Isn't it St Patrick's day?...........

Postby Sapheire on Fri Mar 22, 2002 6:55 pm

Whooo.. What are we talking about now? (I got lost) ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I hardly got online yesterday. I was tired.. I'm actually tired now and I think I'm going to go to bed. It's only ten! But, I did post a page though! ^_____^

I'm going to work on the RPG tomorrow morning! I'll write out all the stuff I can possibly think of! Whee! I have a game plan! And no work til Monday! Yay!

Hmm.. the convo is.. Baby names? Hmm. My favorite girl name is Gwen. Boy... Vincent. Yep, those would be my favorites. I've got other ones I like too. Yeah, I like pretty normal names. Not overly common, just kind of average. But for fantasy and RPG.. I like absolutely made up names. As you should know. :grin:


I like bananas.
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Postby Xaffythe on Sat Mar 23, 2002 4:22 pm

Vincent is a fun name. I had a pretty cat named vincent but someone stole him. T_T;;
(I don't want kids. Ever. :razz:)
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Postby The Little Green One on Sun Mar 24, 2002 9:37 am

Just wait and see :wink:
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