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[OOC: Good post, good dialogue Emery]<P>. Kerr cried out. The blow to the port was as a blow to her physically. Unable to maintain it while within it she composed herself and closed her eyes, allowing her physical shape to disintigrate. Non physical but only for a minute she remanifested onboard the nearest ship. Being safe herself helped her steady her grip on the port. The stress was too much for her and she leaned against the wall sobbing.
. It moved; she jumped. To her great bewilderment the apparently solid 'wall' she was leaning against slid open and a man began to step out, preoccupied. Kerr did not immediately consider that he could be a threat and her uncontrollable tears went unabated. It was shock, a natural reaction to a most unnatural situation.
. "Are you alright?" the man asked her.
His language was unfamiliar and at being interupted she lashed out with one wing, fright turned to fight in a single moment. He evaded her movement, dropping the case he held. A possibly malignant presence recalled her to her senses.
. Old memories were returning with biting cognizance for Kerr. The helplessness she'd felt up until now was dissipating and a realization of what was taking place filled the void. Violence had happened and was intended now. These creatures acted harmlessly and intended destruction.
. This assignment was not supposed to be in any way difficult or her broken mind would not have been given to assist Cygni. Broken as it was, she was retrieving bits and pieces and they added up to capability. Protection for the port: she fragmented the dimensional textile around the port so it shattered and bent a half dozen different direction. Nothing from outside it could harm it now. Then she targeted the crafts that threatened it.<p>[This message has been edited by Cygni (edited 10-09-2001).]

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[Galactic Navy Fleet Personnel Database]<P>[Update - [G]alactic [S]tandard [D]ate 37255.089]<P>****
Grand Admiral Authen Halleck
Republic Fleet Command
Commander: R.S.S. Liberator, Liberator Battlegroup<P>Status: [Deceased - GSD 37255.075]<P>Next of Kin: Wife, Sani Halleck
Son, Lt. Joxxer Halleck<P>****
Grand Admiral Brash Radigen
Director of Fleet Operations
Commander: R.S.S. Crusader, Crusader Patrol Group<P>Status: [Deceased -GSD 37255.075]<P>Next of Kin: None<P>[Update Complete]<p>[This message has been edited by Republic Fleet Command (edited 10-10-2001).]

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[Planet Anitelleroun, Axian Galaxy

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[OOC] This one is purely for Comedic value, don't take it seriously <P>[The Afterlife]<P>*Echo, echo, echo*<P>"Hey Kids, Authen Halleck here. Brash and I just wanted everyone to know that we're okay and all that."
"Well, to the extent that we CAN be okay now."
"Right, Brash. Anyways, um, we were going to call and you know, spill all the beans about God, heaven, universal secrets and all that bunk, but, um, they won't let us now because of a certain thick headed former Admiral friend of mine who...."
"That stupid Angel! It was HIS fault! I didn't touch the coffee machine! It's not like I knew that God's a decaf advocate! Who could have called that one!?"
"No! Seriously! He's like, 'hold this' and I

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[Local Space Surrounding the Physical Port]<P>The after effects of the attack left surreal arches of energy between seemingly vacant points in space; ribbons of energy that dissapated slowly.
Out of the void, Crusader paced at a fighter

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All Salya knew as she groggily swam back to consciousness was that she hurt. Every fiber of her body screamed in agony. She tried to open her eyes but quickly closed them again when the world revealed to her swirled and distorted, making her nauseous. Luckily she didn

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Salya huddled in the dark. Curled up in a fetal position she slowly rocked back and forth. The cold ate at her bones and the darkness surrounded her, she was all alone. Every one was dead and she wasn

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-If only time could reverse, then maybe we could be better off

