Fuzzy things for sale!

Fuzzy things for sale!

Postby Metrobius on Mon Aug 16, 2004 6:19 am

Next Pantheon coming soon, all, just needs to be coloured.

Meanwhile, visit my new site, CRE'ATURES: http://members.optusnet.com.au/rahball

I'm making and selling these soft toys for $US40 each, including postage.

If you've never seen Fuzzyball, Rahball and co. before, here are some more pictures:










http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/8035028/ (this one is an interactive Flash animation)

Enjoy! And please buy! I need money!

I'm thinking about making a toy of Cerberus at some point, too, but I haven't designed it yet, and I don't have any black fur. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more fur til I'd sold some of the things I'd made with the colours I have.
Likewise with a possible toy of the Seven-headed Dragon - I have no red.

But if anyone's specifically interested in toys of Pantheon characters, do say so. Remember that I also make papier mache sculptures, and I can do those of any Pantheon character you like.

Toodle pip for now, and I *promise* next episode soon!
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