Coming to terms with my disability.

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Coming to terms with my disability.

Post by SpiffyKlingon »

I've had this problem for many years, since I was born, in fact. It's a condition I have struggled with and tried to overcome my limitations, and it's far time I've come clean about it.

I'm telepathically challenged. I am completely unable to hear anyone's thoughts.

I've found ways of getting around this problem. Communicating with people verbally, or via writing, often helps, even hand signals and body language help me express myself. Despite this, my ability to effectively communicate with my manager at work is severely hampered. Like today when I found out she had changed the schedule (after it had been posted via other means) and notified everyone else by a mental memo. My inability to receive her thoughts resulted in me not knowing that I was supposed to close this evening instead of the previous evening (which was listed on the schedule and in the computer system) So I ended up working late due to this obvious failing on my part.

What is really disheartening is that this condition, which affects millions of people across the country, is not recognized as an actual disability by the Americans with Disability Act. It clearly affects millions of people and their ability to communicate with management effectively, and hurts company productivity in the process. Clearly we need to raise awareness of this condition, and make certain managers understand the limitations of their employees and make them have to make the extraordinary efforts of actually speaking directly and writing things down where everyone can actually see them.

It may require a lot of work, but never discount the value of your non-telepathic workers.
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Re: Coming to terms with my disability.

Post by MistressMaggie »

I must confess that I, too, am afflicted with this disability, which frequently causes me difficulties at work.

Were I not so disabled, I would have known that the phrase "will you teach a 20 minute kindergarten class?" was followed by a mental "oops, I meant to say 40 minutes!". Or that the accountant had decided that I should without any prompting, show up and pay precisely the amount that I owe for meals each month, the total and timing of which I'm sure she has been beaming into my woefully disabled brain for 6 months or so now.

Perhaps we need a support group?

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Re: Coming to terms with my disability.

Post by Aeridus »

It will be tricky finding a spot where the telepaths can't listen in; I highly suggest Antarctica. At least the penguins are friendly enough.
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