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Postby Louis on Thu Aug 16, 2001 9:54 am

Well. Sometime before we took that month off, we promised you all a new site layout. Or at least, we intended to promise you that. Whether or not a post to that effect actually made it into being is a mystery to me, and I'm far too lazy to dig through the archives for verification.<P>So, on that note, there's a new site layout in the works, in the form of this "Bob" Justin has been bantering about. Hopefully, we will be converting something to other than a pinkish purple background.<P>Further still, there will be a page all about Louis, at some point in the near future, featuring pictures, centrefold poses, and even pictorial adventures (He's going to beat up my Ninja Turtle action figures), all circulating around everyone's favorite plush marsupial.<P>Frog Blast the Ventcore!
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