Pity the poor webcomic artist: Aesop's Decision related post

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Got your rant. Felt sorry. Felt guilty. Looked for method to send message. Cursed e-mail. Looked up other comic. Went to other comic's forum. Posted pity post. I also don't normally write/talk without nouns, but when I started, I couldn't stop! Sorry.<P>Well, I'm here. I didn't read JFC, but I tried to. I just learned about webcomics too late in the scheme of things (last september or so) and when I tried reading the archives, I just couldn't get into it. I learned of Aesop's Decision from your plug in the Funny Farm forum, so I came to look at it in time for the first real comic. I haven't left, so that's a good sign.<P>Get to a point, already! Well, here's my support. I might've responded sooner if there was an Aesop's Decision forum, but there wasn't. Read it; love it; don't wanna stop. And, to comfort you, Self-Insert, another webcomic, is linking and plugging you, so word is going out there.<P>------------------
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