Postby Bruceluis on Thu Oct 18, 2001 8:36 am

Hey, I was losing the hope to see you back Dispater.<P>And that took you just three hours? Wow.<P>Keep the good work!<P>(And update more often, even if it's just grayscale...)<P>------------------
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Postby Dispater on Thu Oct 18, 2001 10:44 am

Hey, what did I say? If SGMidnight is going away, I'm going to make sure everyone knows that it is! Thanks for dropping by, though. It's nice to know I still have the occasional reader <IMG SRC=""><P>As for more frequent updates...well, I'm trying. I think once a week is something you'll be able to count on, and on those weeks where I'm not smacked by loads of homework/tests/whatnot, I'll try to do more. <P>To be entirely only takes about 20% more time for me to color than it does for me to shade B&W. It's weird, but it's more or less true. That's why I'm rather split about coloring, since the outcome for such a small increase in time seems worth it. The only real time-saver is not shading at all, and I think we've all already seen the results of *those*...(eww)<P><p>[This message has been edited by Dispater (edited 10-18-2001).]
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Postby BubbaTroll on Thu Nov 08, 2001 10:24 am

Great Job!!!<P>and the color is completely up to you, do what ever the story line calls for!!!<P>you the artist is the only one that knows whick will truely tell YOUR story the best!!!<P>You are IN TOTAL CONTROL, so control already!!!<P>ha ha ha
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