Ki-Rainelle RPG

Ki-Rainelle RPG

Postby Krauner on Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:55 pm

Hey everyone, you probably don't know me, but I come on behalf of Alice. ^^ I figured I'd take some stress off of her, and the people that read her comic by offering some alternative reading. ^^ I'm not sure if many of you noticed, but Alice has a WONDERFUL surrogate for those times when she's running a bit dry in the art department.

The Ki-Rainelle (PRE-FMS RPG) has really shaped up, and has almost 4000(!) posts. Not only do you get great story and the occasional artwork from Alice, but you have the chance to join in as well.

If youre a good writer, join in by submitting a character, if you want to read an immersive story, read along.

Ki-Rainelle RPG

You'll see me writing there as well, I help Alice with the details, so you can email me questions as well at

Take a look, you have plenty to see and theres always more coming.[/url]
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