One of those days(in a good way)

One of those days(in a good way)

Postby Twentyfour on Sun Aug 18, 2002 9:27 am

I've been doing a lot of sketchin for my comic(and not posting.. god I suck) and I came up with a few random ideas to play with later on. But what's great is that these stupid lil ideas actually tir in other majior ideas I had that I didn't know how to conmnect to the actual story. It was great here I was just shoving my pencil all over the place(on paper you sickos) and WHAM! a goofy lil sketch becomes an idea, this idea turns into a goofy plotline(maybe a weeks worth of stories) this goofy plotline becomes a connector of at LEAST 3 other stories that I'll be working on... All because I was doodling... So here's the moral of the story people! Doodle away! You'd be surprised what comes out of it! and now back to work! I WILL have something up tonight
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