Postby FnordTran on Sun Nov 11, 2001 11:43 am

Hey, I'm just curious... how is Geocaching done? Is the location given for the cache, or do you just have to find it? I've heard it discussed here among some local ham radio operators, but have never participated...<P>(wow, I'm on my third username now! Thank you, UBB!)<P>------------------
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Postby Tdev on Tue Nov 13, 2001 1:19 am

You usually get the information about the cache you're going to try and find from a website created by the person who created the cache. I check out <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> a lot.<P>You'll see the cache's coordinates, the type terrain, difficult level and any hints the creator of the cache is willing to devulge.<P>To be honest, I haven't try it yet, but hope to someday soon. Until then, I'll try do some more strips about Geocaching. <P>tdev
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Where Geocaching is the favorite pasttime.<p>[This message has been edited by tdev (edited 11-13-2001).]
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