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This forum is now christened!! I'm getting the fonts, links, and such modified soon. But it's here!!<P>------------------
Mmmm .. <A HREF="http://www.fadingdaylight.net/descant" TARGET=_blank>Meow</A>, baby!
Got a <A HREF="http://popcorn.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>fetish</A>?

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Whoo?<P>Shoe who flew!<P>*ducks behind cover*<P>Oh, and do you want any more slightly strange guest art? I started sketching in calc class (me bad) and managed to decide that since my Lunar fanfic is all dialogue at this point, and I suck at descriptions, I should attempt to turn it into a comic ... which means I need <I>lots</I> of practice. So I wouldn't mind at all ... let me know, eh?<P>Anyway.<P>So your topic doesn't stay lonely ...<P><B>Mu!</B><P>*scampers away, staying low to the ground*<P>[[ This concludes this test of the Random Post System. ]]<P>[[ Edited to test signature code. ]]<P>------<P>Somnum oculis meis non vidi.<P><A HREF="http://www.opendiary.com/entrylist.asp? ... de=A318885" TARGET=_blank>diary</A> | <A HREF="http://www.users.drak.net/celane/index.html" TARGET=_blank>home</A> | <A HREF="http://www.soulxchange.com/soulStats.asp?id=26571" TARGET=_blank>buy</A> / <A HREF="http://www.soulXchange.com/register.asp ... l_id=26571" TARGET=_blank>sell</A><p>[This message has been edited by aglauros (edited 06-21-2001).]

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Popcorn fetish? Ew...
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