DOOM! (Pick a differnt animal for each)

(1) Tiger
(2) Dog
(3) Sheep
(4) Parrot
(5) Tortoise

Make your choices and then scroll down to see what this says about how psychologically screwed up you are!

***For anyone who's interested, My picks were the Tiger (good) and the Parrot (Doomish Doomity DOOM DOOM DOOMY DOOM!)***
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...and then everyone ate cookies and read "The Adventures of Captain Mooki" and were happy!
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Evil animals

Postby Staniel Ehfef on Mon Jan 06, 2003 3:05 pm

Dog = Good
Tortoise = Bad

I once had a bad experience with a box turtle. After the whole torture chamber episode, i have come to fear anything with a shell.
Staniel Ehfef
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Postby The Zenmervolt on Mon Jan 06, 2003 4:23 pm

Tiger - Good.
Sheep - Baaaaaad. :wink:

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Postby ZOMBIE USER 4986 on Tue Jan 07, 2003 7:48 pm

Tyger / Dog = good.
Parrot = bad

(Is this one of the sex kokology tests, Teague? :))
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Postby CaptainMooki on Tue Jan 07, 2003 10:48 pm

close, it's a compatability test. Here's the explanation key:

For most people, the future is greatly influenced by their selection of a mate or life partner. The animal messengers in this scenario actually correspond to your own preceptions of the kinds of people likely to bring you joy or grief. Animals are rich and complex in psychological significance, with a range of positive and negative attributes and associastion. In this scenario, the animal you chose as the bearer of the message of happiness represents the type of person you perceive as an ideal spouse, while the DOOMsayer animal is the type you fear would drag you down into the depths.

1. Tiger
Glad Tidings: You see yourself happiest with an ambitious and powerful mate, possesed of an indomitable will to rule...or you're just into Catgirls!
Doom: You dread the prospect of a vain, tyrannical partner who struts around like a lord of the jungle and growls at any mention of sharing the housework.

2. Dog
Glad Tidings: Unquestioning loyalty and absolute devotion are the things you seek most in your mate.
Doom: You are utterly incompatible with those who try to please everyone and fret over what others might be thinking.

3. Sheep
Glad Tidings: You see the key to contentment in a warmhearted nurturing spouse...or you're just into sheep...ewww.
Doom: You fear winding up stuck with a boring homebody content to spend each day grazing the same old patch of grass.

4. Parrot.
Glad Tidings: Nothing would suit you better than a talkative, fun-loving partner who knows how to make you laugh.
Doom: No one could suit you worse than a chattering layabout with a severe allergy to work.

5. Tortoise
Glad Tidings: Your match made in heaven is serious, dependable, and sure to be there in your hour of need.
Doom: The prospect of a lifetime spent with a frustratingly slow-moving, slow-witted partner is your worst nightmare.
...and then everyone ate cookies and read "The Adventures of Captain Mooki" and were happy!
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