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. Cygni felt control of the ports being wrenched from her and it jolted her. After a few hazy minutes she felt somewhat like herself again. She cast around, figuring out what was happening in the chaos around her. Kerr, Kerr just changed physical location out of the port. Minutes before that, one of the spacecraft that had met them had exploded. Some of the beings that were the first to arrive were manifesting extrodinary amounts of energy to perform some type of action in the remainder of the spacecraft that had been destroyed.
. As quickly as she detected the destruction intended towards the group she was with she tried to stop it. It was impossible for her in her physical state. She did the next best thing she could think of. The leaders of the beings that had been sent. The two she located first were not only defenseless against being unmade but receptive. They came easily, one more surprised than the other. The third, the female, resisted strongly though Cygni knew she couldn't possibly understand the force tearing at her mentality and body. In the end she had to abandon the attempt to unmake that one and surrender herself to the non-physical world again.<P>. In moments the remains of the spacecraft that had been affixed to the port were gone. Cygni noted it and turned to her new charges. They were like infants, their mentalities needing to be supported to keep them from scattering and being lost. But unlike children these two beings had mature minds and military reactions. They were totally within her ability to uphold but were in control of their own reactions. She hoped that without the weaknesses of their bodies that their minds would not go into shock. After a studious moment of consideration she decided that wasn't a risk; that their experience and training allowed them a versatility she hadn't expected.
. "Welcome to the real world," she spoke. Startled at their minds being addressed they both jumped to awareness of her presence at the same time. "Your physical bodies are lost unfortunately but I shall recreate them for you when circumstances allow. Currently though we do need to decide what to do." She turned her attention to the drama playing out between Kerr and an apparently perturbed young man in her physical proximity. "My charge is about to decimate your crafts in retaliation for the attacks on the physical ports. Those attacks came from the craft she is currently in which, I believe, belongs to neither of you. But your craft has prepared for battle and is unaccountably delaying its attack. Perhaps we had better decide what to do." They seemed surprised that a non-physical being had such command of irony.

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As she spoke Johnnathan was filled with a sense of sorrow, her soft voice reflecting the chaos that had just happened.

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. Nothing could have surprised Kerr more. She gingerly took the card he extended, as if she expected it to be some trick that would end in her demise.
. "Johnnathan Wright. I am called Kerr," she said after inspecting the indecipherable symbols. "I am the charge of Cygni, Speaker for the Interdimensional Rift. Her second in command but that is a mistake. I do not believe this was expected to happen or I would not have been given the position. I was to be an advisor because, though younger than she, I have far more experience with the physical world. I have not nearly her capabilities in the nonphysical but I am telling the truth that I can manipulate both sufficiently to cause destruction to all the ships in this area. It seems unnecessary though. The only ship that has attacked the ports is this one. Yours."
. Inwardly she was relieved. Her logic appeared to make perfect sense; but then, it always did to her at the time. She knew fully that her mental state was unstable but she could never tell how closely it was aligned with the real world at any given point. For the moment she felt reasonably sure. This ship had fired, this ship was the one that would need to be destroyed. After this conversation.<p>[This message has been edited by Cygni (edited 10-20-2001).]

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. "Are you going to kill me?" Kerr asked after a pause. "I will be destroying these crafts. Will you kill to stop me?" She examined his face curiously. "I knew I would be killed. I always wanted to know my killer before. Is that who you are?"
. For someone warning of impending doom to every spaceship in the near vicinity she seemed highly reluctant to follow through. She was, Johnnathon observed, giving him a wide open chance to stop her. And so he did nothing.
. And she did nothing. "I think you are the one that will kill me. But not now?" She almost sounded disappointed.
. "Your world has strange rules. Easy to bend but hard to break. And your minds don't fit your limits." She looked at him. "You stand physically and watch me, you show nothing. But what is in your mind?"

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[The non-physical plain...]<P>Neither Radigen nor Halleck responded immediately.
Hanging of them was the stifling knowledge that their existence was in a precarious balance between oblivions.
It seemed that the slightest move would condemn them into nothingness, yet the odd experience of solidity brought comfort nevertheless.
Halleck was the first to realize the safety he enjoyed thanks to the efforts of the dimensional being present with them.
Radigen adjusted soon after, but not nearly as readily. The human had never liked dependency, and he liked it even less now.

