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I don't know why, I just do.<P>When I first came here I thought. "I'll give it a couple of days and see if I like it". <P>That was day one of the comic.<P>I'm still here.<P>I loyaly show up every MWF, hoping to see new Faces and you haven't missed yet. (Hey, not alot of webcomics can say that.)<P>At first glance some people might let the comic pass. The art is... unusual. The text takes some effort to read. And the writing, at first glance, doesn't appear to be anything spectacular.<P>But I'm STILL here.<P>Why? Because I enjoy your work. I have a folder to drop webcomics I no longer read into and this one hasn't ended up there yet. Anytime I've thought about it I then read that days comic and said "Ooh, what's gonna happen next?". <P>You seem to be great with a hook. Making the reader want to find out what the next comic will say. You've given tangible personalities to a couple of simple faces. You've poked fun at the conventions of webcomics. You've entertained. Bravo.<P>I hope you continue. I don't often read your news posts as my browser screen is truncated and they end up off the bottom of the screen. I scrolled down today and read what you posted and that thought, before he goes I need to let him know that he DOES have some readers and that we DO enjoy his work.<P>Even if we don't often post in forums.<P>Animaniac
::Hoping you get a new scanner, cheap::

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Checking my Forum (not necessarily often...) turns up someone who reads the comic! <P>YAY! That's all I need. Someone who reads the comic. We'll start small with one, and let the thing continue until it gets some more. In any case, thank you for letting me know that my reader base might yet be bigger than my Forum people. <P>The hunt is now officially on. I'm looking for a scanner. However, I will attempt to satisfy your fix in between with some computer-substitutes. Eventually, I'll be able to settle down into something that will work for me.<P>And I'm gone for a while next week. So I might not be regular in access... in fact, I don't think I'll have any.

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