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I have a forum now... It is dedicated to my glory and the glory of my chosen... I am like a friggin' god or somethin' now... breathe breathe breathe. OK so without further elipses I am here to say, woo! board! in dedication of this brand spanking (bad dog! bad dog!) new message board through which untold generations will express their hopes, dreams, death threats, and erotic stories about goats in poetry or lovely flowing prose. If this sounds good to you then POST YOUR ASS OFF! Oh, also, I have a comic strip if anyone's interested at <A HREF="http://internalbleeding.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>http://internalbleeding.keenspace.com</A>
If you dig what you see in all of it's transmundane glory BRING THE NOISE! Damn, I'll have to stop the exclamation points too. Well, I've ranted enough just get your ass (skinny, fat, black, white all asses are welcome) up here. NO MULES WILL BE SERVED.
Tchaikovsky out.
When the prophet Elijah was confronted by the serpent and asked to sin he did reply, "Suck 12-gauge varmit"