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. Cygni respected these two for their intent to keep Kerr, a being threatening the lives of their subservients, alive. Many military minds would share her perspective on it instead of theirs. Hers, by diplomatic necessity, was more functional than humanitarian.
. "Kerr would not be as easy to stun to unconciousness as I. Her experience with the physical world is much vaster though her control over the nonphysical is much less than my own. She is only one life though, as opposed to the many on your ships. One death to prevent many is favorable in this situation. If your troops are able to subdue her without harm to either her or themselves they have high skills and are to be commended. Likely they will suffer casualties. If she dies..." Cygni's thoughts wandered a bit midway into her sentence, "then she would be grateful to her killers. Try to keep her unharmed but know her death will not bring retribution to your worlds.
. "What message do you desire to convey to your flagship?"
. Before they could answer her attention was attracted by a brief revival of energy to the being called Salya. It was evident to Cygni that her leadership qualities were highly impaired at the moment and her resistance to being unmade was gone. It took only a moment and Salya joined the other two with Cygni but her conciousness had undergone more strain than she could bear, forcing her mentality to a sleep-like state in the nonphysical world. Radigen and Halleck did not notice her addition, themselves busy with processing preventative measures for the situation in the all-important physical world.<p>[This message has been edited by Cygni (edited 10-23-2001).]

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. She accepted his gentle direction but Kerr was staring at him in confusion, the familiar feeling of a misty mind frustrating her. She recognized this person... vaguely... There was a reason she wasn't afraid of him. Johnnathan Wright. Waiting for Cygni. She had manifested, interacted with people in another part of this universe. Interacted with Johnnathan Wright.
. The surprise of it loosened her physical hold on herself and her appearence slipped. Not much, just enough to make her look more like the person she'd appeared to be when she first met him. It was hardly a change, a mere balancing between her original manifestation and her current one. It was enough for him to recognize.
. "Katherine?" Now he was surprised and her mind became organized once again, the problem of destruction and war momentarily forgotten.<P>*********************************************<P>. Cygni was all business. "Your physical manifestations will be temporarily reliant on my nonphysical resources but the shape they take is completely reliant on your mentality. The mind is the crosspoint between physical and nonphysical; a barrier neither side can invade. You, though you have little to no nonphysical abilities, can fully exercise control over that I give you using your mind, do you understand?"
. Affirmative. They were good listeners, fast students.
. "I'll remanifest you in the ship that Kerr is currently on. Approaching her in any threatening manner is likely to cause her to defend herself. She should be able to detect the nonphysical source that keeps you from scattering. Another thing, keep your expectations focused. Without any practice at physical manifestations, too strong a mental expectation could manifest itself unintentionally. Your minds with the ability to control matter so liberally could possibly create material fantasies, by no means real, but still physically present. Fears tend to have this effect more than any other mental state."
. They were ready, even eager to get on with this. Then they were gone, out of her control but relying on her resources. As long as she herself stayed nonphysical supporting their life forms would be simple.
. The third, still there. Salya. A less than easy task. Her mentality was damaged, perhaps temporarily but it was best to place her somewhere safe. The ship that Radigen and Halleck came from. Cygni now trusted those two. Those under their command would surely provide care for this being. She remanifested Salya on their ship in the same way she placed Radigen and Halleck on the one Kerr occupied. It wouldn't take long for her to be discovered and provided for. She was still unconscious but even so her mentality provided for her body to be formed to her expected specifications. When this was all over and time abounded Cygni would establish a permanent tie between their mentalities and their physical bodies but now there was no chance, she could support them until then.
. She turned her focus to Radigen and Halleck, now not far from Kerr and the other being with her.

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- How could this being look like Katherine? She is obviously very powerful, what could be her intentions of looking like Katherine

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[H]yper [R]eality [I]mpulse [N]etwork
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[Onboard the Imperial Titan