For those few who might care: Jason Clarke's Dossier

For those few who might care: Jason Clarke's Dossier

Postby The Zenmervolt on Wed Dec 04, 2002 7:15 pm

Since I'm new here I thought you all might want a little background on my character. If I've become an annoyance, blame Paige for showing me this place. :P

Dossier: Jason Clarke

Birthdate: Unknown. Appears to be in his mid to late 20
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Postby Republic Fleet Command on Thu Dec 05, 2002 3:09 am

You're no annoyance to me, :) and I even like your character description format so much, I'm going to horribly copy it! Blah hahahahaha

And actually, I think it'd be a great idea if we all did this, post formatted profiles for our characters, it would make getting to know all of our insane alter-egos much easier.

So anyways, without further delay:

Dossier: Authen Halleck

Species: Anitelleroun, Dominant Breed

Birthdate: Galactic Standard Year 7,642

Marital Status: Married GSY 7,662 to Sani Navechel

Place of Birth: Planet Anitelleroun, low polar regions

Sex: Male

Height: Approx. 4 ft.

Weight: Approx. 160

Fur Color: Predominatly White

Eye color: Amber

Distinguishing Racial Features: Black nose and a pair of upright ears

Alias: "Teddy Bear" and "Bloody Hair Ball"

Affiliations: Galactic Republic Navy

Rank: Grand Admiral

Assignment: Armeanian Naval Directorate, Armeanian Sector, Commanding Liberator Super Fortress

Hobbies: The study of intergalactic culinary practices, dated vehicle design and drive methods from selective races, gravity driven star fighter racing and modification. Engineering and basic Carpentry.

Associates: The Naval Admiralty. especially Adm. Brash Radigen, sometimes arch-enemy and friend.

Character Analysis: Friendly and good natured, although a bit sarcastic and grumpy at times, Halleck has never truly fit into the mold of the model Naval Admiral, his beliefs simply don't allow for it. If put to the test, he can (and will) rebel against the established authority of the greater galactic navy to see his own convictions through to thier ends, no matter the cost. However, he isn't willing to see that cost put on anyone but himself. His relationship with his family is often a long distance one and it isn't a issue that wears on him lightly, but he fills up that gap with various interests and hobbies beyond naval life. Halleck has grown a reputation for being one of the most resourceful commanders in known military circles. His keen intellect (When it isn't clouded by anger at Brash Radigen, or other emotion) and his faster than average descion making capacities have many a time served him favorably on the field of action and in private life. His only close associate in naval life is Admiral Brash Radigen, a tentative friend and occasional mortal enemy. The two have shared a strange friendship, that has by some odd twist of fate, grown stronger over thier years of aquaintance.

Weaknesses: Speed, technical gadets that improve speed, speed, but mostly Brash Radigen, if only by influence. Dealing with the obsence distances put between himself and his family, and also the 'temptations' that a family man can run into when he's middle-aged, good looking and hangs around with the wrong crowd (Again, Brash Radigen)

History: Nuh uh, you've already got that much! That's it!

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Postby Got bag? on Thu Dec 05, 2002 10:43 pm

i am cow, hear me moo
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Postby Got bag? on Thu Dec 05, 2002 10:48 pm

i am cow, hear me moo
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