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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2002 12:59 am
by Pooki
Why isn't the guy on the monitor singing?

Ohhhh! I like her eyes. That is more expression than I can pull. Her whole face, wonderfully done!

Her arms are in a strange position, put them to the side, going down, or maybe crossed in front to make a V, or in the back. The legs look okay, but the arms are a little skinny and small. Take a look at most Manga or online comics. Hands are HUGE! In some samples from rumiko takahashi's work that I see, the hand is just as big as the face. Look at Byran's realistic picture of Keriel, the hands are about 1/4 the size of the face. If you imagine her opening her palm, and spreading her fingers out, it would span her whole face. In fact, try to cover your own face with your hand, that's how big it is.

I know at first, when you think about it, hands should be small. I used to draw my hands small, I was wondering why they looked kinda strange, then I started tracing some of Ranma 1/2 comics that I had, and I realized in this one pose, the hand that Ranma had up was just as big as his head!

So in short a closed fist is just about 1/4 of the face, an open palm, closed finger hand is 1/2 of the face, and fingers spread open wide is about the span of the whole face. Just a general rule, it's a little smaller than those fractions, and also, people have different size hands and different size heads.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2002 1:08 am
by Pooki
Oh yeah, and AC, don't feel crummy about anything! I know I do sound kinda harsh, but I say what I say because I think you need totally honest feedback. And I am being totally honest in these critique posts (i try to be only half honest in other posts ;p) so dont' feel crummy if I'm pointing out weird/bad things. And I don't give compliments lightly, so if I give any, I MEAN THEM! If I critique, well, don't listen to me, because I'm stupid anyways, most of the things I talk about, I can't even do myself!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2002 10:57 am
by AnimeCanuck
Yeah, I agree about the arms and hands (arms especially.. they're SKINNY!). I knew that when I was drawing it.. but I couldn't do any better.. and I didn't want to ruin what I already had, you know?

And why isn't Kian singing on the monitor? Don't you ever watch concerts broadcast on television? The camera isn't always on the person who's singing. ^_^

And thanks about the face. I spent a lot of time on that. ^_^


PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2002 6:47 pm
Very interesting things being said here. I like this page because it is one of those one-framers that really get you. I think the use of mood music is cool (however, I don't think it's actually legal to put other's lyrics on a comic without the author/publisher's consent - oh well, I do stuff like that too.) And I also thought Kian's expression was really quite peculiar. A part of me said "shouldn't he have his mouth open?" like Koio. Another part of me said "hey look! He's looking down at Zeila!" It was very interesting if you looked at it that way. It strangely takes off the focus off Zeila a bit, having the TV and kian's head as the second focus. It's an interesting effect that could be desirable or undesirable depending on what you intended. It's a good thing to take into consideration.

Hand and arm sizes/widths are also a big thing many people wonder about and struggle with. Personally, I thought your arm and hand sizes were just fine. I've seen super duper skinny arms drawn before in manga. If you look closely at manga, you'll see that tons of things are ridiculously out of proportion. The reason why it doesn't look <i>bad</i> is because these artists are professional, draw with fierceness, and know what they're doing. The confidence really matters in making a picture, however out of proportion, look oddly correct. So if you know what you're doing, I'd say that you can draw people in any proportion you like. Of course if you feel your person is out of proportion and you want it "in" proportion, than things like Koio's rule of thumb (and hands) are really good guides to get things right.

Also, the background, just with the last page at a strange angle especially with relation to the way the tv is positioned. The lines of the wall should be, if they are the same wall that leads to the table in the back ground, all pointing towards a focus point. Usually you can do this by first establishing a point (make a dot on the page), and drawing lines that lead from that point outwards, giving the walls a sense that they go further into the background where things are smaller

Well, there's my Loonie.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2002 3:21 pm
by AnimeCanuck
And a very shiny Loonie at that!

Thankyou both for your critiques and comments.. And.. Um. The wall.. is a wall in the mall. I'm not sure whether or not it was supposed to be the same wall.. I don't think so.. She's coming to another intersection in the mall. *nods*