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hey, i just started reading this web comic, and i'm about just past the initial 'character introduction' issues. i'm really impressed with the artwork, and even more impressed with the thought behind the world/magic structure (from the history section). the storyline has a quirky pace to it, but the little notes at the bottom of some of the pages help a lot <IMG SRC=""><P>one thing i would like to say, though, is how much (or so it would seem to me) the dialogue/demeanors of the characters are anime facsimile. now i realize, that anime is a big influence, all i'm saying is that -i- think that you are pushing to hard to fit into the anime style-genre. your artwork and characterization already intimate the inspiration, and i think if you were to try to find a style of expression and tone with the story flow that was more individualistic (i wanted to say more 'you' but then the first response would be 'it is me' or something like that, and since i don't know you, i felt individualistic better represented what i meant) that the comic would rock even more than it already does.<P>(please don't flame me, if this post becomes an irrelevant one based on where the comic is -now-, please keep in mind i'm only a little ways in. i just wanted to say i'm enjoying the comic so far and to express what i came away - from the small part i've read - with, and was thinking about)
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Postby Sapheire on Tue Feb 12, 2002 11:53 am

I'm not going to flame you, I can take criticism as an artist and as a writer (eh, trying..) <P>Yes, anime is a big influence for me. But I really love anime and genre fiction as a whole. I made all the characters direct cliches on purpose, as well as the plot itself. I got alot of response just like this right when I started the comic. <P>You see, FMS is a parody. It's serious, but still a parody. Because I don't necessarily "make fun" of the genre like most parodies, it's not quite so noticable. Yet, in a parody, the familiar elements are required to be there just for the point to settle in. The cheesy prophecy, the idea of the "last of the race coming together to save the world"... it's all placed there on purpose, with the knowledge that it fits into a very overdone cliche. Even characters like Vaela, who is the "mega-happy cutsy anime girl" was placed there for a reason. Then we have the rude sarcastic protagonist, the gothic depressed guy, and the snobby sorcerer. I really went out of my way to put alot of myself in the characters as well... but after they break loose of their shells.<P>Not all my work has an anime look, but FMS needed it to produce it's simple yet entertaining point. Personally though, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm a little tired of having the burden, as an artist and writer, to have to break boundaries with inner messages and deep truths. FMS isn't about that. It's an entertaining story that I've put a lot of heart into. <P>I hope it's enjoyed by more than just me.<P>Alice
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