what is happening in 2002 :P

Postby EllyR on Sat Jan 26, 2002 4:06 am

okay, here's the new deal<P>I have updated the fanart board finally, but managed to lose all the fanart somehow. SOOO, if those who had pics there would mind seeing if they still have the images, it would be really cool to get them sent again so i can re-upload them onto the new servers.<P>also, i will be working my unemployed bum off to update both this comic and the vor site. hopefully the sites will be updated and back on par by the beginning of february. hopefully.<P>and for those who don't know (which you would if you read my livejournal, link on front page somewhere...), my computer and my scanner got a free flight lesson this week. i have noticed some minor glitches in both pieces of machinery, but no huge problems. yet. <P>anyway, that's the update for today.
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