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Alright...I think this is working. Thanks for dropping by! Obviously, this is my first webcomic and I don't know all that well what I'm doing. Thus, any and all feedback is welcome. In particular, I'm wondering: <P>1) The links aren't at all obvious. Should I skip the rollover effects and just have normal images? <P>2) How's the loading time working out? If necessary, I can reduce the quality of the curlicues and, again, drop the rollover effects to shorten the time. <P>3) Do the rollovers even work? There always seems to be lag when I put my mouse over the links. <P>4) I should really just drop the rollovers, shouldn't I? <P>Thanks for answering. Or just talking, for that matter. Or even just stopping long enough to think "Yup, he's neurotic, talking to himself..." <P>G<P>
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