gah! why am i always the last to know about these things?

Postby Shiro on Mon May 21, 2001 9:29 am

I can't believe this comic's been around since February, is on a dropdown with me, and I've never seen it! <IMG SRC=""><P>Anyway, it looks pretty good! Color....<P>------------------
-Katherine Nelson
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Postby Chad Hirashima on Mon May 21, 2001 9:37 am

Heh heh heh, well I first registered on February, the real thing didn't start until March or so, I think.<P>Glad you found True Magick out, though, and I'm glad you enjoy it! Yes, colors are nice. I tried doing my comic in greyscale to save time once but I just couldn't bear to see it without color. So I went and colored the whole thing the next day <IMG SRC=""><P>Once I ate a tin can, too, but it didn't make me see anything. Just a lot of pain.<P>------------------
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A "serious" story involving somewhat dysfunctional young-adult characters in a fantasy realm with the power to rend reality at their whim. Oh, and it's in color, too.
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