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Postby EllyR on Wed Sep 12, 2001 5:53 am

those fans outside the united states will likely know about this too, but to shortly sum it up. tuesday was a bad day for the united states of america. the world trade centers in new york city no longer exist, and the pentagon was also partially destroyed. another plane went down in the middle of nowhere, pennsylvania. all in all, thousands of lives were lost, and nowhere near all the victims have been found. security measures in the states are being enforced to the highest levels they have been in years. the government is currently on an all out search for the perpetrators, and there will likely be war when it is discovered who did this. there are many news sites covering the stories. check out,,, to name a few. the thoughts and prayers of this artist, and her friends and family are with those who were affected. please add your own. many people need them.<P>be blessed.
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