WHL Standings 06/10/01

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Postby Ghastly on Sun Jun 10, 2001 12:51 am

And here we have it folks, the World Hentai League standings for the week of June 10th, 2001.<P>Once again Canada maintains a strong lead as the leader in Hentaisha visitors to Ghastly's Ghastly Comic. What can I say, Canadians love their quirky hentai humour. From down-under come the Australians in a distant second but working hard to close the gap. Close on Australia's heals comes New Zealand in third place followed by beligium in forth.<P>Fifth place is Saudi Arabia which suprises many who watch the race for top hentai status. The UK comes next, another suprise since the UK is usually right up there at the top of the list when it comes to appreciating all that is ecchi. Japan making a dismal showing in seventh place but not suprising since this comic is in english.<P>Then tied are Netherlands and Finland, followed closely by Sweden. Germany is next followed by the US Military. <P>Then Spain, France, the United States, and Italy are all tied followed by Denmark and Brazil, both tied as well.<P>Then in a tie for last place are:
Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Iceland, Singapore, Isreal, Brunei Darussalam, Austria and of coure Mexico.<P>Well no suprise this week that Canada is still on the top in hentai action. Their commanding lead early in the competition has left everyone else scrambling to catch up. Even with the increased effort of the Australians to close the gap Canada still maintains a strong 3:1 lead.<P>But everyone is talking about Saudi Arabia in fifth place, ranking higher than even Japan, a country well known for it's perverse sense of humour. What a suprise this turned out to be as this middle eastern, islamic state is moving fast up the hentai standings closing in quickly on the fourth place Belgium. What does this mean exactly? Who can tell, but it's definetly something that merits watching.<P>Then there's the United States military who continue to make their presence known in this competition. Just what is their interest in a hentai themed comic strip, nobody knows for certain, perhaps it is research for a new and powerful hentai weapon. At this point anything said would be pure speculation.<P>Germany's low ranking in the hentai competition has raised a curious eyebrow from many hentai watchers. Usually when perversion is the scene, Germany is right up there mixing it in with the top 10 usually in the top 5, but here they are in 11th place. Some hentai-watchers are siting the lack of fecal matter present in Ghastly's Ghastly Comic as the result of the poor showing by the Germans.<P>Well the week ahead promises to be an interesting one. Will the Australians, always a people of perverse interests, close that commanding lead that the Canadians have opening up in this competition. Or will Canada remain untouchable, the first amoungst the world's nations of perverts. Only time will tell.<P><P>------------------
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Postby Violator on Tue Jun 12, 2001 5:36 am

And here we interview Bugger McPhallus, the Australian head coach;
<b>How do you think the team is going, Bugger?</b>
"Um, yeah. We've done well so far, but you know, it really takes a big effort from all the team and while Violator is doing his best, the other 19 million of the team are, frankly, dragging their feet."
<b>And what's your strategy for winning?</b>
"Well, its all secret and so on, so I can't drop any hint except: big ass emailing of all friends."
<b>Bugger, it looks like the Aussies are on the warpath.</b>
"Yeah, we are."
<b>I wasn't talking to you.</b>
"You said Bugger. that's my name."
<b>I was saying it as a figure of speech. Oh, just shut the fuck up.</b>
"Bugger you."<P><P>------------------
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