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first, open a new window to this address:


Now, before you take a look see at the pic on there for me. . .I'd like you to imagine that you're coming back to your Florida home after a Long day at work. The drive itself isn't difficult and thankfully you know a lot of back roads so the road is delightfully free of traffic.

With about ten minutes left in your trek home, you notice a shooting star moving parralel to you. You know it isn't a star at all, that it's a meteor, crashing to earth, but still you call it a star. So, Feeling the inner child within rushing to the surface, you immediately begin to chant that time old poem:

Star light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight, Wish I may, Wish I might, Grant the wish I wish tonight.

Before you get the chance to make your wish, you begin to notice that the shooting star you saw, is still there, not only that, it seems to be coming closer.

Knowing that you're on a back road, you, the good driver that you are. . .keep your eyes glued to where you're headed, but every time you look to your right, you see that star seeming to come closer and closer. . .in fact, at one point you begin to notice a second star just behind the first.

At this point you're beginning to justify panicing. . .As you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, you fight off the images of one of those two meteors hitting your vehicle.

Just as you think you've got yourself calmed down, you notice that the first meteor has left the view of your rear mirror. . .

*Thu-Thunk* you hear someTHING hit the roof of your car. . .out of fear, you punch the gas. . .That's when you see a foot, struggling to stand up it's body. . .sweeping itself across the rear window. . .not a human foot, but definately SOMETHINGS foot. You've also noticed that the second star has disapeared from the view your rear mirror gives you.

Partially from your fear, partially because you're the kind of girl that fights back, you swerve the car left and right, attempting to shake whatever has landed on your roof off. It doesn't work. . .whatever is up there has an extremely good grip.

*Pncht-* You look to your right and see why you can't shake the creature on your roof. . .what looks to be hand with five large articulated claws has just punched it's way through the roof of your car and now seems to be intent on tearing it's way in. . .

Just as you're about ready to scream, you notice something standing right in your lane. . .no, not something, someone. You immediately hit the break and attempt to swerve the car out of the way but you know you're not going to be able to pull out of the way as you feel the traction give and you begin to spin violently out of control. You look away, as you do, you see the person in the middle of the road leap into the air.

A split second later feels like an hour to you as you see the man fly out of view, you immediately see the claw hand reaching in your car be ripped back out as though the force of your spinning was too much for it to hang on any longer. . .with nothing in your way and nothing on you. . .you pull your car out of the spin, finally coming to a stop on the side of the road. . .

When you put your hazard lights on and step out of your car, you already don't know what to expect as you run from your car down the road looking to see what you did/didn't hit.

What you find is the person still standing in the road. . .He turns to you (you may now look at the pic if you haven't already.) and smiles brightly, as though nothing of what just happened matters because he sees you. . .or. . .because he's an idiot.

at his feet you see remnants of your attacker. . .whoever this person is, he's obviously just saved your life.


So now that you've read this, and you've seen you're mysterious hero. . .please answer the questions (You can too Alice.) below and reply them, or email them to dark_phoenix_98@hotmail.com

1. What do you do? What's your initial reaction to your mysterious protector?

2. If you had a minute to check him out, what do you think of him? Hot or not?

3. It's fairly obvious that your new friend here speaks little to No english. But it's also obvious that he wants to talk with you. . .what would you do to help him?

4. Once he could talk, what would you like to ask him?

5. What kind of car are you driving? (Money being NO object.)

ok I hope to hear from you soon.
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